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Fabric Correction

My eyes deceived me yesterday (or I didn’t look close enough).

I was wrong about the fabric.

Fawn Galli Cassini Glass FlushmountPhotography by Jonny Valiant (Designer, Fawn Galli)

The fabric used on the chair above is actually Lee Jofa/Groundworks “Edo” designed by Kelly Wearstler.  See how it compares to the Clarence House fabric I had found below.

GWF-2814-513Lee Jofa / Groundworks “Edo” (GWF-2814-513)

Clarence House Jaipur Available via Maddie G DesignsClarence House’s “Jaipur”

The fabrics are similar but definitely not the same!  The Kelly Wearstler fabric runs around $117 a yard, while the Clarence House is more like $146.  Thanks to reader, Libby, for the heads up!

Neither is cheap.

Do you like one, both?

Happy Weekend!

Seeing Double…..Lee Jofa Belgravia….

I obviously love this fabric because it is in my kitchen….

I spotted it on pillows the other day….

Photography by Virginia MacDonald for Style at Home 

What really struck me is how this fabric changes based on its surroundings.  The orange in the room really brings out the orange in this fabric (which is a pink and more orange-y mix).  And then there is that Manuel Canovas floral…

What do you think?

Suzanne Kasler for Lee Jofa….

I have been spending A LOT of time at the design center lately.  Like, way too much time….my car could probably drive itself there.  Before the holidays I was in Lee Jofa the day they were putting out the new sample wings for Suzanne Kasler’s new line.  I wanted to blog about it right away but I ran out of time.  It does not disappoint.

I have chosen all of my window treatments for our house……no turning back….they’ve been ordered…..but if I hadn’t…..this beauty would need to find its way in.  Don’t you think it would work equally well in a sophisticated nursery as it would in a cozy guest room?

I also love the colors in the “Montmartre” pattern.  And it is available in a total of 5 colorways.

There are also a lot of basics in this collection, great solids, stripes and upholstery options.  If you go to Lee Jofa, you can search on her collection.  Almost all of them have been photographed at this point.

It is hard to go wrong with someone like Suzanne Kasler in the driver’s seat.

Do you agree?

Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa….

Ok, if you read blogs it is no news to you that these fabrics have hit the showrooms.  You can see the full collection here.  I remember the excitement I first had when I saw a test run of this fabric over a year ago.  I so wanted to blog about it….but someone else had the same thought and was scolded by Lee Jofa for posting so I resisted.  I will admit to having some modest yardage in my stash.

The patterns and colors scream cheerful to me!  In fact, on the walls in the below image is one of my favorites, “Happy Plaid.”


There are just so many vibrant colors and patterns.

I don’t have a fabulous beach house where I can go crazy with all of these fabrics.  But, I do have a space in my home with a couple in mind…..


What do you think?  Could someone be happy in this room?


Nothing like this image of the New York Lee Jofa showroom to help build anticipation for the new Lilly Pulitzer fabric line.

image via Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page

I was able to get my hands on some of the fabrics a while back. 

Cannot wait to see the whole collection!

New Suzanne Rheinstein Fabrics for Lee Jofa….

I am a big fan of Suzanne Rheinstein’s “Hollyhock” fabrics for Lee Jofa.  In fact, I used her “Folie Chinoise” fabric in the living room of our old home.  I brought the panels with me and they’ll be repurposed somewhere in the new home.

“The latest collection from Suzanne Rheinstein for Lee Jofa, called Hollyhock II, is comprised of beautiful prints, weaves and embroideries inspired by antique textiles in Rheinstein’s own collection. Refined silk, mohair, linen and cotton provide the perfect foundation for her modern interpretation of centuries-old designs from around the world. Combined with her signature palette of blues, greens and neutrals, this collection features soft grays, yellows and lavenders which are new to her color repertoire.”

So, enough about the collection….below is a preview.  I cannot wait to go see these fabrics in person!


What do you think?  See anything you like?

Update–The collection is in showrooms now, but they are still working on getting all of the fabrics photographed for the website so keep checking back (I will do the same!)

New Silhouette Prints—Lee Jofa Groundworks….

