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Today I am Loving…..

Take a look at the photos below….

Can you tell what I am loving today?

 Patrick Lewis.  Photography, Steve Cooke

Kay Douglas




 Suzanne Kasler

Mersina Stubbs. Photography, Stephen Karlish

 Kay Douglas.  Photography by Mali Azima

Kay Douglas. Photography by Mali Azima

ZeroEnergy Design

Stern Turner Home

Photography, Erica George Dines 

The silhouettes of Verellen upholstery….

Like it?

Great Minds Think Alike….

Did you see the cover of the current Architectural Digest?

photography by Ngoc Minh Ngo

photography by Ngoc Minh Ngo

Stark’s Logo Carpet.

Use it in a nursery or a swank Manhattan home….

I love it!  You?

Chinoiserie Inspired Chairs

I am often contacted by people looking for sources on various looks.  The Chinese Chippendale / Chinoiserie inspired chair is a popular request these days.

Below is an example of this style of chair in a very traditional setting, with a wood finish.  I believe these chairs are by Dessin Fournir, and are pretty pricey (just being honest).

image via Traditional Home, photo credit Tria Giovan

While the following images feature the popular lacquered look.

Elle Decor via here

via WaterLeaf Interiors

So, where do you find these chairs, you ask?  They are available at all different price points. For more information on pricing, feel free to contact me.

Napa Home & Garden

Bungalow 5

Noir Furniture

Incidentally, here are the Noir chairs used in a room by Webb Designs (aka, Joni from Cote de Texas).  Don’t you love the addition of the slips?  I should add that most of the chairs featured here are available in both arm and side chair versions.

There are also plenty of high-end versions of these chairs available….

Baker Furniture

Althorp Living History

Ficks Reed

Ann Getty House Collection

I also like the versions available from Artistic Frame, as they are available in a myriad of different finishes.  And, the chair can easily be modified into a barstool or an office chair, the cushion can be customized, etc.

Artistic Frame

And, of course, you can find these chairs in the design catalogs, such as Ballard Designs and William Sonoma HomeJonathan Adler also has a nice option in multiple colors.  Finally, it is always worth looking on Craigslist, eBay, etsy and 1stDibs.com for a vintage set.

Last but not least, want to see the chair motif on your walls?  Check out this paper from Thibaut, available in 5 colorways.

So, do you like the look….do you prefer a bold lacquer or something more subdued?  And, do you have a source we should know about?  I’d love to hear about it if you do.

Kartell Mademoiselle Chairs….

I am not usually a huge fan of Lucite.  My decorating style tends to trend towards a slightly contemporary take on the more traditional.  But, I spotted these chairs in the current Better Homes & Gardens issue that caught my eye.  There is something fresh and casual about this family friendly breakfast room that caught my eye.

Photo by John Bessler for Better Homes & Gardens

As luck would have it the resources didn’t list the manufacturer but less than a minute of googling revealed that they are the “Mademoiselle Chair” by Kartell.  And, another google search brought up some more images of these fun chairs.

Below, I love how the modern chair is mixed into a fairly traditional setting.

image via I am a Domestic Goddess

Here, the chairs complement an edgy Miami home.  Again, a total departure from my personal style….but I love the room nonetheless.

Avram Rusu Interiors via Design Sponge

Here they are again in a garage transformation in Greece, originally published in Maison & Decoration.

image via Apartment Therapy

And, here is one last one…..how would you like this bathroom for your own?

image via flickr

So, despite the fact that I do not “need” these chairs….I’ve got them filed away in my “New House” inspiration file.  I’ve just had an idea of how to incorporate these chairs and a favorite fabric of mine into a fresh kitchen/breakfast area.  More to come.

What about you, do you like these chairs?

Nursery Starting Point

It was a whirlwind weekend as I’ve been in Dallas since Thursday visiting preschools and house-hunting.  What an exhausting process but thankfully we made some progress in narrowing down our search to a few neighborhoods.  And, we have a great realtor so I now feel confident we’ll find a house we love in a great neighborhood….and am thankful we have the time to wait for the perfect place for us!  (And, Mom and Amy if you are reading….THANKS again to you both and Dad for watching Maddie for 4 days!!!!!!  I know she is a handful!)

