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Office Inspiration….

I am feeling motivated to get my office space moving.  Currently, I bring my laptop all over the place in my home and I feel like work invades family time a little more than I’d like.  I really need to get my office set up properly (it is in the apartment above our detached garage) so that I can close the door on work when the kids and husband are home!  Right now, it is a complete disaster area.

I stumbled across this image recently and immediately pinned it to my office board.

Henriot_Floral_drapes_Carter_and_CompanyCarter & Company

The white walls….

Over-sized pendant….

Lacquered Desk….


Yes, please!

Nani Iro Fabric….

We had a beautiful weekend here in Dallas.  My Dad visited from Virginia and the weekend was jam packed with Harry’s third birthday party at our home, our annual fall block party and a trip to the Arboretum.  I also managed to read magazines while my Dad and husband glued themselves to Saturday evening football.  It was such a treat….I am finding lately that I am drowning in unread magazines…..having finally tossed a couple of industrial size trash bags full because the thought of finding the time to read them was sortof stressing me out….and I really loathe clutter!

Anyhow….one of the magazines I read from cover to cover was the November 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  I pinned a couple of recipes and clipped this image….which I couldn’t find online yet.

Nani Iro Fabric via Better Homes and Gardens November 2013scanned image from November 2013 BH&G magazine, photography by Adam Albright

I clipped this image because I was intrigued by the fabric on the roman shade.  It feels a bit retro to me…and I love the colors.  How great would it be in some big throw pillows on a white slip-covered sofa or chair?  I wanted to see more from this fabric designer.  Here is the pattern above….offered in a total of four colorways.   I really love the one on the left, with pink and blues.  Below this are a few other patterns that caught my eye….

Nani Iro Woodblock PochoNani Iro

Nani Iro Blue Horizontal Stripesvia

Nani Iro Fabricvia

Nani Iro Fabricvia

I love the painterly feeling to many of the fabric designs and the use of color.  To find the fabrics and see more, search “Nani Iro Fabric” on google/pinterest/etsy and you’ll find plenty to look at.  In fact, I learned that a sewing store near my home carries the line.  I might have to go take a look in person.

See anything you like?

Textile Love – Christopher Farr “Carnival”

I could post about my favorite textiles all day long, I love them so much.  My love of Christopher Farr’s “Carnival” has been documented here on the blog, but the focus has always been on the green and blue colorway.  I stumbled on this colorway on Pinterest and about fell off my seat.  How I want this pillow as a fall addition somewhere around here…..

Christopher Farr Carnival

This has been pinned to my new “mountain house” file.  While we recently decided to table our new mudroom due to some major cost/benefit discussions around here…..I had no idea how expensive this little project would wind up….we are now dreaming of a little place up in the mountains of NC instead.    Who knows if it will ever happen…..but I am going to gather inspiration and dream as if it will!

Hope you have a great Thursday!

I’d Use This….

Last Friday I spent the afternoon at the design center here in Dallas with a client and friend.  She’s found a great mid-century gem of a sofa and was looking for fabric.  She wanted velvet, her husband wanted linen.  What they ultimately chose was a compromise between the two of them and will look great in their space.  They are doing a mix of vintage and more traditional pieces in their home and the end result will be fabulous.

Here was one set of options we had considered for the room……but it got a quick “no” from the husband.  Thought I would share, in case someone else is in need of a little inspiration.  I wish I had a beach house…..this would be perfect.

First, we found this Kravet heavy duty (they have three young children) cotton/poly velvet.  It is Laura Ashley, a good price point and feels really good.  The color looks a bit off on my monitor…..it is a nice beige velvet, almost like a deep camel color.  (I’ll let you know in advance that the husband’s only request was grey linen so we knew we had an uphill battle on this set of options.)

Kravet la1004_112 available through Maddie G Designs

We had planned to do two chairs, the “traditional” pieces in the room, in a modern floral from Anna French’s new collection.  I am not going to lie….I am sortof obsessed with the fabric at the moment.  It is so pretty.  Plus, as an added bonus if you use a Thibaut or Anna French fabric on a Thibaut upholstered piece….they offer attractive incentives to do so.

Anna French AF2587 Shima available from Maddie G Designs

Finally, we selected a complimentary stripe for another chair and ottoman that has more modern lines….on a frame….not fully upholstered.

2291_NATURAL_Pindler_available via Maddie G Designs

With the fabrics selected (not these) she and I are headed to look for chairs today.

Wish us luck.

PS–See anything you like here, contact me for pricing and for help purchasing.

I Heart….

Absolutely Beautiful Things

I pinned the photo above because of the pillows (not that the babe isn’t the cutest).  I love the Lee Jofa / Lilly Pulitzer Heritage Floral  and am thinking that my shop will need some when it opens.  I also love the heart pillow which led me to an Australian textile company called Umbrella Prints.

Amy Prior, Umbrella Prints

Highlighter Pink Umbrella Prints

 Perfect Circles by Umbrella Fabrics

I am loving many of their prints.  You should check them out.  They also have an etsy store….

