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My New Home Inspiration Files

Real Life in the Playroom….

This is a quick view of our playroom as it looks daily.  Unstyled and keeping it real here, people.  Plus, photographs when there is no natural light to speak of is not good.  The walls are a pale grey….you’d never know it from the photos…..they look beige, oh well.  The artist who did my living room paintings said he’d teach me some elementary photography skills (probably so he can get some decent shots of his art vs. my pitiful skills).  Must take him up on it.  Anyways, I digress….

Kids Art Explosion

Maddie G Designs Playroom Kids Art Display

Book Wall

Maddie G Designs Playroom Custom Book Wall

The third empty wall in the room is the stark reminder of a Pinterest project gone so wrong (I am just not a DIY-er)!  The only reminder of this bust are the two lone picture hangers left in the wall.  See them?


But, last week I  went to plan B in the room and had the two images blown-up (round two since I destroyed them the first time around).  I received the images today and all looks good except they added white borders to the photos once printed–so frustrating.   So, now I’ve got to go find someone to cut that off (I am not messing this project up myself again!)



I am planning to hang one on top of the other, framed in acrylic.  They will both be the same height when framed, but the lower image will be wider and they will take up much of that blank wall.  Acrylic framing is expensive so I am making this a semi-DIY in that I’ve bought the standoffs online (amazing customer service!) for framing / mounting and have found a local (Dallas) plastics company to cut my acrylic to size…..using a low-glare product for the front.  Edges will be polished for a finished look.  It still isn’t cheap…..but at least with this solution I’ll be able to change out the art periodically.  So when the kids are older we can do posters or more updated photos.

Slowly but surely, progress is being made.

Bleached Oak Floors…..ane My Office…..

In our remodel, I wanted our floors to be as dark as possible.  Now, as I start to think about my office space (in our back-house above the detached garage) I want to replace the carpet for bleached/cerused oak floors.

Bieke Van Houtte Bleached Oak FloorsBieke Van Houtte

Natural Wood Floorsvia

traditional-entryDetails A Design Firm, via Houzz

When I think of bleached oak…..I am not talking the shiny blond stuff of the 80s that sort of makes me cringe.  I am thinking a more rustic light wood with movement.  I haven’t gotten too far on the plan for the space.  I know I want a huge work table that will double as a fabric cutting table.  And, I know I want to incorporate in this green wallpaper from Quadrille (which will be sold in my shop when I launch).  I am thinking of using it on the ceiling….or perhaps in the kitchenette/bathroom area (where I am hoping the budget will allow the swap out of formica countertops for marble).

Fiorentina_wallpaper_Katie_RosenfeldKatie Rosenfield

Currently, the space has two twin beds for overflow visitors.  Those will swap out (relocating to Harry’s room when the crib goes) for a neutral sofa with a nice pull out bed (anyone have brands they recommend that are comfy?)  And I know I want to do a chair or two in this fabric from Schumacher. 

173910- Khantau Tree - Cream Schumacher

Finally, this new table that Worlds Away introduced this spring is begging to be used in a project…..so it might find its way into my plan.  (It comes in white and navy lacquer as well).

Buy Worlds Away Conrad Table via Maddie G Designs

This project will probably not kick off until at least August as we have some hectic months ahead, but I am anxious to get my office set up properly (you should see the shambles it is in at the moment) so I can do a better job of separating the space between work and personal time.  I am not good at this at all…..and my goal is to get to a point where the office door closes and so does work!   I can hope, right?

Happy Monday! 

Happy Weekend…..and Randomness….

Hello Sunshinevia

Did you have a good week?  I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on my website.  Why, you may ask, haven’t I launched it yet?  Well, we are so close…..but have decided that I need my own dedicated server so that the site will load quicker.  I have over 14,000 fabric skus from one vendor alone, thousands of rugs and lamps and accessories.  All of these products have hi resolution images…..and it was starting to affect the speed with which we could shop the site.  So, we are in a bit of a holding pattern waiting for the upgrade to be complete.  Once that happens, we can load the few more vendors we want in the shop before we launch and then we are ready to go.  I am happy we’ve made this decision now vs. wait for issues once we go live.  And I recently added a new trade only fabric vendor to my line up on the shop and I am so excited to share with you.

Call it the promise of spring, but I’ve been focusing on doing a few things around the house.  I am working on getting an arrangement with orchids made in my giant clam shell for the foyer.  Finding the perfect height to compliment the mirror is harder than one might initially think.  My husband came to me with the below inspiration image (who knew?) for a rug in the foyer.  I’ll admit….despite the yellow front door….I had never thought of doing yellow in the foyer.

