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Shopping in Palm Beach….

We are actually just back from a Thanksgiving visit to Northern Virginia but in October we spent 10 days in Florida, which included 4 nights at the Breakers in Palm Beach, sans kids.  While there, I was able to convince my husband to spend an hour away from lounging to check out a shop I’d read about on many blogs, Circa Who.  If you are looking for a good dose of vintage Hollywood Regency / Chinese Chippendale Faux Bamboo this is your place.

Here are some goodies I spotted at the shop.  I loved both the mirror and the chandelier.

Another chandelier, they had a bunch of them….

I had to laugh when I saw the below pair of painted chairs.  They were asking over $1,000 for the pair and I was kicking myself….my parents had a pair of these that last resided on our back patio….I remember Dad coming home after work and mom and dad sitting in these chairs with a glass of wine talking about their days before we sat down to a family dinner.  My mom gave them away when they moved….who knew they would become en Vogue again some 18 years later…. (and yikes, how have I been out of High School for almost 20 years?!?)

My husband wanted to buy these next mirrors….truth be told I didn’t feel so hot this particular afternoon and I think he was having more fun than I was.  I just wanted to get back to my chair by the pool!  (I think I had had a little too much fun being without the kids the night previous!)

Anyhow, I loved the colors on this ceramic stool.

I am always a sucker for blue and white…..and in the background you can see a glimpse of how packed with fabulous stuff this little store was.

In all, I am glad I made the visit.  It was in an area with a bunch of antique/vintage shops and had I felt better and had more time I would have liked to check them all out.  Lucky for those of us not in the Palm Beach area they have a great website with lots of their loot online.

See anything you like?

NYC Wrap Up….

I’ve shown you a little of my impromptu trip to NYC with my husband over the last couple of days. Today I am sharing two highlights. First, M&J Trimmings has been blogged about by many so I had to check it out. A short walk from our hotel, this place did not disappoint. If you are looking for any sort of trim or embellishment, this is the place! The staff were friendly and the prices were not bad.  Have you ever seen so much ribbon? And this was a small snapshot of the store!

Greek Key trim anyone? Not expensive and in any color imaginable! Heaven, if you ask me!

More trim…..Really, what can I say?

If you live in or near NYC, I am envious of all of the resources you have at your fingertips. If you don’t and are planning a visit, I highly recommend a stop in at M&J Trimmings. The photos cannot do this store justice!

And last, but certainly not least, was the highlight of my trip. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Lisa (from Hamptontoes) for a long lunch at Landmarc in the AOL / Time Warner building.

One of the best parts of blogging for me is something I never anticipated when I started this blog. And that is the friendships I’d form with other like minded individuals. I think Lisa and I started our blogs around the same time and emailed each other back and forth. She invited me to join her at the NYIGF last August and with the pregnancy and impending move to Dallas (I was house-hunting as it was going on) the timing just didn’t work.

Lisa has a daughter and a son, each about a year older than mine.  She also changed from a corporate career to interior design (interning for none other than Bunny Williams before she successfully branched off on her own).  It was fun to talk to her about our kids, work, balancing family and work, chatting about blogging and lots of other stuff too. It was truly a great time and the highlight of my trip.  Thanks, Lisa, for a great lunch!  I hope you’ll venture down to Texas so I can repay your hospitality!

More Fun In NYC….

I mentioned yesterday that I was in NYC last week for a few days. While my husband was in meetings I had fun wandering around the city…without much of an agenda. In addition to some fabric shopping, I managed to visit a couple of other well known home decor related venues.

First, I was anxious to visit ABC Carpet and Home as I had never been. I was actually chided for taking photos by one salesperson but I was able to snap a couple before I was.  I was taken aback by how large this place was.  I think the main building was like 5 or 6 floors, and there was a separate multi-level carpet store (and clearance center) directly across the street.

The above photo was from the clearance center.  If you are a Madeline Weinrub fan this is worth a visit.  I cannot say the prices were bargain basement but they were better than full price.  They had a ton of her cotton flatweave rugs and lots of pillows too.  I had a Pretty Woman moment in the carpet center when I asked where the Madeline Weinrub wool carpets were and the sales person told me that they were across the street but that they were “very expensive.”  Geeze, I didn’t think I was dressed that poorly that day!

In any case, across the street was a visual feast for the eyes.  I was actually a bit overwhelmed and had my husband in tow at this point…and he was less than enthused to be along for the ride!

The above chandelier was HUGE.  I cannot even begin to imagine how large it really is….scale can be so deceiving in large showrooms like this!  I also loved this sweet birdcage….nursery anyone?

Here are a couple of other images.  The amount of inventory they had on display was really amazing.


And here is one last image. This is where I got into trouble for taking photos. I was actually really enjoying this space as my dining room chandelier is by this company. I told the sales person this (trying to make small talk) and her response was “Are you looking to buy another?”  We quickly vacated this section of the store!

We did not take any photos on the upper floors where the children’s section was but they had a lovely selection of items.  In fact, I was excited to see they carry a Canadian line of crib bedding that I have been considering for Harry’s nursery.  I have not been able to find a store with their products so I was happy to stumble upon this.  They didn’t have the grey color I was looking for but the friendly salesperson said they would be getting a new shipment in in a few weeks.  Yay!

If you haven’t been here, I’d definitely say it is worth a visit.  It can be a bit overwhelming at first….but just give yourself plenty of time to take it all in.

(PS–This Post ended up being longer than I’d expected. Tomorrow, I’ll share my last stop and the best part of my trip, meeting a fellow blogger whom I admire and have emailed with back and forth for over a year now.  Definitely the highlight of my trip).