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I pinned the photo above because of the pillows (not that the babe isn’t the cutest).  I love the Lee Jofa / Lilly Pulitzer Heritage Floral  and am thinking that my shop will need some when it opens.  I also love the heart pillow which led me to an Australian textile company called Umbrella Prints.

Amy Prior, Umbrella Prints

Highlighter Pink Umbrella Prints

 Perfect Circles by Umbrella Fabrics

I am loving many of their prints.  You should check them out.  They also have an etsy store….

And P.S.–Speaking of stores, particularly mine, it is still in the works.  After way too brain drain than I care to share,  I now have a new web designer who has changed my platform and is working on my shop.  ETA for launch is mid to late December……fingers crossed.  I am really excited about the direction we’ve taken and cannot wait to share it with you!

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    Tiffany Rossics

    Hi my long lost friend. I am so behind in reading blogs, it makes me nervous. But I’m taking the plunge! Can’t wait to catch up. First…love this heart fabric! Hope all is well with you. In the new year, I’ll be transitioning into a new marketing position, a role we are creating, and we’ll be doing some renovations and I’ll have a new {tiny} office near the front – so you’ll have to say hello if you swing by once I’m all settled. xo

Home » Blog » Fabric » I Heart….

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