What’s Cooking????

We have had a habit of eating entirely too much take out during the week.  It isn’t good for our health or our waistlines so in the last couple of months I’ve tried to make a concerted effort to cook more at home.  For me, planning ahead is the key so that at 5 PM I am not standing there trying to figure out what to make for dinner.  Things that can be prepped ahead or are super easy for the weeknight are key for me.  My husband is not able to get home from work before the kids need to be fed….so I try to have leftovers from the night before for them……or roast chicken and lots of fruit/veggies on hand for quick meals when they cannot wait to eat!

I am glad to say that in the last couple of weeks we haven’t done one bit of take out…..crazy.  Below is the simple dish on the menu tonight.

Tomato Soup Recipe via Sweet Paul Magazine

I was thinking of adding a regular weekly (if I can make the time) post near the end of the week (or on the weekend) with recipes worth sharing from the week prior….and soliciting recipes from others who might want to share.  But, I am well aware this is no food blog…..

So, tell me please. 

Would there be any interest in this?

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    Do it! Do it! While i love looking at your design photos (especially the ones of your own house), we have no home improvement budget at the moment. But we do have to eat! And I’ve just started a similar project, to plan out our weekly meals every Saturday so that I don’t have to be thinking about what I’m going to make for dinner on my drive home from the office. Would love to benefit from your successes :) – especially if they are meals the kids eat as well. And I’ll share some of our winners as well.

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    Yes, I’d love this feature. No, it’s not design, but dinner is an important thing we do in our homes, and we’re all looking for more ideas! I have a great Turkey Corn Chowder that I make and eat off of all week (last night, actually!)

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    Kerry Steele

    We all need more time to design, paint and blog so easy meals are key. I have a big family and dinner and I have become mortal enemies because I run out of time, energy and inspiration. I would love to see how other people tackle this.

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    This excites me!!!! You know i read every new entry (even though i am not devorating currently) AND you know we share a passion for cooking. LOVE THIS!!!!! Can’t wait to see more!

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    wonderful idea–i never feel like cooking until i am hungry and then its 5-6,i haven’t a clue, and everyone knows me at the grocery store because i have nothing. insanity.

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    I would love this feature in your blog. As an interior designer, you create spaces that delight the senses. Now look at yourself as a food or menu designer – you would be doing the same thing, this time with the sense of taste at the top, but also appealing to the senses of sight (attractive), touch (texture) on the palate instead of the skin, and smell. And you can add the sound of soup simmering on the stove, popovers popping, and a wine bottle being opened or champagne being poured. Plus we all love a good recipe with pictures and text. Please go for it!

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    I think food interests me almost as much as design. I keep thinking about doing the same thing, as I LOVE to cook, but wonder how to when my blog is about decorating/renovating. I’d love to contribute if you’d have me!

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