I am back…..

Bear with me, this might be long winded.  I am sorry I fell off the face of the earth.  Until last Friday, we had 8 of us in the house through the holidays.  My husband has two sons who were visiting from Australia with a friend and girlfriend thrown in there.  We had a lot of fun…..but it was CRAZY with so many people in the house.  Husband and I already see areas where our home will be lacking when our kids hit the teenage years….  And my detached office which is in the apartment above our garage has been offered for one of his sons to come here and go to college (fingers crossed he comes!)


The trip was fun, though.  We did lots of stuff early on….like taking a carriage ride through the hood after an early dinner.  Snow on Christmas and lots of cooking and cards.  But, then we all got hit by the FLU.  I am not talking the sniff, sniff….I think I have the flu.  No, this was the lucky you….you caught the flu despite being vaccinated, flu.  My doctor made me walk out of her office with a mask on…..I felt like I was wearing a scarlet letter…..humiliating.  And then there was the fun search for Tamaflu when every CVS and Target within striking distance was out of it……  It made me realize what people in underdeveloped places must feel like when their children are sick and there is nothing they can do about it.  I also learned that a husband with the flu is much worse than a kid with it….what is up with the whole man-cold thing?


Chris and I were supposed to fly to FL last Saturday (the FIRST time leaving the kids with a non family member overnight) for my cousin’s wedding….and we had to cancel the trip.  We were so sick we forgot to even tell the airline.  Whoops.  But, I am happy to say we are all on the mend…..kids back in school and all of us feeling WELL!

I’ve made one New Years Goal for myself in the area of my personal life, my business and for my family and I am feeling like 2013 is going to be a good year….. The next few weeks will be busy here only because we are still trying to get this website launched.   I have literally spent so much time in front of the computer screen working on this….that by evening the last thing I want to do is sit on the computer and blog.  In fact, one of my goals my husband and I are tossing up is for me to set up shop outside the home….so when I lock the door to the office…..the work will really stay there until the next morning.  I spotted a place within walking distance to our house recently and am not sure if it is just a dream at the moment or something that could really happen…..We’ll see…..

And then there are my sweet clients.  I guess people are starting the new year with the decorating bug.  Lots of quotes and orders out there.  Here are some of the fun things we are working on this week.

Rachel Sofa

 A Sofa from Best SlipCover Company.

Being done in a neutral slipcover with box pleats to the floor.

Worlds Away Tess N TableA pair of tables from Worlds Away

Double Boston Functional Library Light

Lighting from Visual Comfort

Hinson Fireworks WallpaperHinson’s Fireworks Wallpaper

Arteriors Driftwood LampsA Pair of lamps from Arteriors

Lee Coverall SofaCoverall Sofa from Lee Industries

8012138_513Brunschwig & Fils Fabric

I’ve also got a lot of quotes out there and have discovered a couple of cool new vendors this week.  It’s been busy!

Anyways, despite the busy schedule…I’ve missed giving attention to my blog and getting around to visit my favorites….leaving comments and saying “hi.”  Hoping that in 2013 I can work smarter and spread myself less thin so that I have time to enjoy these things!

So, here’s to trying!

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