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Home Office Color Inspiration….

Currently, my home office is just off the family room. I’ve got a french door leading to the office….which is not ideal when you are are trying to work with a 2 year old in the house. Despite the sitter’s best efforts it is often too tempting to see mommy on the other side of the door. So, I’ve been known to take up residence in the basement or even in the sitting room of our master bedroom when trying to get work done with the little one at home.

Plus, an open main floor office semi-requires that the aesthetic flows with the rest of the home. So, when configuring the space,  I did not want to stray too far from our decor, which includes various of shades of blue and gray.  Not to mention, I spent a lot less time in that office when I was working full time in private equity….where I was usually at the office!  Now, I want a place where I can feel more creative and organized!  My needs are completely different.

One of the benefits of moving to Dallas is that it seems like nearly every place we look at has separate quarters over the garage. This is perfect for working from home, and to have a separate space to meet with clients and industry reps. It will also give me the opportunity to decorate in a way that may not be entirely in keeping with the rest of our home decor.

This image is in my current inspiration file for the new office.  Specifically, I am loving the bright and cheerful colors. This room feels inspiring and feminine to me.  Perhaps the girly vibe will keep my husband from coming in and taking over!

Palmer Weiss via Decorati

Are you interested in the sources here? I always am when I am trying to organize my inspiration files. The sofa fabric is Dedar – #1037/16, Allure. The chair fabric is China Seas #6310-03, Macao II, Jungle Green Multi. The tables are from Bungalow 5. The Roman Shade fabric is from Cowtan & Tout (#J322F-11, Mina Yellow)

And, doing double duty here, the roman shades are going in my nursery inspiration file as well. We learned last week that we are having a boy….so of course, I’ve already started planning the nursery in my head. I’ve got an awesome wallpaper I’ve found for the ceiling.  More on this to come later…..