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More Chinese Chippendale / Faux Bamboo Chairs

Despite the fact that these floors are now off the table for the remodel (both for budget and logistical reasons), these images remain the inspiration for my kitchen seating.

Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith

Many of the chairs like this that are available retail are offered in a limited selection of colors (black, white or cream). But, I may want to liven mine up so I have been searching for manufacturers who will do a custom finish vs. having to buy chairs and then have them sprayed after the fact. I’ve found a few at varying price-points.

First, these are sold in pairs and the price is fairly reasonable. This chair is actually a hand carved wood chair. The pair sells for less than $1,000 even with a custom finish. The cushions are down filled burlap.These may be the winners for me given the price. I need armless as well and like the lines.

This next version is quite a bit more. But, it is a beauty don’t you think? Again, they will do custom and pricing depends on if you want the frame only or want the cushions (and what type of fill).

This last chair can also come in a custom finish. It costs considerably more than the above two options and has more of a fretwork pattern. It is probably too much for us (especially since we don’t need arms….which would be custom) but I do love this manufacturer and this piece reminds me why.

I have also started my search for the right wing chairs for the table ends. Last night we entertained 7 adults and 6 kids for dinner. It always amazes me how everyone ends up in the kitchen standing up all night. It just reiterates to me how important kitchen seating really is!   Are you the same, do you always end up in the kitchen while entertaining?

Painted Floors???

You may recall that these floors are the inspiration for my new kitchen floors in the remodel.  This is a combination of marble and a blue limestone and I think they would compliment my plan to do a white perimeter and a grey island, with marble countertops.

photo by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

No doubt these and the marble countertops are going to take up a large chunk of our kitchen budget.  I was telling my husband last night that in the grande scheme of our “wants” for these renovations, this is one area I am willing to let go if we have to adjust to stay within budget.

While sitting at the bar of a restaurant having dinner and waiting for our showing of Bridesmaids Saturday night, I pulled up Pinterest on my iPhone and shared with him some other images of floors that interest/intrigue me.

Style at Home via The Lennoxx

We will be refinishing all of our hardwood floors as part of the remodel. The above is the stain I’d like to use and probably the most cost effective option for the kitchen would be to just refinish and stain the current wood floors in the kitchen. I think the above would look great with the white and grey cabinets.

But, I must admit that I am intrigued by many images I’ve found of painted wood floors…..

Style at Home via here.

House Beautiful

Tria Giovan via The Enchanted Home

But here is my concern, while these floors look wonderful, I wonder how well they hold up? A kitchen is such a high traffic area and I worry about the durability of painted floors. Anyone with any experience or thoughts care to weigh in?

Marble and Limestone Happiness….

My love of the floors in one of the the Windsor Smith kitchens I posted yesterday has me a little perplexed.  I am usually not a huge fan of marble floors.  But hers, mixed with Bateig Blue Limestone…..I love!

photo by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

photo by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

I am picturing floors like these.  White cabinets and a grey island.  Color (some pink for sure) brought in via the textiles.  My mind is starting to bubble with ideas….

I wonder how durable this would be for a kitchen.  Anyone with experience in this area?  I’d love to hear it!

Dining in the Kitchen

I have no aversion to taking to the formal dining room for casual entertaining.  In fact, as our dinner guests departed Saturday night, I noticed that Maddie and her friend had been in there having a “picnic.”  The table was full of pretend food, two sets of fairy wings, a couple of “magic wands” and other random items from the toy cabinets.

However, as a family with young kids, we often (usually) entertain the whole family.  And let’s face it, it is nice to see what the toddlers are up to while the parents eat.  As a result, I find that we eat in the kitchen more and more when we have friends over.  So, when we update our kitchen I want to make sure that our dining table is large enough to seat a crowd and looks nice enough to feel like we aren’t hanging out in the kitchen….saving the dining room for something more special.

These images of kitchen seating, each designed by Windsor Smith, have wowed me.


I absoutely love the idea of using slipcovered wing chairs at the heads of the table.  I am not sure I’d have thought of this on my own.  I am thinking monogrammed slips are in our future.  I also really love the combination of those with the chinese chippendale chairs.  I would probably not do arm chairs in my own kitchen….to save on space.

Our kitchen has wood floors, something I longed for in our previous home where we had tile.  But, I have to say these floors also have me wondering / dreaming.

What do you think, do you like the look?