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Look for Less

Look For Less….

I love fabric and I am usually willing to save and wait for the real deal.  It isn’t just the “look” but also the hand of the fabric….there are so many factors that go into fabric pricing.  But, sometimes one just needs instant gratification….especially when it is a more “trendy” option….or it is for the kids and you really don’t want to worry all the time, etc.  Do you agree?

This fabric has been blogged about by many others….but I forgot about it until I was in Pindler a few weeks ago…..  First, the “Look” which is Quadrille/China Seas “Java, Java.”

Coastal Living (April 2012), Phoebe Howard

Eddie Ross

And here is the look-alike…..

Waverly Cross section available here for $13.98 per yard….

Care to weigh in?

Bone Sunburst Mirror….

Almost a year ago, before we moved, I was on the hunt for a bone sunburst mirror that I had seen in a couple of Suzanne Kasler and Katherine Ireland designs.

Veranda Kathryn Ireland Spanish Colonial RevivalPhotographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Veranda

Kathryn Ireland Sunburst Mirror VerandaPhotographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Veranda

Suzanne Kaslet via Matters of Style BlogSuzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler via All the Best BlogSuzanne Kasler

I finally found a version but the price tag was over $2,000 for a reproduction so I decided to hold off, and then we moved.  But, look what arrived in my mailbox this week via Wisteria.


While still not cheap, the price is a lot better than the previous reproductions I had found.  It looks pretty good, don’t you think?

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget….

Ok, this is probably a little extreme but the bids for our remodel are coming in WAY above where we thought we would end up. So, I know this fact is going to affect my decorating budget. Seriously, I want my husband to retire relatively early and I want my kids to graduate from college debt free….so honestly, I am going to do my best to see that we keep things under control around here. A home is a sanctuary….not a place to stress about.

I am a firm believer in a mix of high and low in decorating.  I am willing to spend more in public areas than I am upstairs in our more private areas.  This is why I am not putting this paper in Maddie’s room….despite a strong urge.  (I need 10 rolls and the paper retails at over $200 a roll….so even with my trade discount it is a bit extravagant.)

So, this brings me to the guest room. You may recall that I fell in love with a fabric a long time ago.

I love the texture of the fabric (100% linen) and I love the touch of lavender….a color that I have really come around to and am dying to incorporate judiciously in my home.  But, I had my workroom out a few weeks ago and I need 25 yards for the windows in the guest room.  Let’s just say that $2,500+ in drapery fabric alone is not where I am going to get the most bang for my buck.  I also want to cover walls and ceilings in grasscloth and want a new headboard (current guest room has an old pine headboard that may have been the envy of my friends in college….but I think I can do a little better now) and nice linens on the bed.

Enter this guy, priced in the mid $20s per yard.  Much easier on the wallet.  I saw it recently and loved it.  Funny enough, about 6 months ago I was in a fabric store here in Dallas and took a photo of the same fabric….just because I liked it.  I had forgotten all about it until I saw it again.

I’ll be honest that I am not a huge lover of suzani prints…but this one speaks to me.  I am tossing up this colorway and the one below. Maddie is sitting here looking over my shoulder and is voting for the second one.

I think I agree, but I have samples of both coming to me to decide.  In the meantime, last night while doing a little blog hopping I ran into this image from Elizabeth Sullivan Design.  Looks like the same fabric to me.  Love it on a pillow.

Sortof reminds me of this one from Donghia. So, we’ll see…..I’ve got some time since we haven’t even started the remodel…..but this is where I am at so far. Thoughts?

Do you remember to check Overstock????

As we update Harry and Maddie’s bathrooms I am adding a 4-light vanity sconce over the sink/vanity in each bathroom, as well as a flush mount in the middle of the room.  Neither has a window and I feel they need better light (previously there were two can lights in a soffit.)  I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent looking for a flush mount and a vanity light that would work together.  First off, I found few sources that had both that complimented each other and were visually appealing. But the ones that I did find, well….they were way too expensive for the kids’ bathrooms.

In defeat, I went over to Lowes and picked up the fixtures and brought them home.  As I unloaded the car, I could tell our nanny had an opinion….so I asked what she thought. Let’s just say she wasn’t impressed with the flush mount (I agree….it wasn’t too appealing.  Think builder grade, which I was trying to get away from).

