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Playroom Inspiration….

So, we close on the new home in Dallas just before Thanksgiving and will move in December sometime.  There are 5 bedrooms in the house and then quarters over the detached garage.  No playroom in this 1920s house, and generally no basements in Dallas.

Our house here in Northern Virginia has been kept in pristine shape as it has been on the market.  This week ,since my husband is home and our schedules are off with Harry who is a week old today, the house is showing by appointment only.  Which means I really don’t care as much if Maddie’s toys stay out a little longer than expected.

But, it’s got me thinking of what I’ll do in the new house and I think I’ve decided to turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into a playroom for Maddie and Harry.  I will have a large armoire to store toys downstairs….but I am not having a train table in my family room….sorry kids, cannot do it.

Here’s a photo of the room from the Dallas MLS listing.

And here is my current inspiration image, à la Steven Gambrel.

Maps, chalk board, plush rug and gender neutral decor.  What’s not to love?