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Patterned Carpet….

In addition to my obsession with design magazines, I do try to read the Wall Street Journal regularly to keep up on what is going on in the financial world (my background is private equity and I am a CPA…..)  Can I help it that my favorite section is often the section on Design?!?

Recently, there was an article on patterned carpets and how even small spaces would benefit from a little glam on the floor.

Francois Halard/Trunk Archive via WSJ.com

This next image was reportedly from a room designed by David Hicks in 1975.  It amazes me that this room doesn’t feel dated to me.

image courtesy of Ashley Hicks via WSJ.com 

Charlotte Moss has come out with a collection of carpets for Stark Carpet.  I am dying over this ikat.  I would probably never be so bold to use it myself, but how fabulous would this be in an intimate library with lacquered walls?

It is no secret that I am a lover of all things pink, wish I had a place for this beauty from HB Home Design.

In my own home, I am just starting to work on my decorating.  We are meeting with two architects this week to start thinking about our remodel.  Doing much before that wouldn’t be wise, but I am working on the kids’ rooms and I am about to order this one from Stark.  I am doing a custom carpet leaving 6 inches of wood showing around the perimeter.   I think this is a carpet that will grow with Harry as he moves from nursery phase into a more “manly” design.

What about you, do you like patterned carpets?  Are you currently using them in your home or designs?