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Basketweave Backsplash….

A little over a year ago I posted about a home near mine that I’d been in where the homeowner had used a black and white basket-weave backsplash in her kitchen.  At the time, I couldn’t really find any images to show what I was referring to….other than this one from Katie Ridder.  But, I really liked the look.

Well, that house is now on the market so I can share an image of the kitchen compliments of the MLS photos.  You can see the whole house here.

Black and White Kitchen Basketweave Backsplash

I think it is a nice, clean look…..and I think it is something that could be done affordably to update a kitchen in need of a little sprucing.  Black granite isn’t terribly costly these days (I like honed), you could add-in some industrial pendants from Visual Comfort, paint your cabinets white, update the hardware and have a basket-weave backsplash installed.  Easy, right?

I like the look.



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More Grey Kitchen Inspiration….

Veranda, Photography by Thibault Jeanson (Design, Suzanne Kasler)


Benjamin Dhong


No matter how many I see, I never tire of a grey and white kitchen.


Kitchen that Stopped Me in My Tracks….

Don’t even know how I stumbled on this….

Linda McDougald Design

 I think I drooled on my keyboard….seriously.

Love it!



You know by now that I love incorporating pink into my decorating.  Nothing over the top….but love the color when used against the backdrop of a more muted palate.


Kerry Howard

I’ve seen the turquoise version of the above Currey & Co. chandelier many times but I will be honest…..I would never in a million years thought of using the pink version in a kitchen like this.  I cannot say the whole style here is mine….but I think the chandelier is fresh and playful and adds to the space.

What do you think?  Honest opinions always welcomed!

PS– I received a ton of emails about the soft sisal product I blogged about yesterday.  I will do a better post dedicated to it but it is offered by a trade-only carpet store here in Dallas and it is their own patented design.  It is actually called “Soft Sisal®” and they now have “Soft Seagrass®” and is available in 15 designs and colors.  This isn’t a wool/sisal blend….it is just manufactured differently to make it softer.  My rep explained it to me and I probably am butchering the process but it is something about weaving it back through the loom alters the feel and durability.  If you want more info let me know and I will see what I can do.  They’ll ship out of Dallas.

House of Fifty, Winter/Spring Issue is Out!

Last summer I got an email from Janell over at Isabella and Max  looking for samples of Clarence House’s “Vase” wallpaper.  She ended up ordering the paper to use in her family’s bonus room.  While in the process of working with her on her order, she asked if I’d like to write an article on the paper for her magazine, House of Fifty.

One thing Janell requested for the article was that I find some new images of the paper…..ones not already plastered all over the web.  (I had actually done a post on a Dallas home where it was used here and had hoped to get permission to use the image but alas, never heard back from the photographer.)  In any case, I purchase the paper through a fabulous showroom here in Dallas, Culp Associates, so I contacted my rep and asked if she knew of any local designers who had used the paper and might be willing to share.  Wouldn’t you know this landed me on Kerri Goldfarb, a talented young Dallas designer who had just finished papering a kitchen with the paper.

Don’t you love how she added a light blue on the ceiling….it really works with the other blue accents in the room.  She also used Quadrille fabrics on Sunbrella ground for the kitchen seating.  This family has two little ones so this was a great idea.  In any case, to see the full article check out House of Fifty here.  And a big thank you to Kerri Goldfarb for working with me on this project.  She is doing lots over at this house and it was in process so I really appreciated her taking the time (and allowing me to peak at all she was doing) for this project.  I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her!

Kitchen Cabinet Glazing Dilemma….

I think I have mentioned ad nauseum that I plan to do white kitchen cabinets around the perimeter of our kitchen….and I want a very light grey glaze on them.  And this is still very much my vision…..but I’ve run into a snag…..and would love your opinions.

Currently, the kitchen cabinets go right up to the moldings and at least on one side of the kitchen the moldings extend with no good break to change the way we paint them.  So, our options are to do the cabinet glaze on the moldings all the way around the room…..or to keep them the trim color of the rest of the house (which incidentally is the base color of our kitchen cabinets).  Of course, a third option is to not glaze the cabinets….but it isn’t really a major option for me at this point.  Here is a view of the moldings….note that they extend up on to the ceiling all the way around….

And here is a view of the wall that separates the kitchen and the family room.  I feel like if we glaze the moldings we’ll need to carry it on to the columns and I just cannot visualize how this will look….and whether or not I’ll be happy with the look.  I will not be glazing the cabinetry in the family room…..or the molding.

Here is an example I found of glazed cabinets where the moldings were not glazed.  This example is hard to compare to our kitchen because the colors are so different, and they have more going on with the wooden ceiling.  But, you get the idea.  Would I have noticed this if I hadn’t been looking, not sure…..but I am looking and the difference is very noticeable to me.

Erdreich Architecture

Here is another example.  More subtle but you can still tell the moldings are different from the cabinets.  This one doesn’t seem quite so jarring to me…..and is probably in line with the variance you’d notice if I kept our moldings in line with the rest of the house, while glazing the cabinets.

