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Fabric Correction

My eyes deceived me yesterday (or I didn’t look close enough).

I was wrong about the fabric.

Fawn Galli Cassini Glass FlushmountPhotography by Jonny Valiant (Designer, Fawn Galli)

The fabric used on the chair above is actually Lee Jofa/Groundworks “Edo” designed by Kelly Wearstler.  See how it compares to the Clarence House fabric I had found below.

GWF-2814-513Lee Jofa / Groundworks “Edo” (GWF-2814-513)

Clarence House Jaipur Available via Maddie G DesignsClarence House’s “Jaipur”

The fabrics are similar but definitely not the same!  The Kelly Wearstler fabric runs around $117 a yard, while the Clarence House is more like $146.  Thanks to reader, Libby, for the heads up!

Neither is cheap.

Do you like one, both?

Happy Weekend!

Never Like to Hear Discontinued….

I recently had a customer looking for Clarence House’s Flowering Quince Fabric.  So, I did what I normally do when I am pricing fabric and emailed my rep to check stock.  But this time I got bad news…..the pattern has been discontinued….and there is no stock available.   What?  I have to admit I was shocked since I thought this was such a popular pattern?!?

Betty Burgess

So, what do you do if you are dying for this fabric and now cannot find it (there is no stock left at Clarence House….I’ve checked.)  Well, a while back I blogged about Braemore’s “Flowering Branch” fabric that is a great “look for less.”  I can get it for you….but I’ll be honest…..google it and you can find it cheaper from someone who has bought it in bulk.  I’ve got some samples of the fabric…it is a nice heavy cotton print.

Another option I just found last week is a fabric available through Pindler.  It is 100% cotton with Rayon embroidery.   It is a great fabric…..my husband actually picked it up off the kitchen counter (sitting on top of a pile of mail) and said he loved it….and wanted to know where I was going to use it.  It is also available in a few other colorways.

The fabric is approximately $72 per yard (53″ width with a 15″ repeat), “retail” is $119.90.  It is called Cherry Blossom and the color above is “Imperial.”  I think that covers all of the info I am sure to get in emails.  I don’t know about you…..sometimes you just want the real thing…..but when it isn’t available…..this one might fit the bill for you (I have to say the sample I have sitting here is MUCH better looking than the thumbnail I’ve posted above.)  Just saying….

What do you think?

Look for Less: Clarence House Flowering Quince Fabric

I am totally in love with this pattern (Flowering Quince) from Clarence House. 

 Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Photo by Gemma Costas

Parker-Sims Interiors

But, I also realize that every budget may not allow for fabric that is over $170 per yard or wallpaper that is over $80 per yard.  So, check out this fabric from Braemore called “Flowering Branch.” 

Here, designer Caitlin Creer used the fabric to upholster a chair.  Doesn’t it look fantastic?

Can you guess the price on this look alike?  If you google the pattern you can find it available for as low as about $15 / yard!  Do you have your heart set on the wallpaper?  Consider having the fabric paper backed for use on the walls.  Now, that’s a look for less, don’t you think? 

Clarence House Outdoor Fabrics….

The temperatures are supposed to get up to near 90 degrees this weekend.  So, I see lots of outside time in our future….lots of projects to be done around the yard….and I am sure a run or two to the park or the local “farm” will be in order for our little one.

This image using Clarence House outdoor fabrics puts me in the mood for a weekend outdoors.

image via Decorati

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.