Marbled Wallpaper…..

Pinterest sucks time.  A pin of the below wallpaper led me down a rabbit hole the other night while the kids were sleeping and hubby was at a work dinner.

Large Marbled Wallpaper

I haven’t seen the paper in person….but I was intrigued when I saw it.  It is readily available retail and much more affordable than I would have initially thought.  (Go to this site to find a local dealer.)  When I saw it, I initially thought of the below vignette from Designer, Ben Dhong.

Ben Dhong House Beaultiful

Photography by Lisa Romerein

It is probably just the colors that invoked the comparison (the paper Dhong used is “Fornasetti Nuvole” by Cole & Son and looks more like a sky full of grey clouds when you look closely).  See what I mean below….found an image of the same paper used on a ceiling.

Fornasetti Nuvole Cole & Sons Wallpapervia

But anyways, I digress (hence the rabbit hole I went down the other night).  I went on a search for marbled wallpaper (of course this lead me to MANY images of spaces with ‘marble’ and ‘wallpaper’ ….ugh.)  But, here are a couple of images I found before I gave up picked up the book I am engrossed in at the moment!

Marble Wallpaper via

Marble Wallpaper Lonny August 2012Lonny, August 2012 (paper source here)

Would you use a marble wallpaper?

I am on the fence.

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    Donna Murphy

    You’re the best! Thank you for identifying said rabbit hole, which I too find myself in on most nights. God. There are so many twists and turns in those tunnels.

    Beautiful images. The first one may work wonders in my master bath.

    Thank you, Susie. Have a wonderful rabbit hole free weekend!

  • Home » Blog » Interior Decorating » Marbled Wallpaper…..
    Jon Anne Winstead

    In fact I am looking for a wallpaper for my powder room and I definitely would use this. In fact supposedly they sell it at Sherwin Willliams. Thanks for your blog!!

  • Home » Blog » Interior Decorating » Marbled Wallpaper…..
    Kerry Steele

    I fall down those “rabbit holes” more than I care to admit. The final image was gorgeous and I would use it in a small space.

Home » Blog » Interior Decorating » Marbled Wallpaper…..

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