Cameo Kitchens

Here is another example of the trim and cabinet color being different.  Again, fairly subtle, but definitely noticeable if you are paying attention.

Venegas and Company

One last image where the moldings contrast with the cabinet color…..

Warmington & North

While not a kitchen, this next image gives a good idea of glazed trim.  After all, it isn’t the trim above the cabinets that is giving me pause.  But rather, the trim on the rest of the room so this image helps me to visualize….

Valerie DeRoy Interiors

Below is a glazed trim in a kitchen that appears to extend around the room.

Curb Appeal Renovations

And an example of painted cabinets with trim being carried around the room….

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design 

And one final image of the cabinet color incorporated into the moldings around the room.

Marlene Wagenheim

Which look do you favor?

Care to weigh in?

Kitchen Anticipation….

I mentioned yesterday that our kitchen cabinets are due in later in the week.  We are replacing / re-orienting the island, moving the pantry and adding a butler’s pantry.  We decided to keep the perimeter cabinets and are matching the style.  They are good quality and fairly new (installed in a 2001 remodel).  We were also blessed with a good range (Viking) and fridge/freezer (Sub Zero) so those will go back in.  We are painting the cabinetry white with a light grey glaze.  The island will be grey.

Before, looking into kitchen, right side….

Behind those white double doors on the right was storage on one side and a hot water heater on the other.  The hot water heater was relocated and the air vent was relocated to the ceiling.  This is what it looks like today.

And here is what this area will look like after the cabinetry is installed.  We are actually having double doors on these with virtually concealed hinges.  (I cannot tell you how many hours our builder spend finding the right hinges so they would be concealed and open to 180 degrees, while sustaining the weight of doors with applied cabinet faces.)  Cabinet faces will be attached to the doors so that the pantry looks more streamlined with the kitchen.

And remember the door to the driveway in the top image, it is being moved over on the wall and will be a set of french doors.  Here they are getting ready to install them….

Our builder is very detail oriented.  The wiring on the right is for a new doorbell and she is making them move it because the door that will open will actually be on the left if you are facing out.  Maddie has a friend who lives next door….he is going to LOVE the bell I am sure.

Here is an image that shows the other side of the kitchen, before.  In fact, this is from the real estate listing….

The small cabinet to the left of the range is being removed and the two pantries (white doors) are being eliminated.  (Actually the one on the left is now the butler’s pantry area…and the closet was emlimated.)  Below are the elevations for the new cabinetry to the left of the range.  It should look very similar to the fridge and freezer you can see on the right in the above photo.

We’ll have a small microwave in the cabinetry…lots of adjustable shelving for things like the Kitchenaid mixer, Cuisenart and other larger appliances.  The drawers will be used for pots and pans, etc.

The new island will house a second sink and dishwasher and storage for cutting boards.  So excited about this!  We will also have three barstools on the other side and cabinetry under the overhang…trying to maximize storage space as best we can.  This is the side looking out into the kitchen.

Below is a photo of the butler’s pantry area before….

Here is an image of it a few weeks ago.  It is all framed out now and trim work has been started but I forgot to take a photo.

And then, below are the elevations for the new cabinetry that will run down the left side of this space.  Again, this cabinetry is being built to mirror the style of the existing cabinetry in the kitchen.  We’ve got a pull out tray with high sides for liquor and the cabinetry on the right has electrical outlets and pull out bottom trays so we can charge phones, laptops, etc. out of site.  In absence of a mudroom at this stage, one of these cabinets will house the “stuff” like mail, keys, etc.  We will have hooks for school bags, light jackets, etc.  But, we are designing it so it will function like normal cabinetry for down the road when we add on a mudroom or our needs change.

So, there you have it…..so excited that when we get back from vacation I will get to see all of this in person.  So many hours have gone into figuring out how everything will function….hopefully we haven’t forgotten anything!

Basketweave Backsplash…

I was recently in a home in my neighborhood with a great kitchen.  The homeowner had updated the kitchen….and had white cabinets and black granite countertops.  On the backsplash, she had a black and white basketweave.  Honestly, I love basketweave for the floor but had never really given it much thought for the kitchen backsplash.

I have searched high and low for good images of a basketweave backsplash and cannot find any that I really like.  Or at least I couldn’t, until lucky bloggers who had been asked to preview the new Katie Ridder book started posting images.  And, look what was included….

Katie Ridder, via katiddid

Honestly, if you want to spruce up your kitchen and are on a limited budget, adding black granite, painting the cabinetry white and updating hardware and adding a black and white basketweave backsplash would provide a relatively budget friendly result with great impact. 

Do you like the look?

Pendant Agony……

And then there were four options for my kitchen island pendants….in no particular order…. ignore finishes that are pictured…

These four are available at widely varying price points….and I am trying not to let that affect my decision.  I fully expect that I could end up choosing one that is not shown above, but these are my favorites at the moment.

Like any of them?

Grey Subway Tile Backsplash….

A collection of images in my inspiration files……

photogrpahy by Michael Partenio

Susan Serra

Photography by Patrick Cline

Fiorella Design

photography by Ngoc Minh Ngo

Do you like the look?