Anyways, I came home to stacks of mail and in it was the sample of the wallpaper I want to use in our baby’s nursery.  I sampled three colorways, but I am pretty sure this one will be the go….

The color in the image above is way off on my monitor.  The background reads an olive color here…..but the background on the actual paper is MUCH lighter.  In fact, it is almost a dark cream/very light beige.  I love it! 

This paper is by Julia Rothman for Hygge & West.  It was designed in Brooklyn, NY and screen printed in Chicago, IL.  And, it is printed on high quality paper manufactured in the US.

I’ve got to thank the blog world, specifically Urban Grace,  for the introducing me to this paper.  Designer Laurie Rhoney used this paper in her daughter’s nursery and it was featured on the Urban Grace blog.  This picture has been in my inspiration files ever since.

What do you think?  I just think it is so sweet used on a nursery ceiling.  This paper is my jumping off point, and I will share the various elements as I make progress.  My goal is to have everything ready to go so the room can be put together as soon as we make the big move! 



Chic idea for the fan with lights….

I am not going to lie.  I hate the look of a ceiling fan with lights hanging down.  But, they do serve their purpose….and it is one area where my husband has an opinion……which is “do not remove my fan!”  I was able to replace the fan in my daughter’s nursery with a chandelier.  But, no such luck in the master bedroom or guest rooms.

But, thanks to a new (to me) blog, I have found a wonderful solution that is sure to please both my husband and me!  If you have not checked out “Dwellers Without Decorators” I suggest you do.  Written by Suze Yalof Schwartz, an editor with Glamour Magazine, the blog has featured the remodel and decorating of her incredible NYC apartment.  And, in addition to showing her wonderful finds, Suze graciously shares her resources.

The images below are from her blog, photos are by Dan Hallman.  These images are from her living room/dining room……

Forgetting how great the room photos are (which would be an entirely different post), what do you think of the drum shades on the fans?   I think it is just so cool!  Here is another image from her apartment, different room.

I just cannot get over the transformation.  So, today I called Suze’s source “Ira at 516-384-2487″ and got some more information on the process.  First off, his company does a bunch of commercial work.  They manufacturer and install the large drum shades at the BLT Steakhouse restaurants (see example below).

Ira is based in Florida, but will ship all over the US.  Basically, you unscrew the “hub” from the ceiling fan (he said it is as simple as removing three screws) and send it to him.  He’ll manufacturer the shade and attach to the hub and send it back.  The price for this shade is surprisingly affordable.  And, he offers a number of vinyl backed linen options.  The result is a beautiful soft light.

Ira will use a custom fabric but he warned that it can get costly…..because there are minimums for the company that does his vinyl backing….meaning the job would require way more fabric yardage than needed for the small shade.  In any case, the process sounds simple and relatively affordable (certainly cheaper than replacing the fan)!  What do you think?  Are you loving this idea as much as I am?  And thanks to Suze for allowing me to post her photos, great idea and share her resource!

Sex and the City 2 & The Rug Company

The Rug Company emailed a few images from Carrie and Big’s apartment in Sex and the City 2.  The said that they are selling tons of the rugs and cushions featured in the film…..judging from the below……I can see why!

Carrie and Big’s Living Room

Both the rug (Candy Flower by Marni) and the Cushion (Birdie Blossom Cushion by Paul Smith) are from their Designer Collection.  Here is another image of the same rug in a different setting.  I love it….makes me want it in my new office.

The Bedroom

I love the colors and pattern on the Designer Collection “Harem” rug by Tasmin de Roemer.  Here is a close up of this rug, love it!

And, the texture on the “Peony” rug by Helen Amy Murray over in the sitting area is quite nice as well.  You can see a close up here.  In addition to these rugs, they also provided the rugs for the kitchen and living room sitting area, respectively.

