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Interior Designers’ Work

Barry Dixon Michael Bench Two Ways

Today I was flipping through the January issue of Interior Design Magazine.  The Highpoint market overview section highlighted this bench.

Barry Dixon Tomlinson Erwin Lambeth Michael Bench

It was designed by Barry Dixon for Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth.  As shown above, it has a premium cerused oak finish and a cotton/polyester blend fabric.

Barry Dixon used this piece in the 2009 CharityWorks GreenHouse.

Mclean VA 2009 CharityWorks GreenHouse Bary Dixon

Photograph by Gordon Beall via SIPA Blogs.

What do you think, a peek of it here in the recent Renovation Style Magazine feature on Anna Kohler’s home?

Anna Kohler Renovation Style Barry Dixon bench

Image via La Dolce Vita. Photo by Susan Gilmore for Renovation Style.

Do you like it?  I do.  I think it would be great in front of a fireplace or in a long townhouse where the aim is to break up two spaces without hindering flow and visibility.  I love the bolsters on either end and the sort of rustic/industrial vibe it has going on.

There is another version with a back (see below).  For some reason, I am picturing this sofa in a lake-house.  Or maybe a mountain cabin….

Tomlinson Erwin-Lambeth Barry Dixon Sofa

Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth has a user-friendly website where non trade customers can view the furniture lines.  I like that they also show their fabrics on the website.  (Am I the only one who gets so frustrated by the lack of product information on many of the trade websites?!?)

They also have a good explantion of why their products are classified as eco-friendly–something that seems more important today than ever before!  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this or anything else you see on the blog.

Have you seen this mirror?

I can usually track down a source in quick time.  But, for the life of me I cannot find this mirror (or a reproduction).  I first saw it in this Spanish Colonial Revival designed by Kathryn Ireland and featured in Veranda

Veranda Kathryn Ireland Spanish Colonial Revival

Photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Veranda.

Here is a close up of the same mirror.

Kathryn Ireland Sunburst Mirror Veranda

Photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Veranda.

Right around the time the Veranda article came out, I noticed there was a very similar mirror in the Ballard Designs catalog.  But, the item went out of stock almost immediately and is no longer offered.  I was worried about quality at the time, but now I am kicking myself for not ordering it to see if it would work. 

Then, surfing through design blogs, I came across this Suzanne Kasler bedroom.  The mirror looks similar.

Suzanne Kaslet via Matters of Style Blog

Suzanne Kasler via Matters of Style.

Then, I was searching for something else the other day and here it was again!

Suzanne Kasler via All the Best Blog

Suzanne Kasler via All the Best.

I want this mirror for over my mantel so badly.  I don’t even typically like sunburst mirrors….so I cannot even put into words what it is about this mirror that I love.  My husband is strongly against a mirror over the mantel.  But, I love this mirror enough to purchase and have it hung…subscribing to the “better to ask for forgiveness than permission principle” that has served me well in the past.

I’ve emailed both of the designers, no luck there.  I know that Suzanne Kasler is designing a line for Ballard Designs, so I am hoping my reproduction will show back up in an upcoming catalog.  In the meantime, if you stumble across a source, I’d love to hear from you!

Dining Room Rug Sneak Peak

One of the first design blogs I found was KATIEDID.  I love her blog and particularly loved her feature on Jay Jeffers’ designs in the Modern by Design 2009 Showhouse.  I thought everything was gorgeous (and spent hours on Jay Jeffers’ website after I read her post).  Particularly, I absolutely loved the rug he used under the game table in the below room.  It was supposed to look like the cross section of a tree stump.  I wanted this rug and set out to find the source.  I did not have to look far before I found Mark Nelson Designs.

Jay Jeffers Mark Nelson Designs Stump Rug

Photo by Matthew Millman. Design by Jay Jeffers.

So, I contacted him.  He was wonderful in explaining the process to me, answering my questions, sending samples for me to touch and feel, etc.   So, basically the process was….

  1. Contact
  2. Rough estimate of price (e.g. Am I in the realm of possibility or am I dreaming).  Mark was great, he offered three options with a wide variance in price from the top to the bottom.  The difference was in the materials, of course.  The options at the varying price points were wool, semi-worsted wool, and silk and wool.  Of course, the showhouse rug was silk and wool.
  3. Once we determined this purchase was realistic, I sent Mark paint and fabric swatches from the room.  From there, I received a box from him with samples (so I could figure out what type of materials I wanted to use) as well as a plethora of “poms” in various color possibilities.  I spent a while finalizing the perfect colors and finally made my selection.  I sent everything back to Mark and sent over a purchase order and a 50% deposit.
  4. Many weeks later, I received a “strike-off” of the rug.  This was my chance to give final approval, make any changes, etc.– sortof speak now or forever hold your piece!  I LOVED it.

