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Foo Dog Lamps

Ok, I am not going to lie….before I started getting into design blogs, I barely knew what a “Foo Dog” was.  A quick google search clued me in to the fact that they are said to be Buddha’s guardians in ancient Chinese folklore.  And now, of course, I see them everywhere and they’ve grown on me! 

I’ll do a proper post on these little guys when I have more time to research…..  But, I wanted to share an image from the June 2010 House Beautiful that caught my eye.  This home was designed by Jean Larette.

photo by Reed Davis

I love this lamp….and had to find the source.  Of course, the sources in the magazine led me to a shop with no online inventory.  But, a quick google search led me to this lamp at several different online retailers.  Of course, a little more sleuthing and I had found the source…..these lamps (which are sold in a pair) are by Barbara Cosgrove.

Barbara Cosgrove Lighting

Note how there is a distinct “left” and a “right” of this pair.  I am thinking these would look perfect as lamps on our bedside tables.   Our current ones are dinky and off scale….these have the weight we are missing.  So, a quick couple of emails with this company and my account was established.  Cannot wait to order my new lamps….and can only hope the husband shares my appreciation!

PS–The dresser in the House Beautiful image above is from Victoria Hagan Home…..I could do another post on this piece….love it!