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John Loecke

There it is again…..and again…..

Late last year I posted the photo below, loving the blue and green mix and loving those drapery panels (still wish I knew what fabric they used).

Then last weekend while wasting time researching on pinterest I ran across this image.  Yep, it’s got to be the same room, right?

John Loecke Interior Design

Of course, this made me want to see more…..so some more searching lead me to this next image (yes, I know I claim to be so busy…..but this is oddly how I often zone out and relax…)  Definitely the same bones with a more eclectic vibe.  Love it too.

Home of John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon via Apartment Therapy

image by Jill Slater

If you want to see more of this dynamic duo’s home, go here and here where it was featured on Apartment Therapy (with lots of resources generously shared as well).  To check out their portfolio and their blog, go here and here.