Feeling Clammy????

I am loving the use of clam shells in design these days!

via Dwellers Without Decorators

Decorno via Matters of Style

Cote de Texas

Emily A. Clarke

When I was recently trying to find a centerpiece for my dining room craft project, I searched high and low for an affordable clam bowl to no avail.  I ended up with something similar (but not really) from Pottery Barn.  Who knew that Z Gallerie has two options at an affordable price point.  What about you, do you like the idea of bringing a clam into your home decor?

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    I have a plastic one, ha!

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    Janell Beals

    That is too funny, Tonia! Thanks for the tip on ZGallerie, I just was looking for accessories for a photo and came home with a lotus flower candle thing that doesn’t work. A clamshell would be divine, I’m off to return the flower and see if they have the shells! Janell

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    I LOVE that mirror!!! McCarty Pottery, in Mississippi, makes beautiful pottery including the shell in various sizes. Very versatile and is used for decor or to serve food. I have a few pieces and love them!!

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    Yes I think it adds texture and interest in a natural element and that is always a plus!! Kathysue

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    They are so interesting and work well in any interior.

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    The Zhush

    I have! The fourth image…those are my kitchen counter stools…we have three! Just got them about 5 months ago…love the industrial look of them, but the fact that they move up and down does not suit my OCD nature when they are not all lined up perfect…and the base, where you adjust it, has a weird oil on it…a little too industrial! Those bamboo chairs are amazing…the moc croc is the icing on the cake!