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I Die…

I saw this image over on Design Indulgence the other day.  Seriously, an entire wall covered in black and white Betwixt fabric?  Could there be anything more perfect?


Celerie Kemble

Makes me want to upholster some walls!

Mary McDonald for Schumacher

I believe my first introduction to Mary McDonald (or at least my first remembered image) was her amazing office that has since been re-decorated. 

marymcdonaldoffice11Photography by Melanie Avacedo, Mary McDonald Interiors, Rizzoli 2010

She is known for her hollywood glam style, love of chinoiserie, and her bold use of color and pattern.  She is also starring in the second season of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Decorators” which I’ll admit is a guilty pleasure of mine when my husband is out of town or working late! 

Osborne & Little should be paying her a commission for her use of their Volte Face wallpaper.  So popular….

Mary McDonald Flamestitch DominoDomino Magazine, February 2009

Mary McDonald The Allure of StylePhotography by Melanie Avacedo, Mary McDonald Interiors, Rizzoli 2010

Mary McDonald FlamestitchPhotography by Melanie Avacedo, Mary McDonald Interiors, Rizzoli 2010

Anyways, I remember hearing that Mary McDonald was doing a new collection for Schumacher and it sortof fell off my radar (like many things late last year).  But, I got an email yesterday from Schumacher announcing the collection is available.  Of course, I had to head straight to the site to check it out.  She has a great collection of prints, wovens, and cool appliques and trim.  Below are some vignettes from the collection (all via Schumacher).

 Mary McDonald Collection for Schumacher available at Maddie G Designs

Mary McDonald Collection for Schumacher available via Maddie G Designs.

Mary McDonald for Schumacher available to buy via Maddie G Designs

Mary McDonald for Schumacher available via Maddie G Designs.

Schumacher Mary Mc Donald Collection Available via Maddie G Designs..

Schumacher Mary Mc Donald Collection Available via Maddie G Designs

Schumacher Mary Mc Donald Collection Available via Maddie G Designs'

See the entire collection here.

What do you think?

Lulu DK Kids for Schumacher…..

I am sure by now you are well aware that Lulu DK has recently teamed up with Schumacher, launching a children’s collection of fabrics.  See the line here.  The line is wonderful and I’d venture to say that we’ll see the fabrics being used in adult spaces as well.


When I first saw this collection in the Schumacher showroom, I knew I wanted to somehow use the butterfly fabric in Maddie’s room.  She is enamored with these creatures these days.  I ordered a sample (they were out) and forgot about it until it arrived last week.  Here is a photo I snapped of the sample propped up on her bed.  We are going to do a Euro sham using the fabric.  She loves it!

I think it is cute.

What do you think?

Unexpected Inpiration…..

Sometimes you get inspiration in the most unlikely places.  A couple of weeks ago I was in Vera Bradley buying my mom’s Mother’s Day gift (an iPad case).  In addition to finding the cutest floral case that was perfect for her,  I fell in love with how the store was decorated.  It felt so fun and fresh.

The walls were wallpapered in a favorite Quadrille / China Seas pattern “Fiorentina” in a Kelly Green.  I am guessing it was a custom wallpaper color (did you know Quadrille will customize the color on any of their products?)

Katie Rosenfield

And then they had a sofa and large chair upholstered in this Schumacher Floral (Khantau Tree – Cream).

Crisp white chunky moldings kept the patterns from getting overwhelming.  Now I am dying to use this combination together…..but where?

Have you found inspiration in an unexpected place recently?

Dining With Chiang Mai…..

Sometimes I enjoy browsing Dallas real estate listings while sipping my weekend morning coffee.  This house is in a neighborhood just a stones throw from mine.  Check out the dining room…..

What do you think?

Fabric Look for Less…..

Yesterday I was over at the design center ordering fabric for our kitchen chair cushions.  (I am doing a Galbraith and Paul fabric with a contrasting flange from Pindler.)  In any case, I was browsing the Galbraith & Paul fabrics while waiting for my representative to get back from lunch.  I was able to see the new collection in person and it was so much prettier in person than in photographs (and you may recall that I loved the photographs).

But, here is the deal with Galbraith and Paul.  The fabric is made to order (I had to submit a swatch of my working sample and my order will be matched to this.)  There is a 5 yard minimum order and a bit of a lead time.  For the right fabric, it is well worth the wait.  But, let’s face it….sometimes you just want a yard and you don’t want to wait….or to pay over $100 a yard….

This Duralee fabric may fit the bill if you are loving this oversized pattern….and want to spend more like, say, $41. 

And as I am working on this post….it also occured to me that this fabric may even be (or maybe not?) a better “look for less” for a Schumacher favorite.

What do you think?

A little fabric love….

I am having the hardest time finding the right fabrics for Maddie’s new room.  The wallpaper I have chosen has an off white background and I was all set to use the Rubie Green chevron but the whites compete….sigh….

In any case, while searching yet again today for a fabric that really wows me, I ran across this new Trina Turk for Schumacher fabric.  It isn’t right for Maddie’s room…..but I now seriously want to find a project for this stunner. 


This indoor / outdoor fabric comes in a number of colorways.  But, the prep in me is really loving the pink and navy combo.  Add in the ever popular chevron and I just love it! 

More Traditional Applications of Imperial Trellis

Let’s face it, Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis fabric for Schumacher is beyond popular.  Check out just about any design blog or online magazine and I’ll bet you can find an image of this fabric applied in one fashion or another.

I recently came accross a couple of images of this fabric used in a bit more traditional of settings than I am used to seeing.

Brown Design


Brown Design

Brown Design

Kimberly Ayers

I have to admit, just when I wonder if I am tiring of the pattern, I am reminded of its versatility.

What about you?  Are you a fan?

Customer Image….Trina Turk Santorini Fabric

I sell a lot of fabric and rarely get to see the finished product.  So, I am always happy when a customer emails a photo of the end result.  A while back I sold this great fabric over on “Maddie’s Market” to Lauren.

Lauren was gracious enough to share a couple of photos of how she incorporated this fabric into her family room. 


Don’t you just love this room?  I think that the fabric was a great addition to her decor.  Thanks to Lauren for sharing!

 Also time is running out, don’t forget to enter to win a yard of Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis Fabric before Saturday.

Love the Combination….

I am loving the combination of the large scale gingham and the floral wallpapers, both from Schumacher.

Kevin Sharkey via Marthastewart.com

The room has an updated traditional feel to it.  Almost updated granny?  I am picturing this combination in a sophisticated nursery.  Perhaps with a nice dose of wainscoating 3/4 of the way up the wall?

Kevin Sharkey via Marthastewart.com

What do you think?  Do you like the combination?