Dirty Work…..

Sometimes decorating the house isn’t pretty…..but after a play-date a couple of  weeks ago where three two year olds sat at my kitchen table drawing (and located a wayward marker in the crayon bin) and eating muffins…..with me smiling but cringing inside secretly having heart palpitations (luckily there was no incident), I came to the conclusion I need a solution to make my kitchen worry free when I am entertaining the wee ones.

Here is a close up of our kitchen chair cushions….love them so much.  The fabric is hand printed and you can see the variation as a result.  I love that about them.  They are printed on upholstery linen and I am glad I didn’t vinylize them like I had thought of doing at one point because I do love the texture.

And here is a close up of our barstools, which are upholstered in a great pewter colored linen with just a touch of metallic sheen. These stools are stain treated within an inch of their lives, but I’ll still admit that I worry a tad when the kids are helping me cook and tasting of my labors (think licking batter, etc.) while cozing up in these comfy stools.

So, I decided (and my husband concurred) that we should get a set of heavy duty slipcovers for the stools and another set of cushions for when we are doing serious kid cooking, crafts and entertaining. I went to the design center with this in mind recently and yesterday with too much on my plate….took out my samples and let my agression run wild.

Yep, that would be smeared in ketchup and magic marker. Left for HOURS to dry and fester.  And guess what…..here they are now.

Wow, I am embarrassed to admit how giddy I was when I saw this clean fabric. The solid linen-like fabric is from Pindler, comes in TONS of colors and runs around $33 a yard. The animal print is from Duralee and is a bit pricier at around $70 per yard. 

What do you think?

I know what I think….I think my seamstress is getting a call!

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