And P.S.–Speaking of stores, particularly mine, it is still in the works.  After way too brain drain than I care to share,  I now have a new web designer who has changed my platform and is working on my shop.  ETA for launch is mid to late December……fingers crossed.  I am really excited about the direction we’ve taken and cannot wait to share it with you!

Vanderhurd Textiles

Have you heard of them?  I was just looking for a photo in my phone and came across these images I snapped a while back at a showroom here in Dallas. 

This fabric is exquisite…..the photos do the embroidery no justice!  Seeing it in person vs. on their website makes such a difference!

I loved this red and navy colorway, how great would it be in a lake-house with a big navy striped rug, dark wood and crisp white bed linens?   I wish…  By the way, I know I will get this question so I’ll get it out of the way…..they are going to run over $100 a yard.  Not way over….but over.

And let’s not even start on their bespoke carpets.  I have a client I know would go crazy over this one…..

But don’t take my word for it.  Grab an iced tea or diet coke and take a little break and go explore their site.  You’re gonna love it.

See you tomorrow.

Fabric Love, Christopher Farr Cloth

I am not usually one to use green in my own decorating…..but wow, I love this print from Christopher Farr Cloth.


Here are a couple of spots I was able to find of the fabric in use.

Jeffrey Allen Marks via Elle Decor

Haymarket Hotel, via

Darryl Gordon Design

I used another fabric from Christopher Farr Cloth in Harry’s nursery.  I love their fabrics…..but I’ve got to say…..this one has me completely smitten (despite no apparent place to use it)!

What about you.

Like it?

Suzanne Kasler for Lee Jofa….

I have been spending A LOT of time at the design center lately.  Like, way too much time….my car could probably drive itself there.  Before the holidays I was in Lee Jofa the day they were putting out the new sample wings for Suzanne Kasler’s new line.  I wanted to blog about it right away but I ran out of time.  It does not disappoint.

I have chosen all of my window treatments for our house……no turning back….they’ve been ordered…..but if I hadn’t…..this beauty would need to find its way in.  Don’t you think it would work equally well in a sophisticated nursery as it would in a cozy guest room?

I also love the colors in the “Montmartre” pattern.  And it is available in a total of 5 colorways.

There are also a lot of basics in this collection, great solids, stripes and upholstery options.  If you go to Lee Jofa, you can search on her collection.  Almost all of them have been photographed at this point.

It is hard to go wrong with someone like Suzanne Kasler in the driver’s seat.

Do you agree?

Fun in NYC….

Last week my husband had business in NYC.  So we headed to the DC area, dropped off the kids, and then took the train up to NY for a few days.  We then came back to DC in time for my husband and my Dad to attend the US open (their Father’s Day gift).  We didn’t do much except eat well and window shop.  But, while he was in meetings I kept myself busy.

I made it to a few places to look at fabrics and thought I would show you a few that caught my eye.

I thought the above Waverly fabric was cute.  I could see using the pink and green in a nursery or one of the other colorways in a playroom.  I loved the texture of this next one….it would be perfect on an oversized ottoman!

I am a huge sucker for houndstooth and was in heaven when I saw this selection.

And finally, at this particular shop, I really fell in love with this fabric and think it would look great in Maddie’s room.  Unfortunately, I need 25 yards for her drapery panels and the fabric was not a bargain (this shop claimed to be discount but I think they were still pricey).  Anyone recognize the manufacturer?  They wouldn’t share, of course.

I’ll share a few more fun finds later this week.   Although, the weather was so nice while we were up there that I really just took time to walk around, window shop and decompress!

Lilly Pulitzer fabrics will soon be available again….

In 6th or 7th grade my friends and I were obsessed with the Preppy Handbook….  We would secretly study it while in the library for study time.  Of course, we also thought then that wearing exposed long johns under our skirts (no pants allowed at this all girls school) was quite rebellious.  (And, my mom wouldn’t let me wear them…..how mad I was at her!)

In any case, while my style has definitely changed (for the better I hope) in the years that have ensued….I’ve got to say I still love the vibrant and preppy vibe of Lilly Pulitzer designs.  I’ve got a handful of the more subdued pieces in my wardrobe and they usually come out for events like Gold Cup horse races or trips to tropical destinations.

I do love to dress my toddler up in their little dresses…..

Last year I was on a kick of creating cute burp cloths and bibs for Maddie.  I searched high and low for Lilly fabrics and just couldn’t find what I was looking for.  I ended up buying clothes on eBay and salvaging the fabric from them for my little project.

So, how excited was I to read on the Kravet/Lee Jofa blog earlier this week that Lilly Pulitzer and Lee Jofa are partnering to create a new Lilly Pulitzer fabric line.

image via inspired.talk

The product development team is currently putting the final touches on the new print line, which is expected to be available to the trade in Spring 2011.  I cannot wait to see what this line has to offer.  I’ll keep you posted as I hear more.  What about you, are you a Lilly fan?