Yellow Rug In Foyer InspirationMeyer & Meyer, Inc. via Houzz

Thanks to reader, Libby, I found the artist I was looking for in my post earlier this week.  Lucky for me, his studio is a stones throw from where I live and I am meeting to pick out two pairs of his line drawings next week.  Finally, the living room is making some progress.

Done Bodine Line ArtDon Bodine

Speaking of the living room, I am doing a custom pair of mirrors to flank the fireplace.

Maddie G Designs Living Room

The process has been slow……bit I think we are getting there.  Just waiting for the CAD drawings to make sure everything works.  The mirrors will be similar to this one….except the dividers will run perpendicular instead of at an angle.  And the mirror will be antiqued.  My mirrors will be quite a bit wider than the inspiration.  The mirror floats in the frame, sortof like how the painting is framed.

PONTORMOI ordered a pair of these table lamps for the sofa table in our family room.  They will sit on the table (below the lamp) that I purchased last year.

Fragment Table Lamp

Artisinal Table

Finally, I am trying to refocus on finding a fabric for the porch swing and chairs on our front porch.  I thought I had found the perfect yellow Ikat fabric last year, but two not right CFAs later, we decided to move on.  I’ve got the below Trina Turk fabric on my radar.  I think the yellow and grey would go well with our grey shutters and yellow front door. I am not 100% sold though……What do you think?

Trina Turk Schumacher

We have a relatively low key weekend planned around here.  Other than a birthday party and soccer practice, we have no set plans.  With temps supposed in the 80s, I am thinking it is the perfect weekend to tackle the garage which needs a major clean out.  We shall see.  Oh yes, and I promised my husband I’d try to make him this cake….

hummingbird-cake-sl-lSouthern Living Hummingbird Cake

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Boy Nursery….

Harry is 2.5 and his room still pretty much looks like in did in these images I shared quite some time ago.  His built-in shelves (which you cannot see in the photos) are moderately styled and I’ve got a new piece of art on the wall.  But, I know his days left in the crib aren’t terribly long and I’ve kinda got the next iteration floating around in the back of my mind.

Maddie G Designs  Nursery

Maddie G Designs Nursery

I am thinking of doing a pair single beds in his room…and might even do iron again….I so love that crib!  The dresser turned changing table will likely eventually go….as will the glider/ottoman left over from Maddie’s nursery.  The other day while waiting for some memo samples to be pulled, I was browsing through nearby fabric wings and came across this fabulous camo fabric (from Clarence House) and had to bring a sample home with me.  The colors work perfectly with the room……I am thinking pillow shams perhaps….layered with some more simple, neutral fabrics.

Clarence House Camo Fabric, Pale Neutrals

And then Saturday night, we were having dinner with friends in the Bishop Arts district of Dallas (such a cool area I cannot believe I hadn’t been to yet) and we headed over an hour before our reservation to wander around and shop the local galleries, home stores and street vendors.  I spotted these cute felt animal heads and immediately felt the urge to have another boy so I could use my camo fabric and these guys in the nursery.  (A great reason to want another kid, right?  Don’t worry, that urge passed…..quickly).

Felt Animal Heads

What’s your opinion on the shelf life of these guys….baby only, or would they work for a toddler?  And, please no comments on the camo and animal heads.  I do live in Texas now…..

The Gallery Wall….

I have two spots in my home (each of which is upstairs) where I am considering eclectic gallery walls.  I am thinking a mix of frames, art and photographs.

Gallery Wall 1via

Caitline Wilson Design Gallery WallCaitlin Wilson Design

Ivy and Piper Gallery WallIvy & Piper, February 2013

Art Wallvia

Art Wall 2via

Art Wall 3Bonnie Tsang for Style Me Pretty

Do you like the look?

Any inspirations images I should check out?

Foyer Sneak Peek and Signing Off….

Our guests start arriving tonight and by Saturday there will be nine of us together through the holiday. I am so excited to have my family here and while the house will be packed and chaotic, I couldn’t be happier.  And, I doubt anyone will care that there are still presents to be wrapped and last minute presents to pick up.  I am going to enjoy this time with my family (which will no doubt be bittersweet and hard with the massive absence of my mom who was the conductor of all family events.  She left big shoes that will certainly never be filled).