“Starflower Blue” by Barber & Osgerby, from the Designer Collection

“Stupa Silver” by Suzanne Sharp, from the Designer Collection

I recently stumbled upon the Rug Company via blog surfing here.  Designer Caitlin Wilson’s blog is full of inspiration and she recently did a post on Spring Styling that included a number of rugs, wall hangings and pillows from The Rug Company.  If you haven’t checked out their products, you should.  They are not cheap….but they are stunning.

For more information on these products or pricing, please contact me

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Guest Post over at Odi et Amo


Today I am doing a guest post over at Odi et Amo.  She has been running a great serious entitled “Shop Like a Design Blogger.”  To date, I’ve really enjoyed all of the entries in the series and have learned a ton of new tips and sources from fellow design bloggers.

Naturally, I was very flattered when Averill invited me to participate in her series.  Since finding Odi et Amo, it has quickly became one of my favorite blogs.  I am not an attorney like Averill, but worked in a similar field, doing investor relations and transactional work for a large private equity firm in DC before starting my family and switching gears.  So, perhaps I identify with the whole corporate vs. creative pull that Averill often alludes to.  Regardless, I know I love her style and quickly pop over when my blogroll indicates a new post is up on her site.

So, if you have time, hop on over to view my guest post and and if you have not been to her blog previously, stay a while and explore.  You will not be disappointed.

Shop Online with Traditional Home…..

If you are anything like me, you read your shelter magazines with an eye on the articles and a tab back on the sources.  I’ve got the need to know where the products are coming from, especially when one catches my eye.  So, I was intrigued when I saw an advertisement in the May 2010 issue of Traditional Home for their shop online service.  To shop the past three issues of Traditional Home magazine click here.

Once you get to the site, you can search by magazine issue, brand, category, most popular images or recently viewed images.  Once you find an image you want to explore, you will end up with something like this….

You would then simply scroll over the dots to obtain more information on products and where to purchase.  Pretty nifty, eh?  After exploring for a while I’d say the following.  The site has a lot of promise….I’d use it vs. the constant back and forth flipping of pages from article to resources.  However, at present the majority of the images available are advertisements.  I probably could have guessed who manufactured those products simply by looking at the original ad.  This feature is helpful though in providing product info/pricing and tear sheets, which is more than you can get from a print ad.  But, assuming they ramp up the images and information from their great articles, I think this feature has real promise.

Keep in mind, for any trade only products you run across, we are happy to provide a no obligation quote.  Just contact us here. 

Stark teams with London-based David Oliver on new paint line

David Oliver, an Australian native, is the man behind Paint & Paper Library in London.  In 2007, the New York Times dubbed him the “Rock Star of Color.”  He is the author of “Paint & Paper” which claims it simplifies the process of choosing color through an explanation of his theories on color and light.

David Oliver Paint and Paper

Image via Amazon.com

As of now, his colors are available in the US via Stark Paint, under the label “Colours by David Oliver.”  Erica over at the Stark showroom in Washington DC was kind enough to send me a few photos from their preliminary display in the showroom.

Colours by David Oliver Stark Paint


Colours by David Oliver for Stark Paint

In creating this line, Oliver developed an easy way to coordinate colors.  He starts with 24 architectural “neutrals” and then follows each of these with four additional subtle variants.  These variants can be utilized as circumstances (light, scale, material, desired coverage, etc.) dictate. 

As of now, the trade only Stark showrooms have the paints on display.  The paint is offered in  gallon, quart and 4-oz sample pot sizes.  It is water based, non toxic, and safe to use.  No VOC’s have been used in the base or colorants.

The finish options are:


Velvet Emulsion- dries to a flat velvet finish

Porcelain Shell- dries to a low sheen finish

Lacquer Gloss- an interior and exterior quality water based enamel that dries to a high finish

Eventually, there will be a website up with more information on these products here.  But, at the time of this post it is not yet live.  I’ll keep you posted.

Adding the paint line to their well known carpet, fabric and furnishing collections, Stark aims to become the one-stop-shop for interior decorating needs.  To read more about this line, visit the Stark blog.  For any questions on the line, feel free to contact me.