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Upholstered Headboard….

I fell in love with this Lilly Pulitzer by Lee Jofa fabric and knew I wanted to see it used in Maddie’s room.

The initial plan was to do drapes….but I need 25 yards and really this is just too much to spend in a three year old’s bedroom.  So, I’ve decided to go to plan B and use it on an upholstered headboard where I need more like 5 yards.  I went to my upholsterer last week armed with sketches and dimensions.  He’s going to do a mock up for me and assuming all goes well she will finally have a big girl bed ready when we move back in after the remodel.

Need some upholstered headboard inspiration?

Amanda Nisbet

Elizabeth Dinkel Designs


Michelle Adams / Lonny

Tracery Interiors

Mary McDonald

Anne Selke

Do you have an upholstered headboard?  Like the look?

Seeing Double, William Yeoward Cherington Bookcase

This “Seeing Double” did not test my memory as much as some–as both of these sightings were relatively recent.  To tell the truth, the hardest part of this exercise was finding the correct article and magazine among my collection of hundreds of magazines!  The hiding place…. my daughter’s tent in the basement!  She often banishes the dog and me to the tent, a very bossy little 22 month old!  I must have taken some reading material with me last time!

Anyway, my first sighting of the William Yeoward “Cherington Bookcase” was from the March 2010 issue of Traditional Home.  The feature was on a glamorous Chicago area home.  The home is lovely and while not totally my style, there are many elements I appreciated upon reading.   This “bookcase” used in their dining room immediately caught my eye, as did the beautiful De Gournay bronze metallic wallpaper!

William Yeoward Cherington Bookcase

Photographed by Werner Straube for Traditional Home

I just love this piece and have been looking for something like this for our living room.

Here it is again in Amanda Nisbet’s New York apartment.  Besides the fact that I love everything about this image–the colors, use of mirrors, the over-sized gourd lamps, etc.–I was excited to see the Cherington Bookcase again.  This time, the three upper finials were removed due to ceiling height restrictions.

William Yeoward Cherington Boocase Amanda Nisbet

Photographed by Pieter Estersohn for House Beautiful

What do you think?  Do you like it as much as I do?  It also comes with the option of a Chestnut finish with painted interior.  I, myself, am partial to the white, but could see using color (paint or fabric) on the interior.  To see the full line of William Yeoward furnishings, visit their website.

Note:  I do not have an account with this company.  However, I do have a relationship with a craftsman in the US who does reproductions.  If you want additional information, feel free to contact me.