Incredible Textile Find!!!!

Unfortunately, I can take no credit for this find.  If you read Pigtown Design, you have heard of Meg’s great fabric source, Debois Textiles.  Debois operates a large warehouse/storefront in Baltimore that specializes in textile remnants, piece goods and second hand clothing.  The store is set up into three sections, fabric, vintage clothing (they have an etsy shop for the vintage goods) and thrift items.

My mom, sister and I headed up to Baltimore on Friday to see what all of the buzz was about.  Wow, what a find.  No fabric is much more than $10 per yard.  Most is less.  Upholstery fabric is $6.50 per yard and drapery fabrics, around $4.59 per yard.  A few items that hit the upper limit of $10 per yard are located on larger rolls, where they have a ton of toile and designer prints.  They also have a large selection of Ralph Lauren fabrics.

Designer Fabric at incredible prices

From talking to one of the  owners, it seems like there is something new in this place nearly every day.  Meg ‘s blog really put the word out there and she, the owner, said people are now emailing her from all over the country asking for particular fabrics.  She did mention that she doesn’t have the time to search for fabric and ship off a yard here and there.  To see this place, you would understand why!  Here is a view into the back warehouse.  According to the staff, they had even more fabric down in containers in the basement!

So, what do they have?  They have a TON of Duralee and Thibaut.  They also have a large selection of Ralph Lauren.  But, upon digging, I found Lee Jofa (including Kelly Wearstler Groundworks Collection), Kravet(including Barbara Barry and Barclay Butera), Schumacher and Quadrille China Seas.  My mom bought enough of a Cowtan and Tout print to do drapes on a double window and then some…..for less than $65!

Designer Fabrics

Discount Designer Fabric

I will admit I was a bit overwhelmed, as I went up there without really “needing” anything.  I walked away with a couple of yards of a bright green discontinued Duralee print (made me feel like spring could be on the way).  I also bought a couple of yards of a Trina Turk for Schumacher indoor outdoor fabric.  Here is a hastily pulled together shot of them together (sorry, no time to iron yet!).

Discount Designer Textiles Fabric

Meg at Pigtown Design conducts an insider tour of Baltimore and is doing one in March.  If I can make it, I think I will try.  If for nothing else than to thank her in person for sharing this great find!  Thanks again, Meg!

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    Thanks for the mention! I am so glad you were able to come up to Baltimore and see this fabulous resource! It’s such an amazing place, isn’t it?

  • Home » Blog » Fabric » Incredible Textile Find!!!!

    Thanks for posting this your blog. Can’t wait to check this out next time I’m in MD – always hunting for great fabric finds!!

  • Home » Blog » Fabric » Incredible Textile Find!!!!

    WOW! I only recently started reading Pigtown-Design so I must have missed her mention on this one. Glad you passed it along – this is quite a find! I wish I was closer! Or that Chicago had anything this cool! Marija

  • Home » Blog » Fabric » Incredible Textile Find!!!!
    Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    What a great find! I am bookmarking it in case I can get to that area in the near future. Thanks for sharing – and what a lovely find that spring green was!

  • Home » Blog » Fabric » Incredible Textile Find!!!!
    Marianne Strong

    That would be a dangerous place for me. What a great find for your Mom!

  • Home » Blog » Fabric » Incredible Textile Find!!!!

    Next time I’m in Baltimore I will have to check this place out! Thanks for sharing!

  • Home » Blog » Fabric » Incredible Textile Find!!!!

    This great find is on my list of places to visit after reading your post.!

  • Home » Blog » Fabric » Incredible Textile Find!!!!
    Linsey Hasenbank

    I’m relieved to hear it was overwhelming to you. The excitement of such great fabrics for such great prices is hard to beat, but wow…the rummaging and digging and scattered array…makes my head spin just thinking of it! But I love what you brought home! I wish I could just reach in your photos and grab a few things! ;)

Home » Blog » Fabric » Incredible Textile Find!!!!

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