Jay Jeffers Stump Rug Modern By Design 2009 Showhouse

So, that’s where we are in this process.  But, I recently received an email from Mark.  My rug is being put on a ship tomorrow!  It will arrive in a month.  From there, it will go to a local carpet workroom.  They’ll cut a custom rug pad (which Mark included with the rug) and will deliver it to my home.  I’ll post pictures when it arrives.  To say I am excited would be an understatement!

So, do you have a vision? A rug you’ve seen that would be perfect if only a few colors were changed, materials were slightly different, etc?  Do you want to start from scratch and design your own rug from start to finish?  I’d love to hear about it.

The Big Window Challenge at Bloomingdale’s

So, by now you have probably heard all about the Big Window Challenge at the Bloomingdale’s flagship store in NYC!  The contest consists of three studio vignettes created by representatives of Apartment Therapy, Elle Decor, and Bloomingdale’s.  Eddie Ross created the vignette for Elle Decor and I am a big fan. 

The  fictional occupant is founder and president of her own fashion public relations firm with offices in Paris, Milan and New York.  She has a husband and two kids who are ready to go off to college.  She is a modern thinking woman with traditional values.  She lives out loud and allows her decor to reflect who she is.  To read more about this woman and the room designed to represent her life, go here

Eddie Ross Bloomingdales Big Window Challenge

Photo by Addie Juell, via Eddie Ross.

So, please head on over to the Big Window Challenge take a look at the three designs and vote for your favorite.  You can vote twice a day!  I guess you can tell who I am voting for!

“Trad-mod fusion” – Foyer and Living Room

This Dallas home was designed by Mary Anne Smiley for a young couple in the well known Highland Park neighborhood.  When I first saw this article in the April, 2008 issue of Traditional Home I was immediately drawn to it.  I refer to this feature so often that the magazine is limp from my constant referring back!

I absolutely love the  front door which Marry Anne Smiley designed to tie into the existing stair rail.

According to the article, they updated the home by removing dark and heavy faux finishes.  I think this foyer is a breath of fresh air.  I love how the light comes in the door and the light colors give an airy feel.

I think the living room is brilliant.  I absolutely love the colors in here.  According to the article, this room was previously brown.  The light color on the walls had to be a major transformation, for sure.  Of course, the color was the designer’s custom mix.

Photos above initially appeared in the April, 2008 Traditional Home magazine.  Photos by Diane Carroll.

So, now to analyze several of my favorite components.

The rug is from Patterson, Flynn and Martin (“Pierced Lattice’’/Light Sea by Kelly Wearstler).  This rug is completely customizable and of wool construction.  Is this beautiful or what? Here is a better view.

The ivory leather chairs need little explanation, they are Barcelona® in chrome, hand buffed to a mirror finish; available through Knoll who, according to the website, received exclusive manufacturing and sales rights in 1953 by the designer, Lidwig Mies van der Rohe.

The chairs by the fireplace are the Niermann Weeks French Club Chair.  The finish is a gold finish.  The fabric on these chairs is 100% Linen by Nomi Fabrics Inc. (Medici Knot, Celadon).

The sofas are colored in a  Joseph Noble linen/cotton velvet (Penumbra, Polder).  This fabric comes in 10 colorways.  How luxurious does this look?

The pillows on the sofa are 100% silk by Donghia (knotty, knotty) available in one color, shown below.

The windows are first covered in silk Conrad shades.  We had these growing up as my mom used them in our living and guest rooms.  I’ve currently got them in my living and dining rooms.  I love these as they allow the light to come into a room but provide a degree of privacy for public rooms in the home.   You may remember I used them in my recent Mood Board Monday post.

The draperies 50/50 silk and linen from Nomi Fabrics.  The pattern is “Dynasty” and it is sourced as “multi” color.  I’ve included an image of the “natural” colorway (because I could not locate a photo of “multi” on their site.)

The end tables on the far side of the room are by Sun (in a different finish).

The console tables were designed by Mary Anne Smiley and the sofas are credited to Lucien Rollin.  I found a comment from the designer, herself, on the All the Best blog indicating these are “French 40s design.”

I hope this is not too much detail.  I love this room so much and if you are anything like me I read shelter magazine articles with a finger marking the sources section so I can constantly flip back and forth to identify various products.  It really makes you appreciate the time and expertise the designer put into creating such a put together and unique space.

I plan to cover the dining room next.  My dining room drapes were inspired by the ones in Smiley’s design.

Have a great weekend.  See you Monday!