Holiday Decorating

Martha Stewart I am not, and holiday-themed decorating, typically not my thing.  But, now that I have a daughter it all seems a little more fun to see the holidays through her eyes.  At 22 months, she is really starting to “get it” more….which makes it all the more fun for me.

On Thanksgiving we had dinner over at my parents’ house.  We were late because I waited until the morning of to assemble the place cards I had decided I wanted to make.  My husband was laughing at me as I was stressing over getting these turkey’s just right….but soon was helping me get them done.  He took care of the eyes, and each had an expression odder than the last.  It was fun!

Christmas Eve and Christmas were at our house, easier than lugging all of Maddie’s presents over there.  I opted for much simpler place cards for this dinner.  (Looking at this pictures vs. the one I posted earlier this week makes me glad I sent back these chairs as they arrived incorrectly with nail-heads….which didn’t fit the look of my room.)

So, now I have started to turn my attention to Easter.  And, whether or not you celebrate, the themes are distinctly “Spring.”  I love this collection of inspiration I found, where else, but Martha Stewart.

Knowing my mom, who really is a Martha Stewart, she could probably whip up most of these with items on hand.  The first reminds me of her the most.  I could see doing the cookie arrangement for an afternoon tea party with Maddie’s friends.  Perhaps if the weather is nice we could actually decorate the cookies….on the deck of course!

I am thinking these could be modified to include place-cards.  I think they are so sweet.  Maddie loves to collect sticks…so she could play a hand in this!

photography by Beth Dreiling Hontzas for Southern Living

And how cute is this simple idea for a little favor?  From Martha Stewart, of course!

I was in the mall the other day and noticed that the Easter Bunny is available for photos.  I think we are going to plan a trip this weekend.  Maddie is obsessed with her pretty Easter shoes….

Here she is last year at just under a year old.

And, here’s to hoping it goes better than the trip to Santa in December!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  • Home » Blog » Holiday » Holiday Decorating
    the zhush

    Your daughter is adorable! Based on how beautiful your holiday Xmas table looked, I am sure your Easter decor will be great! Happy Weekend!

  • Home » Blog » Holiday » Holiday Decorating
    Nancy Stowell

    Funny you should be writing about Easter decorations, as I was just looking thru my “stuff” to see what we could do for the table. You were right in saying the arrangement in the more natural basket reminded you of me, I do tend to lean that way. Thinking of growing some grass in pots with a decorated egg nestled in it with each persons name on it.

  • Home » Blog » Holiday » Holiday Decorating

    The photo with Santa reminds me of my niece. She was so upset that Santa asked her mommy and me to come join them in the photo. My niece was not comforted by this even with us in the photo with her. The final result was a photo of me, my sister and my nieces back. :-)

    Have fun with your Easter tablescape. Love those drapery panels I see in the background!! ;-)

  • Home » Blog » Holiday » Holiday Decorating
    my notting hill

    That is such a fun age – she’s so cute! Looks like you’ll have lots of fun this Easter.

  • Home » Blog » Holiday » Holiday Decorating
    Tracy F.

    Maddie is adorable! Everybody needs at least one Santa picture, just like that!

  • Home » Blog » Holiday » Holiday Decorating

    I love looking at holiday decorating but I never get around to it myself but I want to! Such a cute and sweet Easter Bunny picture. Got a love a girl who is excited about her Easter shoes!

  • Home » Blog » Holiday » Holiday Decorating
    Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    Oh, Maddie is ADORABLE! So sweet! And mom isn’t doing too bad with the holiday decorating, either! I try to get it done for the kids, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t – but we do our best. Have a great week.