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A New Project….

I feel like I am always apologizing for the radio silence around here but really, I am just getting caught up from being out so long.  Work is busy (which is great) and the kids are enjoying the last days of summer vacation.  My Father-In-Law also passed away and so, hopefully understandably,  my energies have been focused on other things.

In any case, we had such an incredible time on our vacation to Australia this summer, which was busy and flew by……but yielded so many great memories.  One of our absolute favorite spots to visit is Noosa Beach in Queensland.  This trip, we rented a home within walking distance to the beach on the water for a little over 3 weeks total.   It was fun and so convenient.  Our favorite thing to do every morning was to walk to the beach and take a walk up into the headlands.  The headlands you see to the right in the photo below are actually a national forest.  We struggle to find somewhere like this in the US with beautiful accomodation, restaurants and shopping…..amongst such a beautiful natural backdrop of protected land.  (Any suggestions?)

Noosa Beach Australia

My husband is Australian and since I met him nearly 9 years ago, we’ve been to Australia 4 times.  Noosa has always been on the agenda and we dream of owning there someday.  Who knows……don’t we all dream?  When we got home I thought it would be fun to somehow capture a slice of our heaven on earth and bring it into our home.  If you have read my blog for a while, you’ve seen these photos…..which have got me thinking.

We have an entire blank wall in our playroom….and I’ve been talking to a company who makes wallpaper from photos (and removable wall fabric and vinyl).  I am considering merging the photo below with one with a wider shot of the beach, turning it to black and white and using in the playroom.

Playroom Photo

I’ve known for a long time I wanted to do an oversized black and white photo of the kids having fun in the room.  But when I started getting quotes to frame the photos I had made in acrylic I was shocked at how expensive it is.  This solution is not much more and the kids would love seeing themselves….plus it was the look I wanted from the beginning.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ve given myself a self-imposed tight deadline to make a decision….I’ve gone back and forth on this too long and I need to check this room off my “to-do” list.  Can you relate?

What do you think?


Getting back into the swing of things is proving to be a bit overwhelming.  Lots going on here.  First,  thanks for the kind comments and overwhelming emails about my mom.  I want to write you all back….but it may take a bit.  Talk about small world….yesterday my doorbell rang and standing at the door was a woman with flowers and a card.  She has read my blog for a while and we’ve emailed from time to time (sharing local resources as she is a designer) but never met.  Her mom has stage iv cancer and was recently diagnosed.  In any case, she saw my post and decided to come over to express her sympathy.   We were in the middle of a playdate and the kids were running wild in dress up clothes…..but her kindness touched me and brought tears to my eyes.


I had a frustrating call with my web designer yesterday.  The budget has blown up and to say the site is nowhere near completion at this point is a major understatement.  I had to practice deep breathes…and decided an afternoon playdate would be more fun than getting more angry.  It is amazing how the kids having fun can brighten the mood (Maddie is obsessed with her mermaid costume that arrived last week…..hope it is still in tact by Halloween!  All playdates start with princess dress-up!!!!)

Tomorrow, we have our stair runner being installed.  I am excited….and a tad nervous….

And finally, I have a project in process that I want to complete this weekend.  These two photos have been blown up huge and I am using them in a project for a blank wall in our playroom.


My inspiration for this project was found here (via Pinterest, of course).  I hope it doesn’t turn into a DIY disaster but if so, I’ve spent next to nothing on the materials so may as well try!  Right?  I am feeling eager to get my house finished by the holidays!

What do you have on tap in the coming days?



Designer Highlight–Jute Interior Design….

I recently stumbled upon the portfolio of Alison Davin of Jute Interior Design, a San Francisco based design firm.  I may be late to the party as a visit to the press page of her website shows numerous mentions….including a recent Elle Decor mention as “Blogger’s Choice” to watch in 2012.  In any case, I love her fresh design aesthetic….and especially her unique children’s spaces.  Take a look.

Photography by Peter Medilek 

Photography by Matthew Millman 

Photography by Matthew Millman

Photography by Peter Medilek

Photography by Matthew Millman 

What do you think?

Like anything you see?