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Personal touches to make your house a home….

What makes a house a home (in my opinion) are the personal items and elements that have meaning to the family that resides within. We all want our homes to look beautiful, but it really is in the eye of the beholder. My husband and I like to entertain, but it is mainly friends and family. We entertain his clients in restaurants or social events and we are not much for keeping up with the Jones or show.  We want something that makes us feel at home instantly upon walking in the door.

My husband and I have pretty different design ideas….he likes heavy chunky furniture and dark earthy colors. I am more traditional but with a contemporary flair.  So, our home is one of compromises.  And, as the years pass…I’ll admit we have each rubbed off on each other more than either of us probably expected.

This room doesn’t really reflect either one of our styles (or should I say our lifestyle…a bit too formal and white), but I love it nonetheless. The tables, I absolutely love. I love the accessories and even love the light palette.  I just know it isn’t practical with an almost 2 year old and another on the way.

Brad Weesner Interior Design

But, what really draws me to this room is the art. The row of drawings all lined up, taking the spotlight. I imagine the owner of this home is a dog lover. Perhaps these are renderings of beloved pets they have had over the years?

I love how they are done with a simple, yet elegant, mat and frame. They really make the room, in my opinion.  So, this image has been in my inspiration files for some time now, ever since I saw it in an ad for Brad Weesner’s design firm.  And, I know I want to do something similar to make our home a little more personal.

I’ve mentioned before that my husband, Chris, is Australian. He grew up there, graduated from the Air Force Academy and fell in love with the US while doing an exchange at the USAF academy in Colorado many years ago.

He always knew one day he would see his dream of living here become a reality.  But, despite how much he loves it here, I know a piece of him misses “home.” As a teenage boy, he used to love to hike in the Glasshouse Mountains in Australia.  Here is an image from a recent trip we took….

If I remember correctly, these “mountains” are actually ancient volcanic plugs. Each has it’s own name.

Mount Beerwah and Coonowrin

image from here

Mount Tibrogargan

image from here

The Twins

image from here

I just cannot figure out the best medium (watercolors, drawings, oil)? Going back about a year ago, I was working with someone on Etsy to do some watercolors….and it just didn’t work out. So, now I am a bit apprehensive as to where to start on this project. I know I’ve got some artistic readers. So, what do you think?  How do I best get the “look” of the dogs above, while doing justice to these Australian beauties?

And, what about you? What special touches have you added to your house to make it uniquely home?