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Fabric Look for Less…..

Yesterday I was over at the design center ordering fabric for our kitchen chair cushions.  (I am doing a Galbraith and Paul fabric with a contrasting flange from Pindler.)  In any case, I was browsing the Galbraith & Paul fabrics while waiting for my representative to get back from lunch.  I was able to see the new collection in person and it was so much prettier in person than in photographs (and you may recall that I loved the photographs).

But, here is the deal with Galbraith and Paul.  The fabric is made to order (I had to submit a swatch of my working sample and my order will be matched to this.)  There is a 5 yard minimum order and a bit of a lead time.  For the right fabric, it is well worth the wait.  But, let’s face it….sometimes you just want a yard and you don’t want to wait….or to pay over $100 a yard….

This Duralee fabric may fit the bill if you are loving this oversized pattern….and want to spend more like, say, $41. 

And as I am working on this post….it also occured to me that this fabric may even be (or maybe not?) a better “look for less” for a Schumacher favorite.

What do you think?

John Robshaw for Duralee……

I am sure you heard the news (featured in this month’s House Beautiful) that Duralee will soon be debuting a new licensed collection with textile designer, John Robshaw.

I love his ethnic prints.  In fact, I was looking a some yellow pillows from his line a few weeks ago with Maddie’s bedroom in mind.

I cannot wait until this collection hits the showrooms.  I am sure it will be fabulous. 

 What about you?

Fabric Love…..

For the longest time I was planning on using the below fabric for Maddie and Harry’s playroom.  My color scheme in the room is grey and yellow….and I love this fabric.  The only reason I changed my mind was because I found a grey zebra rug for the room that I loved and the greys competed, the rug being more beigey-grey.  The fabric is an Annie Selke design and I’ve seen it also offered through Duralee and Pindler as well.

 It comes in a bunch of different colorways….and is pretty affordable….at under $30 a yard.

Tineke Triggs, Artistic Designs for Living 

Kelly Schandel, photography by Erica Bierman 

I took this next photo at a local Dallas store (Blueprint) because I loved the table that reminded me of Mary MacDonal’s old office (second photo below).  But, I digress….do you spy the fabric in the background?

 Here are the colorways.

Do you like it?

Where would you use it?

I think I’ve Seen You Before….Duralee Abstract

Never one to stress much about anything on the home-front, my husband started to panic this past weekend.  He wants a crib and a glider ordered for our little one, stat.  Of course, with this came opinions on what the crib should look like and a desperate attempt to get me to focus by taking us on a family trek up to a huge baby store in Maryland.  (Mind you, getting us there Monday night about 40 minutes before it closed, lest I get too enthused….he didn’t want to shop long).

Anyways, the trip only served to accomplish two things. 

First, we realized there is no way we are going to convince Maddie that she should forgo her “cot” (husband is an Australian and this is what they call cribs) for her new little brother.  In fact, she was running around the store with glee…..letting us know exactly which “cots” she wanted for “Baby H”.  They were all decked in pink, of course!  With the transitions of a big move and a new baby on the horizon….there is no way I am going to displace her….even though I know that she’ll be ready for her “big girl” bed probably the day the little one is ready to move from a bassinet to a crib.  Oh well, such is life.

Second, we learned there are so many options for cribs….and are now only more confused.  I am in the cheap and “disposable” camp (with good safety ratings, of course) as this will likely be our last.  As such, I am leaning towards more modern styles as I do not particularly care if they are dated in a few years.  Of course, my husband gravitated to the big solid wood “investment” pieces.  We’ll figure it out soon I hope.  In the grand scheme of things…I am not overly stressed about this.

In the meantime, I took only a cursory glance at crib bedding as I’ve got a few ideas floating around in my head–and I plan to have ours made by my workroom.

Anyways, here was one of the sets that caught my eye.  Specifically, it was the greek key motif in grey that caught my attention.  After all, you know I am currently on a grey and yellow kick.

Glenna Jean “Sydney” Collection 

At first, I was sure that this was  Thibaut’s Malay Ikat fabric that I had blogged about here.  I loved it then, and still love it.   But, upon closer inspection….I realized this fabric was not the same.

After a bit more searching I think I’ve found the source.  It appears to be Duralee’s “Abstract” in Graphite.  This fabric is also available in Indigo and Cocoa.  I can source it for under $25/yard.  Not too bad….

What do you think?  Do you like it?

In other news, don’t forget about my giveaway of six yards of the new Thom Filicia fabric!  The winner will be announced next Monday.

Suburban Home licenses Alfreed Shaheen Prints

Sorry for the lack of posts this week….I’ve taken the week off and have really been enjoying hanging out with my family.  It’s been the perfect recharge we all needed with everything going on on our world.

But, in advance of Memorial Day weekend, the harbinger of Summer days, I thought I would do a quick post about a new line of Hawaiian print fabrics due out in July.

Suburban Home (a division of Duralee Fabrics) has licensed a number of prints from Alfred Shaheen, the pioneer in the chic Hawaiian print movement of the 1950′s and 60′s.  Here is a sneak peak.

I am excited to see the full line when it is available in a month or so….  To me, nothing says summer better than a good Hawaiian print!

Loving the Duralee Zebra Print Linen….

I love the cover of the May 2010 House Beautiful magazine.  The room was designed by Melissa Warner of Massucco Warner Miller.

House Beautiful, May 2010

I especially love the zebra print linen chair.  The fabric is from Duralee and comes in 4 different colorways, and is available with a water repellent finish.

And, while not a bargain, the price is reasonable at under $45 a yard.  I have not used zebra in my own home, although I still like the look.  (I swear every house I’ve looked at in my Dallas real estate search has a zebra rug or two!)  I think this subtle fabric has staying power.  What do you think?

Contact me if you would like more information on this fabric.