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Real Estate Stalking

Real Estate Stalking….

I look at real estate listings in my area from time to time to see what is out there.  I used to do it more before we remodeled when I wondered if we should just move rather than remodel.  But I never found anything that tempted me in our price range.  There has been a real shortage of houses on the market here since we moved to Dallas.  In any case, I saw this one while browsing recently (I make my price range search broad when I search) and loved most of what I saw.  See the listing here

I love the curb appeal and the big front yard (which is good because this is on a main road and very near a major university). 

I think this living room is well thought out and they really made the most of this long, narrow space.  Since I have been focused on living room rugs this week and playing with furniture arrangements I loved seeing the patterned rug in here.  And it makes me anxious for my house to look “finished.”

Great kitchen and I never tire of those Urban Electric pendants.  Never!

I am not a big fan of “kid themed” rooms but I’ve got to say….that bed is so cute.  Seriously, what a lucky little guy must reside in there!

And what a great use of the upstairs hall landing which is often just wasted space.


They have quite the set up for entertaining back here.  One thing I learned when we were house hunting was that to have a pool on these small lots means to have virtually no back-yard.  With little ones this scares me…..but if your kids were older I am sure this space would be very welcome in the 100+ degree summer months!

Do you ever search the listings just to see what is out there and get ideas?  Surely I am not alone?

Have a great weekend!