For those of you in the North, I hate to admit that we had a weekend of 70+ degree temps.  Neighbors met up for impromptu wine, conversation and a play-date for the kids on Friday evening.  The parks were packed and everyone was outside on Saturday and Sunday.  It really put me in the mood for Spring!

Speaking of warmer weather.  This new “Silhouette” print collection for Groundworks / Lee Jofa beckons cheerful and warmer days!  Love this yellow print!  It makes me happy!

Look at all of these great prints from the new collection.  My mind is swirling with the possibilities!

Do you see anything in there that interests you?

Lee Jofa Belgravia Fabric Spotted

The Lee Jofa Belgravia fabric is quite popular at the moment as it is used in Sex and the City 2 in the apartment of Carrie and Mr. Big.  (I cannot tell you how many emails I’ve received for pricing on this fabric since I did this post).

Sex and the City 2 and Lee Jofa

And, here I spotted it again in the June/July 2010 Traditional Home magazine.  This kitchen eating area was designed by Denyse Rinfret for the 2009 Hampton Designer Showhouse.

image scanned from June/July 2010 Traditional Home magazine

Notice the Lee Jofa Belgravia fabric on the window treatments.  I love how they, along with the table settings, pillows and chair slips offer a pop of color in an otherwise muted room.  I’d love for this to be my eat in kitchen!  What do you think?

My Formal Living Room….

When I started this blog I intended to post heavily on the design of my own home.  But, an impending move across the country has really put a halt on decorating.  So, you’ll likely have to wait until early 2011 for me to start decorating a new home.  Our house hunting begins next week but we won’t be moving until after baby #2 arrives in October. 

In any case,  I want my house to look nice when we list it….but I do not want to put any measurable money into new purchases….as I have no idea if they will fit in in our new home, which I am hoping to downsize.

To date, I’ve done pinch pleated panels in Suzanne Rheinstein’s Fall Chinoise (in Rose).  See the swatch below.

photo credit Philip Friedman/Studio D

My windows are covered with Conrad Shades in Sandbar (1828).

And then, to pull the cranberry color out of the drapes I had a sofa made with a cranberry silk.  Here is a picture that shows the sofa with one of the windows in the background.  The simple pewter hardware is by Robert Allen.  I did a post on their “cufflink collection” hardware here

One of the things that is visibly lacking in this room is a rug.  I had every intention of having a custom reproduction of an antique rug made for this space.  (In fact, I talked about the process…or lack thereof…..here.)  And, down the road…I still might.  But, boy am I glad at the moment that I did not drop the money for a 9×12 custom rug….only to potentially find that it will not fit in our new home.

Last night, I was searching design sites like I tend to do, and I found a blurb by Suzanne Rheinstein on how she envisioned the Fall Chiniose fabric to be used.  She felt using the fabric for window treatments and a chair would suffice….and suggested a seagrass rug for a fresh and young space.  Wow, why didn’t I think of that?  A 9×12 seagrass rug I can handle at the moment….and if I decide not to use in a living room in the new home (I plan to use the fabric for new window treatments….I love it and, after all…what else would this couch go with?) I can use it in a bedroom or just about anywhere.

So, I called my local carpet trade showroom and have some options all well below $500.  Just need to check out samples and place my order.

For once, I am glad I procrastinated.  And, I am actually excited to see the room take on a little less formal direction.  Now if I could find a way to make the chairs and coffee table currently in the room look like they fit with the space….I’d be all set.

What do you think of my new direction?

Lee Jofa Fabric Spotted in “Sex and the City 2″ Preview….

Do you remember the Lee Jofa advertisements showcasing their Belgravia fabric in many of the design magazines last year?  I recently spotted some remnants at Deboise Textiles in Baltimore……

And, here the fabric is looking lovely in an image from the new “Sex and the City 2″ movie.  Love the use of this fabric on the dining room chairs.  The large scale pattern is just right.  Love it!

Sex and the City 2 and Lee Jofa

image via Lee Jofa

What a difference it is to see the fabric in a room setting vs. a little swatch pulled from the fabric finder.  I cannot wait to see the movie, I still miss the excuse to get together with my girlfriends on a weekly basis for cosmos (haven’t had one in ages) and gossip….  I cannot wait to see the outrageous fashions and designs in the new movie!

Do you like the fabric?  Feel free to contact me (or your designer) for pricing.