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Manuel Canovas

Seeing Double…..Lee Jofa Belgravia….

I obviously love this fabric because it is in my kitchen….

I spotted it on pillows the other day….

Photography by Virginia MacDonald for Style at Home 

What really struck me is how this fabric changes based on its surroundings.  The orange in the room really brings out the orange in this fabric (which is a pink and more orange-y mix).  And then there is that Manuel Canovas floral…

What do you think?

Fabric Look for Less….

I was in the Fabricut showroom last week and ran across this fabric.  Funny enough, I had a swatch of it from a retail chain sitting in my purse from a while back.  I am thinking it is going to be used in our guest room.  It is available in navy (azure) and aqua.

When I first saw this fabric it reminded me of this Manuel Canovas fabric (Pali), that is far more expensive.  I know the scale is different but at first glance…there was just something that reminded me of this.

Here is the Manuel Canovas Pali fabric used in a Dallas home.  Love the fabric mixed with Quadrille and Matouk linens.

photo by Stephen Karlisch      

Irrespective of any resemblance, I really like the Fabricut version.  Especially at the price point.  What do you think?

Manual Canovas “Pali” and Help Needed….

The primary reason for my trip to the Design Center last week was to pick up a sample of this beautiful Manual Canovas wallpaper.  I am dying to use it in a current project….although, I must admit the price per roll on this paper is giving me some serious pause.  (This pattern is also available in fabric and if you google, there are ready made linens in this pattern that can be purchased by the general public!)

Katrin Cargill Interiors

I also love the fabric on the windows and would love to see what other colorways are available.  Anyone know the source on the fabric?  I actually emailed the designer but have not heard back yet.  I’ll let you know what I learn.

This Fabric Makes Me Smile….

Check out some of the fabrics in the latest collection from Manuel Canovas.

image via Manuel Canovas

These fabrics really make me smile.  Particularly the second to last…absolutely love it.  Thinking Maddie needs it?!?