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Flea Markets /Antique Shows

Chartreuse & Co.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that the mothers out there were made to feel special.  I was lucky to spend the entire weekend with both my wonderful mother and my beautiful daughter.  It was a jam packed weekend of lunch and shopping with the “girls” on Friday, Maddie’s 2nd birthday on Saturday, and a lazy Mother’s Day with family at our house yesterday.  So fun!

So, on Friday I called my mom to see what she was up to for the day.  Finding out here only concrete plan was a haircut, Maddie and I horned in and asked if we could take her to the haircut (Maddie needed a bang trim) and then we’d do lunch and check out a tag sale that I’d been meaning to try.  She was game….

What I failed to tell her was that this tag sale was up in Buckeystown, MD and was a good hour or so drive…..so I’d be hijacking her for the day and Maddie would be missing her nap….a risky proposition!  But, it all ended well and we were glad to have made the trek.

Chartreuse & Co. is generally open on the third weekend of each month for a tag sale.  But, watch their website or sign up for updates, because they are known to throw in an extra date or two (such as this past weekend).  They are located near Frederick, MD in a series of barns (you could miss this place if you aren’t looking!)  The company describes itself as:  “Comfortably chic, architectural salvage. All in 3 buildings on our 1899 farm in Buckeystown, fine home fragrance and linens. Garden, vintage and new home furnishings and accessories. A huge selection of vintage & antique furniture.”

The sale is set up with various stalls for vendors and the prices, in my opinion, were generally very reasonable.  Here is a sampling of what they had on offer this past weekend.

Outside of the barns were a selection of furniture and outdoor accessories.  I kept going back to this sweet table with the birds, but just couldn’t justify it with the pending move on the horizon.  I also liked these wire chairs…..

Inside, the various stalls were set up beautifully…….

My mom liked these boxes which she thought would be great in a potting shed.  I was thinking of how they could be used in Maddie’s playroom….

I really liked this vintage parking meter.  My parents used to have a parking area at their summer house for golf carts.  We joked that this could have been cute next to the “cart parking” sign.

Vintage Parking Meter

Of course, Maddie was partial to the vintage block letters….and tearing her away from them was a challenge….

Here are a few more images from the sale.  I loved the bow on this simple chair, and I ended up with the baskets to house silverware while entertaining.  In fact, I used them at Maddie’s birthday party.

I thought this was a unique use of architectural salvage.  I’d probably spruce up the pots a bit but how cute would this be out on the deck for spring/summer potted plants?

In all, the day was fun and the trip worth it.  I also ended up with a vanity chair for my master bathroom and cannot believe I didn’t take a photo.  I’ll try to do so later.  It is a vintage wide chair with a low back, distressed in an antique white finish with a newly upholstered zebra print cushion. 

I didn’t include any pictures of the unfinished furniture barn, but it is perfect for the DIYer who wants to spiff up a piece of furniture on their own.  There were literally hundreds of garage/estate sale finds begging for a new life and home.  In all, the trip was a success and if you are in the DC metro area I’d highly recommend a trip up next time one of their sales is on.

Fleur de Lis

I am not a huge professional football fan, but found myself drawn in this year given what a Saints victory would mean to the folks in New Orleans. I am sure the positive energy and reason to celebrate are welcome distractions from all they continue to endure in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

So, in honor of the Saints I thought I would do a post on the fleur de lis, their logo. Literally translated, it means “flower of the lily” or stylized lily. Throughout the years it has been used to represent French royalty, as well as heraldic emblems. Today it is used for any number of purposes, from sorority emblems to professional football team logos!

For Your Table

fleur de lis goblet wine glass place plate cup

(From left to right- Overstock, Williams Sonoma Home, Ballard Designs)

A Welcome Mat

Fleur De Lis Welcome Mat Overstock.com(Overstock)

Art and Decorative Accessories

fleur de lis accessories and art

(From left to right- The Decorated House, Maison de Stencils, Sabina Danenberg)


fleur de lis sconces lighting

(Pierre Anthony)

Lamp Finial

fleur de lis lamp finial

(Ballard Designs)

So, there you have it.  Just a small collection of fleur de lis motif home decor objects in honor of the Saint’s big win!

“Ahhhh, the smell of junk!”

There is nothing particularly timely about this post, except that I am headed to visit with family over the weekend and my Aunt and I plan to hit the Antiques Extravaganza in Raleigh.  I am looking for some particular prints of silverware from old French books/catalogs, and am hoping to find them there.  I have a spot in my new dining room waiting for them. 

I should have purchased them at the  D.C. Big Flea Market back in September when I had the chance, sigh. 

The weekend of the DC Flea Market we had plans all weekend and I was not sure if I was going to make it….but I got up early and was there waiting in line when the doors opened on Saturday.  My husband was kind enough to watch Miss Maddie so that I could get in and out quickly.  I had to chuckle while waiting in line….directly behind me a husband was sipping his coffee and listening to his wife detail their strategy to divide and conquer once they got inside.  Once the doors opened he took a deep breath for effect and proclaimed “Ahhhh, the smell of junk!”  I chuckled out-loud.  And, we were off.

I found a few things to purchase and the day would have been a complete success had I only bought those prints!  I apologize in advance for the haste in which I composed these photos (don’t you just love the driveway!) but my husband and Miss Maddie were ready to head out to lunch upon my arrival home.  And, I still need to take pictures of where they currently “live” in my home.  I tend to move things around…so they are in a state of motion!

First, I found these Mason Jars (around $24).  I loved the blue which goes nicely with the blue/gray shade of my kitchen walls.  I don’t have them out but pull them out intermittently for fresh wild flowers (did this a lot before it got too cold to hang out on the deck).  I’ve used them to hold silverware when I’ve hosted luncheons, etc.

Mason Jars Blog

I also bought this little coat rack (for $20) for just inside the garage door.  I had our painters take down the ugly rack that was there previously and we have needed something there ever since (like 9 months).  I thought this was cute.  It looks great in the entry off our garage and has been very handy this winter.

Coat Rack Blog

Finally, I bought a pair of painted tables ($70 for the pair).  They’ve got a gray-ish distressed finish that goes well with the colors in my kitchen/sunroom and family room (it’s a very open floor-plan).  I’ve got one in the family room and one in the sunroom at the moment.

Tables Blog

At the end of the trip, while waiting out front to collect my tables I noticed a large group full of excitement.  Lots of photos were being taken and I was curious as to what was going on.  Now, from my daily reads of all of the great design blogs, I am sure it was none other than Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar from Eddie Ross.  They will take you around various flea markets and show you how the “experts” find a good deal.  I’ll be sure to attend next time they are in DC.  I could definitely use the education, plus I’d love to meet them!

Have a great weekend!