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Alan Campbell’s Zig Zag….

Do you spot Alan Campbell’s Zig Zag fabric on the chairs?

Elizabeth Dinkel




Upholstered Headboard….

I fell in love with this Lilly Pulitzer by Lee Jofa fabric and knew I wanted to see it used in Maddie’s room.

The initial plan was to do drapes….but I need 25 yards and really this is just too much to spend in a three year old’s bedroom.  So, I’ve decided to go to plan B and use it on an upholstered headboard where I need more like 5 yards.  I went to my upholsterer last week armed with sketches and dimensions.  He’s going to do a mock up for me and assuming all goes well she will finally have a big girl bed ready when we move back in after the remodel.

Need some upholstered headboard inspiration?

Amanda Nisbet

Elizabeth Dinkel Designs


Michelle Adams / Lonny

Tracery Interiors

Mary McDonald

Anne Selke

Do you have an upholstered headboard?  Like the look?

Luxurious Bedroom….

When we moved almost two years ago, I vowed one of the first spaces I would decorate would be our Master Suite.  After all, a good night’s sleep keeps one functioning on a daily basis, and where better to unwind after a long day than in a tranquil bedroom.  But, I was 6 weeks from delivering my daughter when we moved in and her nursery took top priority.

Then, I focused on replacing carpet with hardwoods in the family room which precipitated a focus on paint, window treatments and furniture for the main level, as it is what people see when they come over.  So, here I am two years later with a huge master suite with a mismatch of furnishings.  We have good pieces, but the room is in serious need of some atmosphere.

Two events have brought this to the forefront of my mind.  First, I crawled into bed exhausted last night and was greeted by a huge stuffed Nemo, a dolly, a baby, a little figurine from Noah’s ark and a couple of books.  You see, I’ve got a basket of toys in my bedroom and Maddie plays and watches TV while I get ready in the morning.  And, her new-found climbing skills have opened a world of possibilities for cubbies and tents amid 6 pillows and a nice fluffy duvet.  Cute?  Perhaps.  But relaxing and tranquil?  Certainly not!

Then, I opened my email yesterday afternoon and saw a Decorati featured designer in my inbox.  Typically, I just delete these messages but for some reason I clicked….and this is what I saw…..

image by Karen Millet via Decorati

I do not even know where to start in explaining how much I love this room.  Other than the fact that I’d replace the beds with a king for a Master Bedroom, I would not change a thing.  I love the subdued color palate and the Phillip Jeffries grasscloth walls.  I have been thinking of doing grasscloth in our sitting room only, but am now rethinking doing the whole room.  I love the warmth it provides…and I could use that in our room.

Here is a close-up of the window seat.  I love the different textures and the roman shades layered under what I presume would be near black out shades.  I also love the subtle prints on the shades and the pillows, as well as the bead trim on the upper shades.

image by Karen Millet via Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates

I also love the desk area, from the unique mirror and desk, to the vintage chair and perfect accessories.

image by Peter Vitale for Veranda

Of course, my list of main level “to-dos” remains lengthy and the budget only goes so far….but when I go to bed tonight, I’ll be dreaming I am in a space like this!