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Recently Pinned…..

Hope your week is off to a great start.  We survived the first day of Kindergarten and preschool which is a large weight off my shoulders.  I am a bit short on time this morning…..so I thought I would share a few things on my radar at the moment. 

I love all of the details in the space below.  So clean, yet so put together!

Island_Ikat_sofa_Thornton_DesignsThornton Designs

I need to get over to the Dallas Market center to see this piece of furniture in person.  I love the lines but it might be too large (tall) for where I want to use it.  I am thinking of getting a custom piece made with heavily antiqued mirror on the doors and solid wood on the sides.

Global Views Chest via Maddie G DesignsGlobal Views

I snagged this image from the Lilly Pulitzer Instagram feed last week.  I have yardage of that yellow Lilly fabric in my remnant stash for sale.

Yellow Lilly Puliitzer Fabric for sale via Maddie G DesignsLilly Pulitzer Instagram

I am in love with all of these fabulous pillows and pinned this to remind me to call my seamstress as I need to get cracking with my fabric hoard!

Custom Monogrammed PillowsPB Teen

What is on your radar these days?

A New Project….

I feel like I am always apologizing for the radio silence around here but really, I am just getting caught up from being out so long.  Work is busy (which is great) and the kids are enjoying the last days of summer vacation.  My Father-In-Law also passed away and so, hopefully understandably,  my energies have been focused on other things.

In any case, we had such an incredible time on our vacation to Australia this summer, which was busy and flew by……but yielded so many great memories.  One of our absolute favorite spots to visit is Noosa Beach in Queensland.  This trip, we rented a home within walking distance to the beach on the water for a little over 3 weeks total.   It was fun and so convenient.  Our favorite thing to do every morning was to walk to the beach and take a walk up into the headlands.  The headlands you see to the right in the photo below are actually a national forest.  We struggle to find somewhere like this in the US with beautiful accomodation, restaurants and shopping…..amongst such a beautiful natural backdrop of protected land.  (Any suggestions?)

Noosa Beach Australia

My husband is Australian and since I met him nearly 9 years ago, we’ve been to Australia 4 times.  Noosa has always been on the agenda and we dream of owning there someday.  Who knows……don’t we all dream?  When we got home I thought it would be fun to somehow capture a slice of our heaven on earth and bring it into our home.  If you have read my blog for a while, you’ve seen these photos…..which have got me thinking.

Nurseryphotography by Aimee Herring

Wallpaper Mural via Maddie G Designsvia

We have an entire blank wall in our playroom….and I’ve been talking to a company who makes wallpaper from photos (and removable wall fabric and vinyl).  I am considering merging the photo below with one with a wider shot of the beach, turning it to black and white and using in the playroom.

Playroom Photo

I’ve known for a long time I wanted to do an oversized black and white photo of the kids having fun in the room.  But when I started getting quotes to frame the photos I had made in acrylic I was shocked at how expensive it is.  This solution is not much more and the kids would love seeing themselves….plus it was the look I wanted from the beginning.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ve given myself a self-imposed tight deadline to make a decision….I’ve gone back and forth on this too long and I need to check this room off my “to-do” list.  Can you relate?

What do you think?

Random Week…..

How is it Friday already?  This week flew (yet seemed soooo slow at points as my husband was out of town all week).  We capped off the night last night with two other mom’s in the same boat and 7 kids.  I am not sure if we’ll ever be welcome in that restaurant again…….

Anyways, I didn’t get around to posting but have been having fun with instagram…..here is a recap of the week according to my phone.

Lunch date with my girl after VBS.

Maddie G Designs

Met with client to look for chairs for her family room……we love the look and comfort of these from Lee Industries.  Waiting on a fabric sample before we pull the trigger.

Lee Industries Chairs Available Via Maddie G Designs

We had a few minutes to spare at the Dallas Market so we did a twirl through Visual Comfort to see the new collaboration with Aerin Lauder.  Great stuff.

Aerin Lauder Lighting available via Maddie G Designs

Aerin Lauder Bamboo Sconce Available Via Maddie G Designs

Aerin Lauder Glass Sconce available Via Maddie G Designs

Aerin Lauder Semi Flushmount Available Via Maddie G Designs

And this flush-mount caught my eye from Visual Comfort (other collections).  Where was she when I was agonizing over lighting for our foyer?

