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Maddie’s Pink and Green Nursery

Why do we decorate?????

Yesterday afternoon I was tired.  Maddie was too after a big morning of her first ever “ballet” class.  Finally, around 5pm I decided to wake her from her long afternoon nap, lest she decide not to go to bed at a reasonable hour!

In any case, it was raining outside and perhaps I had the air set a little too low because it almost felt like a cold fall day inside the house.  Feeling lazy, I opened the shades in her room, turned up her chandelier a tad and sank into her glider until she was ready to get up.  It took less than a minute before she was rubbing her eyes and asking for a story.

We’ve got a wire basket on the floor full of stories…and Maddie took what felt like an hour going through them all picking just the right story that she was going to “read to mommy.”  As I curled up in the glider tucked into a blanket that had been sent from her Grandma in Australia it hit me how special this room is to us and our family.

Photo Credit:  Mouse on House for our MLS Listing.

It wasn’t decorated with any one’s tastes in mind but our own.  I know the trend in nurseries these days is tilted towards more adult-like spaces and this room certainly doesn’t fit that bill.  I know some think large monograms in nurseries are overdone…..but I really don’t care.  There isn’t one thing about this room I’d change, except perhaps to be able to stay here longer and keep my little girl this fun little age forever.

Photo Credit:  Mouse on House for our MLS Listing.

Her new favorite book is from the Madeline series and it was fun the other night to finally see the recognition on her face, as she realized that some of the pictures in the book we were reading were up on her wall.

Now, when we get to the various scenes in her book she’ll strain around to look at the pages from within that I’ve got framed on the wall.  Every element in this room brings back a memory….from me at work late one night trying to enlarge the Madeline pages just so, to my sister running around finding the frames, to my mom making the crib bumper after having just undergone major surgery and enduring radiation (talk about being special–I am pretty sure my Dad even helped her on that bumper), to my sister and husband hanging the monogram….and sheepishly come to tell me it might not be centered where I wanted it.  Oh well, do you think Maddie cares?

In any case, each time I actually take the time to relax in this room with my daughter (vs. rushing to get through a story so I can get her down and myself back to the next item on my “to do” list) I am reminded of why we really decorate our homes.  It isn’t (at least for me) about having a photo for a blog post or a room that people will envy (not that these things are bad).  But rather, it is to create a home that is our family’s respite from the hustle and bustle of everything else going on outside our front door.

It seems intuitive why we would spend so much time and effort on our homes.  But, sometimes I wonder if we lose sight?  It is special times like the hour or so Maddie and I played in her room yesterday afternoon that remind me of why creating a home is so special.  Having a home that reflects our style as a family helps us to be able to relax and focus on our family which is, afterall, the most important aspect of our life.

With that, have a great weekend and enjoy your family time!

Maddie’s Nest – A Pink and Green Nursery

So, if it isn’t obvious yet, “Maddie G Designs” was named after my daughter Madeline Grace.  When the calls went out that she had arrived a friend congratulated us on the birth of “Maddie G.”  The name had a ring to it and it has stuck ever since. 

Maddie was born about six weeks after we moved, so her room was the first priority once we moved in.  In fact, the previous owners and their realtor were kind enough to let me in so that I could have the windows measured for the shade toppers.

The walls were painted a Benjamin Moore sage color.  We had used this color in our guest room previously and knew we liked it.  Funny story, I was at my baby shower the day the room was painted.  The host’s husband and mine grabbed a bite to eat and then went over to our house to stay out of the way.  As the shower ended they arrived and both looked a little worried to approach me……my husband calmly asked, “I thought we were painting the nursery green…..”  I looked at him like he was a little crazy.  Of course it was green, what other color would it be?

The joke was on me….with my pregnancy brain I’d handed our painter the wrong color…..the walls were BLUE.  Thank goodness this painter and I go way back….he was kind enough to fix the colors no problem.  Phew, disaster averted.

Anyways, first step was painting and installing crown molding.  I think crown molding is a great way to spruce up a plain room and it makes the walls pop.

Here is a photo of one side of her room.  The frames are from Target and inside I’ve just enlarged pages from the Madeline series of children’s books.  Maddie loves looking at them and pointing to the various people/animals….it is a morning routine of ours.  Apologies for my lack of photography skills….it looks as if the frames are crooked but I promise they are not.  The chair and ottoman are to die for from a comfort standpoint.  I wish I had one in every room.  They are from The Best Chair Company, Storytime Series.  We had initially picked another fabric to coordinate with the crib skirt.  But, the fabric was back-ordered for months and I could never get an accurate answer as to when it would be in.  So, I ended up with a floor model about a week before she was born.  In retrospect, I love the tan gingham. 

I knew I wanted a chandelier in the room and found the perfect one from Home Depot.  It was inexpensive and is just right.  We have it on a dimmer and put it so low at night it serves as Maddie’s night light.  She loves the sparkles.  The rug is from Pottery Barn.

The shade toppers (we have black out shades underneath) are done in coordinating Duralee Fabrics, which are also used for the crib bumper….

My mom made the crib bumper, so special.  We used the coordinating Duralee fabrics and added a green chenille cording to add a special little touch.  We never did end up with a crib skirt due to the previously mentioned fabric back-order issue.  Oh well….now that the mattress is in the lowest position we do not even notice!

Behind Maddie’s crib I had to have a monogram.  The color looks really off here….but you get the idea.  I found the monogram on Etsy.  The frame on the left is wooden with a baby prayer, purchased from South Moon Under.  On the right, my Aunt had a photo of Maddie and me put on canvas, and I had it framed.

The changing table is from JC Penny and the art over it was purchased where else but Etsy!

There are a few other little touches worth mentioning.  The entry to the room has a clock.  A family friend had it personalized with Maddie’s birth details.

My sister gave us the smocked pillow (Little English) and the Lovey (Bunnies by the Bay).

The baby rocking chair was purchased at a gallery in Sandwich, NH before I was even pregnant….. I love it and so does Maddie.  The bear was sent by Australian relatives and is real sheep’s wool.










And last, but not least, the bunny lamp was purchased by my mom back in Houston when I was still in high school.  She said she knew she would have a grand-baby who would love it someday!


PS–  We completed this nursery well before I had started Maddie G Designs.  Had I been a Maddie G Designs customer, I would have saved $384 on the curtains, alone.  And, I purchased them during a big chain fabric company’s 20% off custom order fabric and labor sale!