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I wondered why….

I wondered why all of a sudden I have been getting daily requests for quotes on  Hinson’s Fireworks Wallpaper?

Hinson Fireworks Wallpaper via LonnyLonny October 2012.  Photography by Patrick Cline.

Then I saw this image from a recent Lonny magazine.

It might have something to do with it.

What do you think?

There she is again…..”Fireworks” Wallpaper

I never tire seeing images of this paper, which I suppose is a good thing since it is going in Maddie’s bedroom and vanity area.

Barrie Benson

An Albert Hadley design, it is made by Hinson and distributed through Donghia these days.  Got that?  Which reminds me…..I’ve have helped customers buy a lot of this paper and am so bad about asking to see images of spaces completed with products I’ve helped them purchase.  Please, I’d love to see where some of these products land….send me an email, pretty please?

Happy Days….

Ah, the power of social media!

Remember here I sent out an S.O.S. for people looking to buy Albert Hadley for Hinson “Fireworks” Wallpaper?

Photo by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

Well, I am happy to report that three happy clients and I will all be getting this beauty in about 5 short weeks.  In my home, this paper is going in Maddie’s room.  One of my clients is using it in her recently remodeled bathroom….this paper will look perfect with her vintage venetian pink accents.

I honestly thought this was going to take forever to round up.  But luckily my first client and I were not the only ones looking to use this great paper!

Now I just have to figure out the rest of Maddie’s room.  I kept thinking I had time with the paper out of stock!

And an update on Harry’s room….the paper I blogged about last Friday made it to the chopping block.  I have a couple of other ideas….but may skip the paper in his room all together……or may just paper the ceiling in this.  Over the weekend my husband found and bought a print of the WWII bomber that my Grandfather was in when shot down at the end of the war.  So, this will most definitely become a special part of the room!

Need Albert Hadley’s “Fireworks” Wallpaper?????

One of the biggest downers these days is checking stock and hearing the dreaded words….”BACKORDER.”  It happens a lot these days…as I suspect companies are staying lean and printing on demand to weather the current economic environment.  I understand, but it still is not fun.

This leads me to this great paper from Hinson….the “Fireworks” design by Albert Hadley.  I have featured this paper (and its fabric counterpart) on my blog before (here and here)…..

Photo by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

I actually have plans to use this paper in Maddie’s room….above 5 ft high wainscoting that is to be installed.  In any case, I have a sweet customer who needs 3 rolls for a bathroom remodel and she is willing to wait it out.  She loves the paper so much she is going to paint the bathroom until the paper is in.

Here is the catch, the mill requires 25 firm orders in order to run the paper.  There are currently no other orders out there other than hers.  So, do you love this pattern?  Have you been waiting for a sign that this is the time to order?  If so, let us know.  The paper comes in 5 yard rolls (27″ wide) and is just under $100 per roll.

November 2011 update–While we did already purchase this wallpaper earlier this year, it is now available for purchase in smaller quantities….so if you are still wanting to place an order feel free to contact me.

May 2014 update–Paper is still available but lead times run approximately 12-16 weeks.  Contact us if you would like to order or need additional information.  The paper comes in 5 yard rolls (27″ wide) and is just under $100 per roll.

Interested in how it works?  Contact me?

Seeing Double….Hinson’s Spatter Wallpaper

I saw this while doing research for a project….

photo by Simon Upton for House Beautiful

And I immediately thought of Eddie Ross’ Design for the Bloomingdales Big Window Challenge last year…

Eddie Ross

Love it! 

And you?

Have a great weekend!

Affordable Fabric Find…

Sorry for the quick posts this week….lots going on here and I am trying to keep up! 

Earlier this week, I was in a large fabric store here in Dallas looking for some fabric for some amazing chairs I bought at a sample sale last fall (stay tuned for photos).  While I was there, I quickly perused the isles and found lots of inspiring and extremely affordable fabrics.  This particular one caught my interest….



This fabric, from Premier Prints, is not only affordable but also comes in a myriad of colors.  Perhaps I was intriqued by this fabric because I have committed to the paper used in the below image for Maddie’s new bedroom.  Do you notice any similarities?

Photo by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

I thought perhaps this may loosly fall into the “look for less” category. 

What do you think? 

There it is again…..

Just a few days ago I blogged about Hinson’s “Fireworks” pattern by Albert Hadley.  Then, last weekend while blog hopping I think I spotted it again in another colorway.

image via Strictly Simple Style

It may be a sign that this pattern needs to find a way into our home.  I really love it!

Finally, don’t forget to enter to win a yard of Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis Fabric.

Seeing Double…..Hinson’s “Fireworks” by Albert Hadley

A beach cottage featured in House Beautiful….I remember noticing it first here……

Photo by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

What do you think?  I think I spied it in Kate and Andy Spade’s bedroom…..

image via The Selby

Do you like it?