So, I leave you with another little sneak peek from our house.  Still needs work….but the framed intaglios arrived and I love them.  Slowly but surely around here!

Framed Intaglios


Maddie G Designs Framed Intaglios

I wish you and your family a beautiful holiday.

I’ll be back next week after Christmas.

xoxoxo, Susie

Pinned Because…..

I pinned this image a while back.


I think simple matelasse bedding would be perfect with the headboard and roman shades in our guest bedroom.  So, finding the right shade (need more of an off-white) and ordering more of the blue tape I used on the romans is on my “to-do” list at the moment.

Slowly but surely the room is coming together.  Found a comfy chair over the weekend in the perfect navy check.  It is on the other side of the room next to the armoire that holds a TV.  Side tables, lamps and art are in order and then the room is pretty much done.  I feel like that is the story of my house these days…..almost but not quite. 

PS–If you are in Dallas and free on Friday AM, please consider visiting our charity home tour featuring 5 Highland Park Homes.  More details here.

Pinned Because….

We flew in and out of Atlanta last week to get up to the NC Mountains.  I didn’t pass up the opportunity to pick up a copy of Atlanta Homes Magazine. 

 Designed by Robert Brown. Photographed by Erica George Dines for Atlanta Homes

I pinned the image for two reasons.  First, I love the clean color palate that serves as a backdrop for the bold art over the fireplace.  Second, I wanted to show my husband the rug…..because the same one is being delivered for our “formal” living room this week. 

If you saw the room now you’d laugh.  It is empty save a beat up old coffee table (that has trains on it at the moment thanks to my little Thomas the Tank lover), two chests with lamps and a piece of art.  But, the rug, cocktail table and two couches are all on their way.  Thank goodness!

What are you pinning these days?

Mommy’s Little Helper….

Earlier this week I had a helper to keep me focused over at the Dallas World Trade Center.  Here she is posing by the cocktail table I’ve ordered for the living room.  It is narrow and quite long….will be perfect between my two matching sofas.  (One is being re-upholstered at the moment and then my super upholsterer is building a new one to match.)

Of course, she did get a little sidetracked in the accessory section…..couldn’t blame her….they have some cute stuff.  I was thinking of Harry’s bookshelves as she was showing me things.

Truth be told, I think she was most awestruck by the glass elevators and spotting the toy and holiday shops on the floors below.  And the fact that her badge said “Maddie” since my business is named after her.  She felt very special!  Of course, seeing her so happy made me happy…..she is growing up so fast!

Progress at Home….

I have mentioned that I am spending a good part of the summer with my mom, who has been bravely battling cancer for the past five years.  I feel so thankful that the kids and I were able to pick up and be here with her and my Dad (and my nearby sister)  for a while….and while we are in the midst of chaos over here, I do believe these little ones are good spirit lifters.  What is the point of family if you cannot be there for one another?  We have been busy with family visits, creating a cookbook with all of our favorite recipes and many other things that will no doubt become precious memories for me and my little ones for the rest of our lives….

In the meantime, back at home some upholstery was delivered last week and my husband snapped some quick photos and texted me.   Thought I would share them now as updates on my house will be few and far in-between this summer since I am not there and have other things on my mind.

First, the cushions for our kitchen chairs arrived.  You may recall the space….

The fabric on the chairs is Galbraith and Paul and the flange is Pindler.  I love how they turned out….

For the family room, I had a sofa that was my husband’s when we met.  It was in our old basement and more recently, our backhouse.  I had it recovered with a Designer’s Guild linen, had the arms and front cushions re-built and had them do a dressmaker skirt.



I think the upholsterer did a great job and it was a lot cheaper than starting over since the couch was good quality…  As a refresher, here is the room this will go in….the grey on the couch is hard to tell in the grainy iPhone photo but it works very well with our carpet and the stripes in our window treatments.

Finally, my consignment store chair and ottoman came back.  I cannot wait to see them in person because I cannot see the flange and the color is so out of whack with the light shining from overhead.  But, at least my husband humored me and sent photos!



So, there you have it…..the progress that has been made over at casa Maddie G this summer.  Spending time with my mom….the stocked kitchen, comfy furnishings and collected art and accessories with memories at every turn really has reaffirmed the beauty and meaning of making a true home for one’s family.  My parents celebrated 46 years of marriage yesterday and my mom has made a beautiful life for my Dad, sister and I.  I cannot put into words how lucky I feel for this.

I’ll be back when I can.

Thanks for checking in.

xoxox- Susie