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We Are Finally Live!!!

Well, after over a year of talking about the new shop, it is finally live! Currently, you can shop the following brands:

Robert Abbey—awesome ceramic gourds in all sizes and bases, as well as the full Jonathan Adler and Mary McDonald lighting collections.

Duralee—the FULL catalog of fabric and trims.

Clarke & Clarke—fantastic English line, featuring their entire catalog of fabric and wallpaper.

Quadrille/China Seas/Alan Campbell—Currently have all of their wallpaper in the shop. ALL fabrics should be on there within a week!!!

Cyan Design—Furniture, Lighting (think Murano Glass Chandeliers), and accessories.

Surya—Rugs Galore, Pillows and Poufs (including the awesome new Beth Lacefield Collection)

The Rug Market–Affordable indoor/outdoor rugs (Maddie and Harry’s Grey outdoor zebra rug is from this line)

Designer Remnants—Where I’ll be selling from my fabric stash (only a few fabrics on there now but my local clients can attest that more is to come).

There is so much more to come as well. I am working with an incredible Australian textile designer to be the first company to offer her line in the US. We are hammering out details as we speak. And I have been meeting with many other vendors whose products you’ll find on the site soon. Of course, the buying service will function as it has since 2009! So feel free to contact us as usual for help with any trade only products you don’t see in the shop (there is very little we can’t source for you).

I am sure there will be glitches here and there, but I would love any and all feedback. This has been a true labor of love and a VERY long road. There is so much more to something like this than finding pretty products but I think in the end, it has all been worth it.

Also, I should add that a mobile optimized shop is “Phase II” so for the best experience, browse from your laptop/desktop!

Happy Weekend!

Just Because….

Turquoise and Whitevia


Beach Umbrellasvia

Sorry for the silence.  It is that time of year, isn’t it?  School ends for my littlest guy next week and Maddie’s isn’t far off.  My sweet Maddie turned 5 yesterday which means she is Kindergarten bound in August.  Where did the time go?  I’ve been busy doing things like baking cakes, coloring and enjoying time outside with the kiddos (in between double ear infections and killer allergies) and getting ready for my Dad and sister who are coming in for Maddie’s birthday party.   While my blogging has slowed you can follow modest progress around here like the living room art, the clam-shell arrangement in our foyer and the princess birthday cake Maddie and I made over on Instagram and Twitter

We have an incredible summer planned and I am just trying to get through these last days of school and am looking forward to the slower pace and some lazy days

What about you?

Back…..I Hope….

Sorry for the crazy error messages on the website and blog over the last week (I particularly loved the one that said to “Contact Billing” to resolve the issue.)  My website was hacked and injected with several viruses but thankfully my web company was able to fix it eventually.  Fingers crossed that is behind us!  I’ll be back with a post tomorrow assuming all goes well.

New Fabric Love….

Who knows where I saw this fabric last week but it was love at first site.

Clarence House Jaipur Available via Maddie G DesignsClarence House “Jaipur” Fabric

I didn’t remember ever seeing this fabric before….and then working on some stuff for my new site I happened to notice I actually had a photo fo it on my blog already!

Fawn Galli Cassini Glass FlushmountPhotography by Jonny Valiant (Designer, Fawn Galli)

Love it on the chair.

I would love it on some pillows as well….


Pink and Gold Friday….

It was a crazy week around here (when isn’t it?).  First week back to school and kids took a while to adjust back to Central time.  My husband was out of town.  My nanny was out of town.  Work has been busy….and the kids have wanted lots of mommy time.  But it’s Friday and all is good.  Here are some pretty inspiration images in one of my favorite color combinations at the moment, pink/champagne and gold.

Jonathan Adler Pink and GoldJonathan Adler

Pink and Gold Roomsource?

Amanda NisbetAmanda Nisbet

Better Homes and Gardens Pink and GoldBetter Homes & Gardens

Friday, so happy to see you today.

Happy Weekend!

Turning Off….

