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Jack Rogers and Quadrille, Seriously?

Ok, this is a frivolous post….I will admit.  But, two of my favorites married into the perfect sandal…..I had to get excited.  So please humor me here.

My warm weather staple is a pair of Jack Rogers sandals.  Usually white….

 This year, I have been contemplating adding a monogrammed version to my closet…

But then I heard that Jack Rogers just came out with two new styles using Quadrille Fabrics.  Why didn’t I know this before Mother’s Day?!?

What is not to love here?

Office Love….

I have spent so much time focusing on decorating my home of late that my poor office, which is in our backhouse, has suffered.  Right now it is part office, part storage and part exercise room…..  I stumbled on this image and it instantly made me happy.  The only thing I might change is wood floor for carpet….minor detail, right?

Annsley Interiors

The wallpaper.

The lighting.

The Quadrille Fabric.

The tinted ghost chairs.

Does it get any better than this?

Seeing Double, Quadrille’s Henriot Floral

Southern Accents, Summer 2008

Lynn Morgan Design

Timeless, no?

Chinoiserie Toile, Lower Priced Alternative….

I am a huge fan of the Quadrille fabric pattern “Paradise Background”.  And, given the number of quote requests I receive for this pattern, I am not the only one. 

Traditional Home, April 2010

It is available in a number of fantastic colors.

But, many customers do not like the 2 yard minimum (when in stock) or the price tag of over $100 per yard.

As an alternative, what do you think of the “Chinoiserie Silouette Toile” available from Jardins en Fleur?  Available for about half the price per yard…..but only in two colors….

I think it is a pretty print in its own right.  What about you?

Update on Quadrille / China Seas Outdoor Fabric Post….

My post on Tuesday generated a lot of attention, comments and confusion (both on the blog and via email traffic behind the scenes).  So, I thought I would try to clear up any confusion–based on a conversation I’ve had with the showroom I use who carries this line.  Although, I must admit it is fairly simple/straight forward.

The China Seas, Quadrille, and Alan Campbell outdoor fabric collection is printed with acrylic paint on white Sunbrella ground.  Period.  Quadrille does not imply or warrant that Sunbrella warranties are valid on their fabrics.  The sun and water are powerful elements, so covering the furniture while not in use (and bringing them in during off seasons) would seem to be a logical plan of attack.  Truthfully, I already do this with my Sunbrella  outdoor furniture  cushions regardless of what the official claims/warranties are.

If you are looking for marine or awning durability with explicit warranties, this may not be your product (and at the price point, I doubt it would be anyways).  If you want to clean with bleach or harsh agents, do so at your own risk (I wouldn’t–but I don’t with my current Sunbrella cushions either).

However, this is a great stylish option for an outdoor deck or patio, or even for use indoors where extra durability is sought (e.g. a heavily used family room, etc.)

So, there you have it.  And, if you are ever in doubt, I’d suggest ordering a sample and testing the product for yourself.  As for me, I am still dreaming of how to use these fabulous fabrics in my new outdoor space.  (Once we find a house and relocate, of course).  Any questions, feel free to email me or comment on this post.

Have a great weekend.

Quadrille partners with Sunbrella on outdoor fabrics….

Do you love Quadrille fabric (including Alan Campbell and China Seas)?  Did you know that many of the Quadrille, Alan Campbell and China Seas prints can be printed on Sunbrella fabric suitable for outdoor use?

Imagine this China Seas Birds II print in use in an outdoor setting….

image from here

Or what about this China Seas Pattern, New Batik–Cloud New Brown on Tint…..

China Seas New Batik Fabric

You do not have to use your imagination to visualize China Seas Pattern, Aga, in an outdoor setting….

China Seas Aga Fabricimage from here

How indulgent would it be to use Quadrille prints, Paradise Garden or Paradise Background, respectively, in an outdoor setting?

image from here

image from here

To view the full line of Quadrille, China Seas and Alan Campbell fabrics visit here.  For pricing and samples, please contact me.  My prices are generally lower than the discount fabric stores available through the web.