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James Huniford

Fun Idea for the Gallery Wall…..

The current issue of Elle Decor featured the Hamptons home of James Huniford.  And, while many aspects of this beautifully designed home were of interest to me, I was especially enamoured with this gallery wall he created in a hallway.

 Photgraphed by Pieter Estersohn

As the mom of a 2 year old….I am increasingly the recipient of original “art.”  I suspect this will only increase as Maddie enters preschool in the fall.  I think the idea of using clipboards to feature a gallery of art is a great idea.  Of course, here Huniford displays a collection of watercolors.  In my own home, I could see displaying my daughter’s art….enjoying the ability to rotate as she creates new pieces.

I am picturing such a gallery in the mudroom off the kitchen, or perhaps in a playroom.  Depending on the location within your home, you could use any number of clipboards as the base of your gallery.  Think clear or colored acrylic, a decorative clipboard such as one from this site, or even a vintage clipboard as used in the inspiration photo.

What do you think….would you do this?  Any other great ideas for an unconventional gallery wall?