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Guest Room Jumping Off Point…..and Randomness….

Another random post here.  I bought a Mac laptop earlier this week and I am doing some major multitasking here.  Looking at photos on my camera, loading software on to the Mac and doing sales tax returns.   Fun times, I assure you!?!

Here are a couple of photos on my camera from Sunday afternoon.  This was the best photo from the day (which should tell you how the day went).

Most of them went more like this…..The Isaac family and nature sadly aren’t one!  Does Harry look like a little old man here or what?

And, back to design….I found a fabric for our guest room last week.  Absolutely love it.  (Look, lavender is finally finding it’s way out of the blog and into my home!)

This Designer’s Guild 100% linen fabric comes in three colorways.  The photos (mine above, or the ones linked to the Designer’s Guild site) do not do the fabric justice.  I love it!

Ok, back to work for now.  Tonight I am looking forward to the launch party of the new venture of a blogger friend.  I cannot wait to share all of the details.  She is amazing!

Fabric Love…

I saw these images last week on House of Turquoise.  I was immediately in love with the decorative pillow on the bed….and had to find the source….

The Cross Decor and Design

The Cross Decor and Design

The fabric is Designers Guild – “Capucheen” and is available in 4 colorways.  The fabric is 100% silk and is exquisite (I’ve got a sample sitting here on my desk as I type this.)

There is a 2 yard minimum on this fabric and the price per yard isn’t cheap at over $100 per yard.  But, a little goes a long way, don’t you think?  I am thinking this fabric may need to be incorporated into our new master bedroom.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.

William Yeoward Aranjasa Weaves for Designer’s Guild

A couple of weeks ago an email arrived in my inbox letting me know of the availability of William Yeoward’s new Aranjasa Weaves for Designer’s Guild.  In the words of Mr. Yeoward:

Below are a few images of the fabrics in use.  First, the “Barcelona” pattern is a linen blend that comes in nine colorways.

The striped fabric is the “Esporles” pattern, available in three colorways.  Incidentally, the floral type pattern is also a William Yeoward fabric from the “Ranakpur” Collection. 

Next, and perhaps my favorite of this collection, is the “Manacor” design, available in four colorways.  For some reason it reminds me of the feed bag look that is so popular at the moment, but it looks soft and comfortable at the same time.

The cotton/wool blend “Aranjasa” pattern is available in two colorways….looks to be a workhorse of a fabric….perfect for an active household.

I really like this “Loretta” design as well.  Available in two colorways, it almost gives off a Ralph Lauren vibe.

You can see the full line of William Yeoward Aranjasa fabric for Designer’s Guild (along with material composition, colorways and pattern size/repeats) here.  What do you think?  I quite like this line.  I like the organic feel and I could envision these fabrics making their way into a comfortable home suitable for everyday living.  I’d love to hear what you think.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!