John Robshaw for Duralee……

I am sure you heard the news (featured in this month’s House Beautiful) that Duralee will soon be debuting a new licensed collection with textile designer, John Robshaw.

I love his ethnic prints.  In fact, I was looking a some yellow pillows from his line a few weeks ago with Maddie’s bedroom in mind.

I cannot wait until this collection hits the showrooms.  I am sure it will be fabulous. 

 What about you?

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    I could look at fabric all day long. I’m definitely liking what I’m seeing in the above pictures.

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    hi susie, i like to learn about fabric,trying to expand my knowledge beyond waverly.
    but i really am anxious about you and yours. how is harry? and maddie and does your
    husband have a study.? did you get the w/p for the bedroom placed yet? how does cooking in the new kitchen compare to the old besides soothing the soul with its beauty. once upon a time kathie lee relayed a story about how former president gerald ford and betty were coming to their home in beaver creek,co but her husband frank was dismayed as they had no couch–it had been on order,past its due date and now the former president had no where to sit. decorating a home is not for the faint of heart. hope all is well. sz

Home » Blog » Duralee » John Robshaw for Duralee……

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