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Victoria Hagan’s Summer Square Fabric……

Sorry for the quick and infrequent posting lately. My new laptop turned out to be a lemon. I had to return it and now am waiting on my new one. Not fun!  In any case, I have blogged about Victoria Hagan’s “Summer Square” fabric before, here and here. Well, I’ve spotted it again.


Love the use of it in this edgy nursery.  I might be tempted to use it in our playroom but I need 25+ yards and it is a bit rich for my budget at the moment.  Would you use this fabric and if so, how?

As luck would have it…..

Have you ever found that once you notice something, all of a sudden you start seeing it everywhere.  It has probably been there all along but you just weren’t aware?  Well, last night I settled out on the back deck with my iPad and the latest Lonny issue.  (I didn’t get terribly far because after about 10 pages the pages came up blank…not sure why).  In any case, I saw a preview of this image in the table of contents and, of course, had to look it up this AM.

This condo was staged for sale by Atlanta designer, Lee Kleinhelter.  And, look at the fabric she used for pillows on the beds in this room.  Does it look familiar?

photography by Patrick Cline

I actually found a similar pillow made out of this fabric on the web store for an Atlanta/Charleston based store….for $425 a piece.  I was blown away as I can get this fabric for about 5x less per yard.  Perhaps I am in the wrong business?

In any case, in response to a request in the comments to yesterday’s post on this fabric, here are the various colorways available.

White Ground

Natural Ground

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend.

We have BBQs, visiting with family/friends and yard-work in our future!  How is it already July?

Seeing Double, Victoria Hagan’s Summer Square Fabric….

I’ve long been a fan of this room by Suzanne Kasler.  I am pretty sure it is her daughter’s bedroom.

So, when I saw this photo from Sixx Design I instantly knew I’d seen the fabric before….

A little more searching brought me to this image from the December 2006 issue of House Beautiful.  The room was designed by Bobby McAlpine.

And, a little bit of detective work brought me to the source.  This is the “Summer Square” fabric by Victoria Hagan Home Collection.  It is available in 6 colorways on white ground; and in two colorways on natural ground.  It is a cotton/linen blend and is manufactured here in the US.  It isn’t cheap, but not outragous either.  Contact us for more information.

What do you think?  Do you like it?