Decorative Flushmount Available via Maddie G Designs

We had art hung in our kitchen.  The artists were none other than Maddie and Harry.  They LOVED seeing their work in such a prominent place in the home.  Proud kiddos.

Artwork Maddie G Designs

And I had the Audubon prints that I scored from Barnes & Noble (thanks Audrey) hung as well.  Now I need bedside tables, lamps and new bedding……getting there.

Audubon Prints

I got my favorite summer sandals back from being re-soled.  Simple pleasures around here!

Jack Rogers Sandals

I discovered that the house across the street (which sadly is being torn down) had Clarence House Vase wallpaper in the foyer.  (The door was wide open while the demo crew worked so I ran over and snapped a photo).  I wrote an article about this paper a while back.

Clarence House Vase Wallpaper

So, there you have it.

The weekend will be the usual….grilling and the pool….

…and, unfortunately,  lots of items on our “to do” list.

Happy Weekend.

In and out…..

Sorry for the silence last week but my sister and I met up in Naples, Fl for an extended long weekend visit.  Other than the stomach tumbling landing during tropical storm Andrea, the trip was great.  We had one rainy day…..which gave us the perfect excuse to spend it at the spa followed by plowing through a book and a nice dinner.  Perfection.  Saturday we were surprised by the beautiful weather and I have an embarrassing sunburn to prove it.

In any case, I’ve been admiring a line of clothing designed by Elizabeth McKay online for a while and was happy to be able to see her clothes in person while shopping in Naples.   Such cute stuff and totally my style.

Elizabeth McKay Scotland Dress

Elizabeth McKay 50s Dress

Anyway, Elizabeth and Teddy McKay’s home was recently featured in Matchbook magazine and I love her home as much as I do her fun line of clothing.  Go here to see the article and more photos.

Elizabeth McKay Matchbook 1Photography by Fred Castleberry for Matchbook

Elizabeth McKay Matchbook 3Photography by Fred Castleberry for Matchbook

Elizabeth McKay Matchbook 2Photography by Fred Castleberry for Matchbook

I love the young and fun vibe in her home.  Seems like such a cheerful place.  Also, I love that all of the fabrics in the above photos will be available in my shop….just saying.

See anything you like?

Pinned because….

Just a quick little post of two images I pinned a while back.  Of course, I love that Hinson fireworks wallpaper but it was the zebra prints that really drew me in….looks so great against the paper and with those sconces.  A fun place for  a hip little one, no?

Hinson Fireworks WallpaperLay Baby Lay

And speaking of zebras, how great is this space?  The supersized art is definitely the show stopper in my opinion.  It really elevates an otherwise simple little spot.

Oversized Zebra Artimage source traverne agency

So, with that little bit of randomness, I am off.  Lots of work to do, including heading over to the school this AM for a special chapel!  My husband has been out of town since Sunday and Harry has been home sick with a fever.  I am soooo happy that he seems better today (actually he started seeming better as we walked into the pediatricians office yesterday) and my husband will be home tonight! 

All is well in the world.

Happy Thursday!


I’ll apologize in advance, posting will be sporadic until my new site launches.  Too many balls in the air.  I finally broke down and hired some extra help and it is making me feel like I can breath just a tad better……and can step away from my computer!  Speaking of computers, yesterday I woke up to this:

Crashed Computerimage via Lilly Pulitzer’s Facebook Page

I couldn’t get to my site, not the blog, not the admin panel, not even the database.  I was freaking out.  I might have blamed my web team…..I feel bad.  Blame actually went to Register.com who had a server outage and didn’t feel the need to alert customers…..and after about 45 minutes waiting to talk to tech support was told he had no idea when it would be up.  Oh well, what was I gonna do…..learning not to freak about that which I cannot control over here.  The issues were obviously fixed, beacause you are reading my blog now!

I lost a diamond earring yesterday…which I didn’t notice until I walked into my client’s house.  She must think I am a hot mess.  Retraced my steps from the morning, no luck….I feel sick.  By that time, I had to pick up Maddie from school.  We ran to the Quadrille showroom where she got water, a bathroom break and played on their white linen couches while I chatted with the showroom manager.  She’s met both of my kids in the last week……I am sure she loves seeing my car pull into the lot!   Oy.

