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Reader Requests

We Found You!!!!

You may recall that yesterday I put out a request for help locating the source of two wallpapers.  Thanks to my blog friend Lisa Mende’s comment, I honed my google image searching skills and found one of the papers easily.  For the other, I ultimately landed on a Japanese e-Commerce website….and thanks to google translator, was able to get close enough to a source to call their showroom here in Dallas to get the info I needed.

First, this fun green paper is called “Fabulous Koi Fish” and is designed and manufactured by Judit Gueth Designs.  It comes in three colorways and each roll is 18″ wide and 30″ in length.

Christina Murphy InteriorsChristina Murphy Interiors

koifish0009jut-009, Fabulous Koi Fish – 09 Light Green on Green

koifish01wallpaperjut-008, Fabulous Koi Fish – 08 Gold Orange on Black

koi-fish0068-2jut-068, Fabulous Koi Fish – 068 Light Tan on Beige

Unfortunately, the news on the second paper was not as good.

Christina Murphy InteriorsChristina Murphy Interiors

I was able to get fairly certain that the paper was from Nobilis but couldn’t find it on their site.  So, I emailed the showroom here in Dallas that represents them and found out the paper was theirs, but is discontinued.  (Unfortunately, my powder room paper that is slightly similar is discontinued as well).  But, there are ample cherry blossom papers out there.  But, that is a post for another day.  I’ve got “real” work to do!

Happy Hump Day!

**Need help purchasing anything you see on the blog, contact me.**

Two Reader Requests…..

I haven’t done one of these in a while and today we need your help identifying two papers.  I did a post on the first one a LONG time ago thinking it was the Romo paper that I have in my powder room.  But, as a reader recently noted….it is different…..there are butterflies in this version…..I must have been TIRED when I did the original post!

Christina Murphy InteriorsChristina Murphy Interiors

The second paper is so fun.  We are loving the colors and patterns……it would be so cute in a pool bathroom.  And, as luck would have it, the room is by the same designer as the above!

Christina Murphy InteriorsChristina Murphy Interiors

I tried emailing the designer but didn’t hear back. 

Anyone able to help out?

Reader Request: Pillow Fabric????

One of my readers, Kelly, emailed me a photo of a pillow she loves.  The fabric apparently comes in a number of colorways.  Since I am still out of town I don’t have the bandwidth to take on research projects at the moment.  So, I thought I’d see if you all could help Kelly out.

Any idea?

Farrow & Ball’s Peony Wallpaper….

I get a lot of customers who want to purchase Manuel Canovas’ Pali wallpaper in this colorway….

Katrin Cargill Interiors

Unfortunately, a few of the colorways have been discontinued and the above is one of them.  While you may want the original, I don’t think this paper by Farrow & Ball is a bad substitute. 

See all of the colorways available here.

What do you think?

Helping a Client Out, Manuel Canovas Treillis Wallpaper in Lilas Available

You’ve no doubt seen this paper all over the blog world.  It is such a great paper!

Maya Williams via Coastal Living

Eileen Kathryn Boyd via Lonny Magazine 

Ana Cordeiro

Bear Hill Interiors

My sweet client Jenna has 9 rolls of this paper available from a project she was working on.  It is in the “lilas” colorway.

Unopened and ready for someone to enjoy.  These are Euro sized rolls so each roll is almost a double in American roll comparison (a fact her installer didn’t quite appreciate when he specified how many rolls she needed to order!).  She is offering them at her cost of just over $100 per roll.  If you are interested in any of the available rolls contact me and I will put you in touch with Jenna.

Reader Request–Can you identify this fabric????

Reader Monica emailed me looking for the source of a fabric she had seen once in a Veranda Magazine feature and then on another blog.  I did a little research and didn’t immediately come up with an answer for her.  Thought I would throw this out to you all.

Can anyone help a girl out?  I am curious myself, where there is this beauty there is sure to be more.  Hope everyone has a good day today.  I’ve got our guest room, living room and Maddie’s room drapes going in today.  Tomorrow our barstools and kitchen chairs are due in…..slowly but surely around here.

Reader Request Friday….

I am throwing this one out to you all to see if you can help a girl out.  Reader, Kristen, recently came back from a stay at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica (where the interior was designed by Kelly Wearstler).  She snapped a shot of the following wallpaper and is trying to find the source.

Anyone have an idea?

Have a great weekend!

Putting My Readers to the Test….

One of my clients has me stumped and this doesn’t happen often.  She saw this fabric on Brisbane designer Anna Spiro’s blog and fell in love.   But for the life of me I cannot find the source.  I even emailed the source did not get a response.  So, please…..I am sure someone out there knows this lovely fabric?



Does this fabric come to mind?

Pretty Please?

Reader Request Friday….

Given my schedule these days there is no regularity to this series but I thought I would share you a fun reader request today.  Reader Shana emailed me the below photo from the set of the movie “Change Up” looking for a source on the fabric.

I’d like to claim that I immediately knew where to look but in my mind I had it narrowed down to a couple of lines and emailed my wonderful showroom reps and hit the jackpot.  A sample is on its way to me now.

Said fabric is Harlequin’s Eva fabric from the Amilie Collection.  Have you checked out their products?  Love them!

Are you having trouble finding an elusive source?  Feel free to contact me and if I have time I’ll post it on the blog.  If you need something more timely, I do charge hourly.  Contact me for more information.

With that, have a great weekend!  I have been in a Craigslist facilitated purge in anticipation of the move.  So, more listing stuff and packing is on tap here.  Oh, and friends for dinner Saturday night….hope we still have a kitchen table when they arrive!

Wednesday Reader Request…..

A while back I received an email from a designer in NYC. Her client had been at the D&D building and found a mirrored fabric that she had fallen in love with. The problem was, she couldn’t remember where she saw the fabric. She thought it was a Diane Von Furstenberg fabric but wasn’t sure. I remembered I had blogged about a new fabric line DVF was to come out with here. So, I picked up the phone and called DVF. They had no idea about a fabric line, but directed me to their home line of ready made items.

Not to be discouraged, I dug a bit deeper and I think I not only found the fabric, but also an image of it in use in none other than Charlotte’s study from Sex and the City.

It is hard to make out the fabric in the above image but here is a close up from Donghia. Notice the little “mirrors” which combines hand woven silk with small pieces of mica, which are exquisitely hand embroidered into the fabrics.

It is a very unique fabric, don’t you think?

PS–Contact me if you have a research project you would like considered for a future blog post.