Guildmaster Chairs, My Personal Experience

I get so many emails about my kitchen chairs… may recall them, they are from Guildmaster and were fairly reasonably priced and sold in pairs.  I purchased 6.  And here was a photo of our kitchen right after the chairs had arrived.  (Sorry for the miserable photo.)

Maddie G Designs Kitchen Design

I had new cushions made for the chairs to fit our design direction.

Maddie G Designs Kitchen Chairs

All was good with the chairs….loved them.  Still love the look, etc.  Until……during Christmas my step-son leaned back in the chair during a family dinner and the below happened.  We were all a bit shocked…..speechless.

Broken Guildmaster Monaco Chair

I, of course, emailed photos and was initially told that the chairs were discontinued (wonder why?) and that they only two left in a red color….which I could purchase at a discount and have re-finished.  Simultaneously, I took the offending chair to my custom furniture person here in Dallas who promptly showed me the inherent flaws in the design of the chair.  He said he’d try to fix the chair but I still don’t have it back.  Time will tell…..

In the meantime, I complained some more…..and Guildmaster sent me, free of charge, the two red chairs they had offered to sell me.  My only costs were the receiver’s fee (non-retail furniture ships freight and has to be delivered to a loading dock) and of course the fee to have them re-finished to match the ones I have. 

So, earlier this week I took another of our chairs to the restoration shop so that they could match the paint…..and look what I noticed on this chair.

Guildmaster Monaco Chair

Guildmaster Monaco Chair Cracks

At that point I wondered if I should even bother to deal with these chairs.  But I’ll be honest I really have better things to spend my money on at this point.  And I am already spending the money to have the chair repaired (he is having to drill dowels down to support the back and repair the lattice which apparently was just glued together…and is all cracked from from hitting the floor when the chair broke.)  So, I have kindof accepted that eventually new chairs will be in our future.  And I have learned my own, very personal, opinion on this manufacturer and how they chose to handle product issues. 

But, in this story there is at least a glimmer of good news…..when the time comes, I think I have another option.  Look what I saw in the Dallas market (new introduction) earlier this week from a vendor I have purchased from time and time again. 

Faux Bamboo Chippendale Chair

I’ll post more on this new find tomorrow.

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    martine silver

    I believe we have all been in the same type of situation at one point in our design world. That said I purchased wonderful “Miles” slip cover side chairs for a client from Crate&Barrel – the look would compliment your table…..not expensive either.Just a thought.

    Just a thought.

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    I love Guildmasters designs, but as a former retailer, notices that their products often had issues like this (doors on cabinets that didn’t close just right, etc.) Sorry for your troubles with them – they are good looking!

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    Lisa Mende

    Susie, I love the Guildmaster look and price but unfortunately their products are always the best quality for everyday use. I think you would be wise to invest in something else. Selamat also has great chairs. just a thought! You are right about me, I am TIRED!!! Finally home and will be home for a few weeks before I travel again! So happy. NOw to catch up on all my work projects!

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    a wonderful story about jackie kennedy shopping for her chairs for her martha vineyard home. the article is in AD about a year after she died,there is a small picture of her oh the cover.. the person who wrote the article said she was shopping for antique chairs and they had to support her son john who leans back on the chairs. as does every boy i know resulting in head injuries and all kinds of fun.i had the same problem w ETHAN ALLEN dining chairs-they did not support the weight of some large male members of our family, one anded up flat on the floor as the chair splayed. i too am in search of sturdy chairs.i apologize for my unkind comments left a week ago, just dx w’ pneumonia, couldn’t breath and went to ypur site fpr comfort and literally was frightened by some of the images..

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    i absolutely love everything about your kitchen, right down to those adorable cushions. i’m very sorry about those chairs however. what pain but thanks for sharing your lesson!

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    Love your curtains!!! Do you mind sharing what fabric they are? I’m looking for something for my two dining room bay windows. I hope you have pics of your family room, I want to see that too! We have similar taste in colors!!!