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Phew, what a crazy two weeks.  The Home Tour yesterday was a huge success but it was a CRAZY day.  We were blessed with incredible weather and the homes looked fabulous!  Chris was out of town a lot the last week so I didn’t cook much while he was away. 

Last weekend I made a bread pudding from one of my go to cookbooks, The Joy of Cooking.  Actually, I usually do a combo of that recipe (which I linked to a place I found it on the internet) and the the ones from the big yellow gourmet cookbook but my result pretty much comes from the above link.  Excuse my (lack of) photography skills.  I took this photo as an afterthought…..and had been sitting at the counter enjoying wine, reading magazines and watching my husband cook for a while at this point!  (My favorite way to spend a Saturday night!)

And I made my tried and true caramel sauce to drizzle over.   This sauce is to die for and so easy to make!  Scroll to the bottom of the recipe in the link for the toffee sauce (although, I will tell you the sticky date is my husband’s birthday cake of choice and this is a great recipe.)

I really only managed to cook weeknight meals two nights last week.  Each was simple and pretty good.  Nothing to scream praises about but solid and relatively healthy.  First I made a Tomato soup that has fennel and uses whole wheat baguette to thicken it.  It is a solid soup recipe from the cookbook “Cook Yourself Thin.”  We had ours with a grilled cheese which probably defeated the purpose but sure was good.


The other recipe I made was a pasta and chicken sausage recipe from the blog Skinnytaste.  I find most of her recipes to be pretty good.  This one is a Pasta with Butternut Sauce, Spinach and Spicy (Chicken) sausage.  The only modifications I made to the recipe were to add a few toasted walnuts, used mild sausage because of the kids, and cut the sausage out of the casing before I cooked it.

image via SkinnyTaste

And now that home tour deadlines are behind me I can start to focus on finishing up our Christmas decorating.  I started to add little touches last week but have a ways to go.  I’ve got four of these little guys on our kitchen table…..but took one up to the foyer to try to get better light….

My current obsession is finding magnolia garland for over our fireplaces. So, finding that, getting presents wrapped and mailed to our Australia family and getting my Christmas cards out are on my list for this weekend.

Happy Weekend!

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    Please let me know if you find any magnolia garland! I’ve been looking for some since last Christmas! Thanks!

  • Home » Blog » Food and Travel » Food Talk….

    The magnolia is gorgeous. I bought a view small wreaths and wish I’d purchased larger ones too.. and a garland (next year!) Bread pudding is something I’ve made for years over the holidays. I’ll look forward to checking this link. The pasta dish looks delicious as well!

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