More Bianco Macabus…..

Our builder called on Thursday and the Bianco Macabus quartzite had arrived into the stone yard.  She wanted to go out and look at it alone just to make sure that the slabs were wide enough for our kitchen.  The island will be something like 9 ft. across and we don’t want a seam on the island.  She then sent me some texts with photos from the yard….which ended in a flurry of back and forth and my ultimately meeting her out there later in the day.

We went through many of the slabs (we need 3) and these were the two we liked best.  This stone is coming from Brazil at the moment.

The veining is darker than in some of the countertops I’ve been able to see in person.  And, there are some blue/grey spots whereas in a previous slab there were some rust stains.  I swear, making this decision is really hard… have to live with the decision for so long!  I went back and looked at the marble while we were there.  Going with marble would be more budget friendly and I know I like the look….but I really just do not want to deal with the upkeep.  At all.  In fact, last week I was making a favorite weeknight dish and my husband walked by me in the kitchen and smirked… won’t be making that dish ever again if you go with marble (the dish has like 5 lemons and juice was squirting all over the place!)

Anyhow, I was able to find a few more images of this type of stone in actual kitchens.  Looking at a slab straight on vs. envisioning it down on a countertop is so hard.  Or, for me it is.  This photo, while in a much more modern kitchen than mine will be, is how I expect our slabs to look in terms of amount of veining and tone of the veins.

Susan Moon Design

And here is a kitchen example that seems to have much more subtle veining.

Janine Rosenblum Interiors

Here is another image of a kitchen with these countertops.  It really is amazing to me how this stone can go modern, traditional, rustic, etc. depending on its surroundings.

House Beautiful via here


And finally, here are a couple of images our builder sent me of these contertops in a spec house she had done several years ago.

Isler Homes

Isler Homes

We have one other lot of this stone to go look at.  It looks a bit different to me based on the photo I’ve seen (see below).  The only drawback here is that the island may need to be shortened if we use these slabs as there would have to be a seam under current plans.  And we don’t want that at all.

So, there you have it.  I just love this stone so much.  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be able to report back that I made a decisions and that the stone has been purchased.  Fingers crossed!

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    Hi Susie! I think you will love using the quartzite in your kitchen. Like you, I wanted the classic white marble look in my kitchen, but I am love to cook and entertain. I know myself well enough to know that I couldn’t handle the staining and etching that comes from tomatoes, lemons, red wine, etc. I looked long and hard and found another quartzite called Mother of Pearl (sometimes Madre de Perla) that I gave me the soft veining/light colors of marble that I was looking for. You’re right, it was more expensive, but I can tell you that in two years of using this kitchen, I haven’t had any issues at all with it and I love it. Good luck with all of your decisions. I think it’s all going to look fantastic!

Home » Blog » My Home Renovation » More Bianco Macabus…..

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