So, Sunday afternoon I tried to think of some source I had been missing (I mean seriously I have been through EVERY fixture on CSN, Lumens, Shades of Light, Lamps.com, trade only resources, etc.)  On a whim, I jumped online and visited Overstock .

And Voilà…Problem Solved.

At under $70, which includes shipping, I can afford to change the shades to work with our colors.  I am thinking simple linen. And, the matching flush mount, at around $35! Best part, I searched this item on the internet and saw it priced in the $200-400 range at various online retailers.


So yesterday, when I decided that I may be able to find a better deal on faucets (which I had already purchased but not yet had installed) I checked overstock again.  And look what I found for around $100 (free shipping).


Like most people, I love a bargain.  So these bargains made my day. The best part, they have already shipped!

Do you remember to check Overstock from time to time? Any other great online discount sources you recommend?

Look for less…

I love the mirror in this image.

Suzanne Kasler

I love the Uttermost “Brayden Arch” mirror as an affordable way to get the “look for less.”

I recently sugested that an e-Decorating client use two of these over her bedroom night tables.  I particularly love the classic shape with the rustic finish.

Contact me for my discounted pricing if you are interested.

And don’t forget to enter to win an 8 piece bedding set designed by Thom Filicia and available via QVC.

Affordable Fabric Find…

Sorry for the quick posts this week….lots going on here and I am trying to keep up! 

Earlier this week, I was in a large fabric store here in Dallas looking for some fabric for some amazing chairs I bought at a sample sale last fall (stay tuned for photos).  While I was there, I quickly perused the isles and found lots of inspiring and extremely affordable fabrics.  This particular one caught my interest….



This fabric, from Premier Prints, is not only affordable but also comes in a myriad of colors.  Perhaps I was intriqued by this fabric because I have committed to the paper used in the below image for Maddie’s new bedroom.  Do you notice any similarities?

Photo by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

I thought perhaps this may loosly fall into the “look for less” category. 

What do you think? 

High-Low Secretary….

Who has not seen and fallen in love with the Hallings Secretary by Thomas O’Brien for Hickory Chair?

It even made it into Big and Carrie’s room in Sex and the City 2…..

The price isn’t for the faint of heart.  But, for less than 1/2 the cost, what do you think of this number from Global Views? Not a reproduction by any means, but similar lines don’t you think?


I am liking the mirrored front and the orange interior.

High Impact Art Wall, Low Price….

I love the idea of using images from books as an inexpensive way to get good bang for your buck for collections of wall art. One of the best examples of this is from designer Lauren Liess who used the pages of a da Vinci sketchbook to frame art for high impact in her foyer.

Helen Norman for Better Homes & Gardens

Check out the Illustrations of Olaf Hajek for some beautiful and vibrant images that would be spectacular as part of a collection of wall art….

via Olaf Hajek Illustration

And I am loving these sketchbooks which are waaaaaayyy more affordable than the shoes themselves. How fun would these illustrations be in a dressing room or a tween’s bedroom? I am loving these images!

Manolo Blahnik Drawings

Manolo’s New Shoes

Manolo Blahnik

What about you, any great books you would recommend as sources for wall art? I’d love to hear about them.

Finally, don’t forget to enter to win a yard of Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis Fabric.

Get the Look….

Loving this casual dining space in the home of designer Leslie Sachs….

Leslie Sachs 

How about this as an affordable rug to help re-create the look?

The “Zuel” Rug from The Rug Market.

What do you think?


She’s Got the Look…..

Quick post today.  Our house officially lists and I am headed to Dallas to *hopefully* finish house-hunting.  This time, Daddy is watching Maddie and I am enlisting the help of my mom and sister for the search.  So looking forward to some girl time, even if I am cramming 4 school tours and 17 houses into three days. 

Anyways, love this office from Sarah Richardson.

Sarah Richardson Design

And, while I don’t think this is the exact source of the pendant above, I think this number from Uttermost has got the look, no?  It also comes in an aged metal finish and in sconce versions…

Uttermost “Alita” Champagne, Metal Hanging Shade

I quite like the price points of the Uttermost line.  In fact, I have on of their chandeliers in my foyer…..and everyone is always amazed that I scored it for under $200.

P.S., don’t forget about my giveaway of six yards of the new Thom Filicia fabric!  The winner will be announced on Monday.