Turning Off….

Have a Relaxing Weekendvia

I know I promised a post today but I haven’t been able to get to it.  I am burning the candle too thin these days and have gotten a little cold or something.  Just enough to feel slightly sorry for myself and to allow my kids to run laps around me today.  My poor husband asked nicely if I might make it to the store today to get milk and coffee….  Demanding guy, right?

We have a “glamping” themed party to go to tonight and I’ve lost some precious time trying to figure out what the heck to wear.  Was planning on a black cocktail dress and my favorite Ferragamo wedges that I never get to wear but THANK GOODNESS I asked someone else what they were planning to wear before showing up and making a complete fool of myself.  It looks like camel skinny jeans, brown boots and an orange MK shirt will be the ticket.  This whole clothing dilemma has convinced me to get my you know what into the gym next week.  It’s time, no excuses.  Hard to get excited about clothes when you feel like a frump!

The rest of the weekend will be low key.  I cannot wait!

Happy Weekend!

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    Glamping party….never heard of it, I would have no idea what to wear. When you are back next week you will have to tell us about it.

    Hope you feel better….enjoy the weekend!

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    Vickie H.

    Yeah…what Jennifer said…..feel better soon, my friend!

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    after a horrible bout with shingles that turned into pneumonia,i am being very cautious about my little world. so please do take care. its hard to accomplish anything when you don’t feel well/ i was wondering if you or any designers know if the consumer products safety commission do anything with adult furniture like they do with baby and children’s things,

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    Pretty Pink Tulips

    Hi Susie!!

    I have to apologize for not stopping by sooner. I can’t seem to get everything done that I want to! Hope your glamping party was fun…I do love the idea and that seems like such a great theme for Dallas. I’m coming to town the week of Mar 19th…not sure if you’re around or if that is your Spring break. Let me know!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

Home » Blog » Just for Fun » Turning Off….

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