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Friday Inspiration, Serene Bathroom

I was perusing the portfolio over at Brooks and Falotico recently and came across this bathroom that just speaks to me. Perhaps it is the chaos of my world at the moment, but I felt the need for a big exhale as I saw this bathroom. From the subtle paint on the walls, to the freestanding ceramic tub with the vintage looking fittings, to the tile work highlighted by the thick border and the marble vanity top…..the whole room makes me feel relaxed.

And then there is the mirror and that exquisite lantern chandelier…..which is now on my “must have” list for when our decorating freeze hopefully expires (or we move and I have a new home to decorate).

Interior design is by Petra and Whitney Roberts of Boxwood Interiors.

What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do?  Either way, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!