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I mentioned I am trying to cook more at home during the week.  It may be a no-brainer for many of you but I hate the weeknight rush to get food on the table….which often leads to taking the easy (and unhealthy) route of take out.  We’ve been much better about eating at home of late.  Here are a few keepers with my notes from the last week.  (Click the links for the recipes straight from the source.)

Spaghetti with Creamy Butternut Leek Parmesan Sauce.  Source: Gina from

This was so easy and yummy. The only change I made was to add in some toasted pine nuts just before I served. My husband was skeptical when I told him what we were having and then practically licked the pan as we were doing the dishes. I probably could have used an easier pasta to eat for the kids…..but it was a definite keeper!

Gluten Free Thai Green Curry Soup.  Source: Wheatfree Mom

This is a crockpot meal and to say it is ridiculously easy would be an understatement.  This recipe came from a woman in Canada so I wasn’t able to find the curry paste she referred to but I used 3 TBS of Thai Kitchen green curry paste.  Also, instead of eating as a soup, we had it over rice.  My husband added lots of chili sauce to make it more like a restaurant version but I kept it pretty much as written when I made it in hopes the kids would like.  As it turned out, they ate before we did…..but I think it would have been fine for them…..if served over rice because soup is too hard at this stage with a 2 and 4 year old!  If you didn’t have kids in mind, you could probably add some chilis and amp up the amount of curry paste….

Tomato Soup.  Souce, Sweet Paul Magazine

Oh my gosh was this easy and delish. I added an extra can of diced tomatoes and sprinkled some parmesan on top when I served. I didn’t love the bread as per the recipe so I’d probably skip it next time or just have fresh sliced french bread, plain and simple.

Jam Thumbprints.  Source, Ina Garten

A group I am in had a cookie exchange for our November board meeting since we won’t be formally meeting in December. I brought these and they were pretty good.  A few comments.  Don’t do what I did and leave the dough in the fridge for hours vs. 30 minutes as called for in the recipe.  It was a bit hard and crumbly to work with.  I did apricot and strawberry jam.  Next time I’d make sure the strawberry was seedless.  I would also probably make each cookie half the recommended size so they are more bite sized.  And finally, watch them  closely at the end….the coconut has a tendency to burn and there is a fine line between being ok and looking, well, burned!  

So, that’s it for last week.

Any keepers you would like to share?

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    Yum, lots of good treats to eat on this post. I will have to give a couple of these a try.Thanks for stopping by my blog post today. I am dying to make the beet salad and the brussel sprouts too!!
    Have a good healthy eating week,

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    Janell Beals

    So I’m not the only one who struggles with weeknight meals! The Thai Curry looks delicious, am going to try that!

Home » Blog » Food and Travel » Food Talk….

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