Have a Relaxing Weekendvia

I know I promised a post today but I haven’t been able to get to it.  I am burning the candle too thin these days and have gotten a little cold or something.  Just enough to feel slightly sorry for myself and to allow my kids to run laps around me today.  My poor husband asked nicely if I might make it to the store today to get milk and coffee….  Demanding guy, right?

We have a “glamping” themed party to go to tonight and I’ve lost some precious time trying to figure out what the heck to wear.  Was planning on a black cocktail dress and my favorite Ferragamo wedges that I never get to wear but THANK GOODNESS I asked someone else what they were planning to wear before showing up and making a complete fool of myself.  It looks like camel skinny jeans, brown boots and an orange MK shirt will be the ticket.  This whole clothing dilemma has convinced me to get my you know what into the gym next week.  It’s time, no excuses.  Hard to get excited about clothes when you feel like a frump!

The rest of the weekend will be low key.  I cannot wait!

Happy Weekend!


Hope you had a Happy Halloween.  It is the first year since we moved to Dallas that we were in town for Halloween.  Our block does a party with a bounce house and burgers/drinks which was fun.  Maddie was Ariel from Little Mermaid and my husband went all out being King Triton.  It was a scene…..I cannot even tell you how many kids stopped to get photos with him while out and about.  All he needs is a red cape and he’s set for Christmas (eyes rolling here).

Harry was Sebastien but really couldn’t be bothered with the costume last night.  Luckily we managed to get part of it on him for his school’s party that morning.  Here he was enjoying a donut hole!

I thought our house was fairly festive…..the kids got to the pumpkins with stickers right before we headed out to the party but the rest has been up for a couple of weeks.

But once we got out and about last night we realized our little decorations didn’t hold a candle to others in the area.  Even the election made it’s way into the spooky themes!

The had a Romney ghost too….my family was just halfway down the block at this point and I couldn’t keep taking photos!  Below was the kids’ favorite house…..we had walked past it probably 20 times in the last month and Harry loves to say “So, So Spooky!”

All in all, lots of fun.
Anyone else wish it were Friday already?

I am back….

I am sorry I fell off the face of the earth.   Maddie and I flew down to VA a few weekends ago for a quick girls’ visit.  About the time we arrived, my mom’s lung collapsed and it was, I believe, someone above looking out for us that we were able to see my mom before she quickly went down hill.  Family flew in immediately and we were all with her when she passed comfortably at home.

Her memorial service was last weekend in the mountains of NC where we spent most of our summers growing up.   It was a busy weekend with family and friends and was a beautiful tribute to my wonderful mother who left us too young, at age 66.  I took the next two photos on a boat ride at her favorite time of day on the lake…..early evening.  The kids enjoyed their first ever boat ride with my Dad, their Pop-Pop.

The loss is a huge one and I miss my mom dearly.  But, I know she is in a better place and out of suffering.  I spent today  up in my office trying to respond to the mountains of emails I’d pushed off over the last several weeks.  If you haven’t heard from me and you are waiting….ping me again…..I am sorry I was unresponsive but I am sure you understand.

Slowly, but surely, I’ll be back here on the blog.

Kitchen Love….

I remember in late middle school / beginning of high school I loved gold…..then I went through a phase of hating it…..opting for silver and platinum…..and pewter and nickel on everything home related.  But, I am coming back around to gold and brass (burnished….not the dreadful shiny stuff from the 80s…no offense if you love it…..)

The pendants in this kitchen…..gave my heart a little flutter when I first saw them.


I think the use of the brass above adds a lot to this all white, clean lined kitchen.  I love it.  You?  And speaking of kitchens….our kitchen table chandelier is being hung today.  Cannot wait.  I’ll be sure to share a photo as soon as I get a free moment.

So long my friend…..

I have had a tough time focusing this week and posting pretties to my blog didn’t seem appropriate given the circumstances……We came home from vacation to our beloved Beagle in the hospital in critical care.  He lived 12 wonderful years and has grown up with me, as I got him not long after college.  “General” was named after my college mascot and he was a character and a major personality in our home.

 Rest in peace my sweet General.  You will be missed!