Finally, today would have been my mom’s birthday.  It feels surreal that she isn’t here…..Maddie and I have been looking at lots of photos of her recently.  We miss her!

So, apologies for the word heavy post.  If you don’t see me for a while…..please don’t leave me….I’ll be back….I am just having to limit the posting, pinning and other stuff that just isn’t helping me GET THE SITE DONE!  Hope you understand.

Happy Hump Day!


It is cold and blustery in Dallas today.  I stumbled on the below wallpaper and it made me smile.  Kinda granny, country and retro all at once….but I like it.

Brian Yates Pip Collection WallpaperBrian Yates Pip Collection Wallpaper

My baby has Kindergarten round-up today.  She tours the school while I wait in line with every document I can find to prove we live in the school district and she can get a spot in the school that is within walking distance to our house.  In my 38 years, I’ve never lived in a place where there were good public schools before and it was a big part of why we bought where we did.  I feel blessed…..and sad that my baby will be in Kindergarten in August!

First Day of School Partyvia

She is really growing up…..so independent wanting to pick her own outfits and for the first time this year….having a very strong opinion on what we’ll do for her birthday. Much to my dismay she’s convinced us to have her party at a venue I detest more than any for birthdays. (She sees rooms of bouncing fun…..I see germs, ample opportunities for accidents and a complete inability to make it cute and girly.)  But hey, it’s her party, not mine, right?

Speaking of Maddie, did I ever mention her bedside lamps came in finally?  Excuse the photo I snapped on my iPhone a couple of weeks ago….but she’s sleeping as I type this and it is dark…..so this photo will have to do.

Hinson Fireworks Wallpaper Maddie G Designs

I am going to be selling those lamps (in tons of colors) in my online shop.  Pretty excited about getting them!  Still no promises on when the site will launch….but I am going to step on a limb and say within a month.  I think I need to get over my perfectionist tendencies, take a deep breath….and let it go….if I don’t, I may never launch and I might go broke in the process!  We are in that whole change order phase that is oh so fun!

And finally, another paper I am obsessed with…..in this particular colorway……but it is $$$$ (this is printed on grasscloth and sold by the yard) and for that reason, wish I’d never laid eyes on it!  (Or shared it with a new local client!)

Celerie Kemble for SchumacherCelerie Kemble / Schumacher Wallpaper

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


PS–My email notifications of comments aren’t showing up….which means I cannot email you back.  So, if you have commented recently with a comment or suggestion….thank you!  I am not ignoring the gesture….just don’t know how to reach you back!  Sorry!

Just Because….

Pink Doorsvia

Blush Pursevia

Pink Silk Curtainsvia

Cold and rainy here today.

These make me smile.

It also makes me smile that my kids slept in today!

Happy Thursday.

New from Osborne & Little….

My kids love to read / be read to.  It’s why our playroom has an entire wall devoted to their books.  So, it won’t come as a surprise that I love this new paper from Penguin and Osborne & Little.

 Penguin Book Cover Wallpaper Osborne and Little

Osborne & Little Penguin Library Wallpaper

How fun would this paper be in a reading nook with a window seat?

It is cold and rainy here in Dallas. 

Wish I were curled up with my Book….

Instead of meeting with my accountant today.

Happy Tuesday!

Turning Off….

Have a Relaxing Weekendvia

I know I promised a post today but I haven’t been able to get to it.  I am burning the candle too thin these days and have gotten a little cold or something.  Just enough to feel slightly sorry for myself and to allow my kids to run laps around me today.  My poor husband asked nicely if I might make it to the store today to get milk and coffee….  Demanding guy, right?

We have a “glamping” themed party to go to tonight and I’ve lost some precious time trying to figure out what the heck to wear.  Was planning on a black cocktail dress and my favorite Ferragamo wedges that I never get to wear but THANK GOODNESS I asked someone else what they were planning to wear before showing up and making a complete fool of myself.  It looks like camel skinny jeans, brown boots and an orange MK shirt will be the ticket.  This whole clothing dilemma has convinced me to get my you know what into the gym next week.  It’s time, no excuses.  Hard to get excited about clothes when you feel like a frump!

The rest of the weekend will be low key.  I cannot wait!

Happy Weekend!