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Phoebe Howard

I die…..

Our renovation is more than complete and I love my kitchen.  But wow, this makes me want to buy the fixer upper that just went on the market down the street and start all over (my husband’s BIGGEST fear).

Phoebe Howard.  Photo Credit, Josh Gibson.

What can I say.

Love it all.


Maddie’s New Room — Modest Progress…..

You may recall that I have the below image filed away for Maddie’s new room inspiration.  I first blogged about it here.

image via Phoebe Howard

Despite not yet having a new home selected, and thus having no idea of the room dimensions (details, details!), I have made some progress on selections for her room.  First, I think I’ve decided on doing twin beds if it works out.  I had a queen growing up but figure this is a better option for slumber parties as she gets older, etc.  So, I am working on the details of these Lee Industries beds, but will wait to pull the trigger on them until I know they will work in her new space.

In the meantime, I recently mentioned that I had decided to add a seagrass rug to our current living room for real-estate staging purposes.  We’ll after lots of testing and research on seagrass and sisal (see great posts from Joni at Cote de Texas and Lauren from Pure Style Home on the subject) I decided to go for the look….but to use a wool construction so it will be easier on the feet.  Why, you might ask….since I won’t exactly be lounging on the living room floor?  Two reasons, really.

First, I wanted a very plain edge.  For the seagrass and sisal options you really need them bound to prevent fraying.  In the wool version I am able to get serged edges for that natural look I am after.  And second,  I am thinking that my selection has a chance of working in Maddie’s new room.  And, the wool will be much more comfy for her to play on than a seagrass or sisal rug.  So, this is a much more practical choice for it’s ultimate destination.

Stanton “Ribcord” in Grain

Ok, so my selection of a rug that may or may not work in Maddie’s room may not be of huge interest.  But, how about this fabric I’ve purchased for inspiration.  It is by Raoul Textiles and I loved it so much when I saw it, I had to buy it.   It was leftover stock from a designer, so I got a decent deal which is always fun.  My current thinking is to use it to make two duvet covers, or perhaps to use on seating at the end of the bed, or even using it on the windows is an option…..I guess it all depends on the space and what other fabrics I find.  I’ve got a fair bit of yardage, so I have options.

Raoul Textiles Ceylon

And then, I found this zigzag Victoria Weymouth fabric via the May 2010 Elle Decor.  I’ve ordered a sample from my showroom and am hoping the colors compliment.  I am thinking accent pillows on beds would look great out of the fabric!

photo by William Waldron, image via here

So, we shall see.  I may change my mind a thousand times before we move….but at the moment this is the direction in which I am headed.  I’d love your thoughts.

Maddie’s New Bedroom Inspiration

I recently shared an early inspiration item for our eagerly awaited son’s nursery.  And, while our 2-year-old Maddie’s decor could last a while…..she’ll get a new room by default as we are moving cross country later this year.  The July/August 2010 Veranda Magazine featured a Bermuda home decorated by Phoebe Howard.  One room, in particular, caught my attention.  It is now the starting point for “Maddie’s New Room” inspiration file.

image via Phoebe Howard

First off, Maddie is enamoured with butterflies.  I just love the custom wall painting with pink butterflies and dragonflies.    I am not usually a fan of “murals” in rooms as they often lean towards a bit over the top (especially in children’s rooms).  But, I think this design is subtle and perfect for a little girl.

I have not decided if I want to do twin beds or a queen for Maddie’s room.  In either case, I am loving this bed which is available in both options from Lee Industries.  (Fabric on the bed is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams).  I think the natural fabric would grow with her as she will enevitably have her own ideas as to how her room should be decorated one day.

The textiles on the bed and the Sherrill furniture stools are all from John Robshaw Textiles.  The drapery and bed accent pillow fabrics are by Raoul Textiles.    And, I am loving that I can re-use the rug I am planning to buy for our living room for real estate staging purposes in Maddie’s room once we move.  I checked out new samples on Friday….and am leaning towards a wool synthetic that has the sisal look….for comfort reasons.  Still undecided on that…..but need to make up my mind soon!

I am absolutely loving the Oly Studio mirror (see closer shot below)….and love the bamboo frames on the prints.  So, at least I have a starting point in my mind….need to start searching for the perfect (for us) fabrics, etc.  And, anyone who may know of a good decorative painter in Dallas, please let me know!

image via Phoebe Howard

Any thoughts on the room, pros and cons of single or queen beds, etc. I’d love to hear from you.  In the meantime, like what you see and need help with the sources?   Feel free to contact me.