I heart….

My birthday was last week (two years off from a major one, yikes).  I was spoiled by my family on the actual day….and then was taken to a wonderful dinner Friday night and cooked for, and generally waited on all weekend, as I spent literally EVERY waking moment on my new website. 

Maddie and Chris made me a Cherry Clafoutis on Saturday night.  Watching them make it was fun….eating it was even more fun.  (BTW, Maddie had in her head that I needed a cherry cake….I was impressed that my husband pulled out not one but two cookbooks and made it happen.  We were both initially a bit perplexed as to what she could make with cherries!)

Cherry Calfoutis via

This week, I need to give the kids a little quality time after being so engrossed in work over the weekend.  I thought we could make some fun heart shaped brownies and have a playdate one day.  I think this is one Pinterest inspired project that I can handle.

Heart Brownies Martha Stewart Martha Stewart

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